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Buddha Statue – Why do you need to buy Buddha Statue? Answer to choose the right one.

Updated on May 12, 2010

Shakyamuni Buddha

Buddha Statue – Why do you need to buy Buddha Statue?  Answer to choose the right one.

Buddha Statue - Why do you need to buy Buddha Statue?  There are hundreds of different buddha rupas. How do you go about choosing the right one for you?

It is really important to understand your own need to buy Buddha statue.Ask yourself why are you buying one at first place. Simply try to answer to the question "why do you need to buy buddha statue?"  Trying to find the answer will help you a lot  in making the right decision in selecting the right one. You have to listen to your own innerself. So close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself the above question. Ask your soul and you will find the answer.

To help you get started, here  are the basic things you need to understand.

1. If your purpose of buying buddha is for spiritual reason then it is about helping yourself achieve inner peace and happiness. The statue will help you practice meditation better to purify your mind and soul.  In this case, you can opt for Meditating buddha statue or Shakyamuni Buddha. Putting buddha rupas in our altar gives the visual re-assurance that we are on the right path to Nirvana. It gives you the confidence. You will feel that the teacher is in front of you with all his valuable teachings to ultimately break free from this life cycle, sorrow and pain to achieve ultimate state of "Nirvana"

2. If you however, want to liven upon your life with joy and liveliness in your life, big happy buddha or laughing buddha may be appropriate one.

3. However, the buddha can simply serve as great ambience to your living room or showroom specially if you want to share and appreciate your passion and love for the artwork. In this case, you can go for Golden Buddha, Anitque Buddha as well as oxidized buddha.

4. Garden Buddhas, big buddha statues specially made of stone, bronze and even marbles can be appropriate to your if you plan to harmonize environment of your garden with peace

If you want to learn more  about different kinds of Buddha statues and find the right one for you  please check the  following link Right Buddha Statues


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    • profile image

      Frans Cahyo 6 years ago

      Hi all,

      My name is frans cahyo. I have workshop called Sanggar Taruna Sakti here in Indonesia near Borobudur temple.

      Our workshop deals with natural stone art include Buddha statue in any position (teaching,blessing,meditating,sleeping,standing,nagarjuna,happy Buddha,etc), Stupa (Borobudur or Thailand type), Buddhist Relief/wall panel, and the material is lava and lime stone.

      Please feel free to contact us at for further information and our products photos.


      Best regards,

      Frans Cahyo

    • Maryanne Maguire profile image

      Maryanne Maguire 7 years ago from Santa Monica, CA

      Beautiful statue! Love these for home improvements.

    • profile image

      Amogh Shakya 7 years ago

      I think it is meditating Amitabha buddha statue. It is a nice one.

    • profile image

      crmhaske 7 years ago

      Try this link:

      Like this except much smaller, and the bronze isn't faded (so still a goldish colour)

      I've actually seen this statue in person in Tokyo when I visited this temple.

      I only have the one statue, I feel one is sufficient :)

    • profile image

      Amogh Shakya 7 years ago

      Thank you crmhaske. Its good to know that you collect buddha statues. However, I tried to open up the link but couldn't see the picture? I Would love to see the statue you have.

    • profile image

      crmhaske 7 years ago

      This is quite like the Buddha statue I have, except obviously it's much smaller and is bronze not stone ;)

      I choose it for the quality of stillness it exudes.

      Nice hub, welcome to hubpages! :)