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Buddha spoke in the language of the people and conquered their hearts

Updated on February 1, 2016

King Bimbisara with saint Buddha


Lord Buddha


Lord Buddha did not pay much attention to the theoretical part of religion.

Lord Buddha

The great saint of Buddha, who never thought and never performed a deed except for the good of others; who had the greatest intellect and heart, taking in all mankind and all the birds and animals, all embracing, ready to give up his life for the highest angles as well as for the lowest worm.

Buddha spoke in the language of the people and conquered their hearts.

Buddha dedicated his life for the good of others, for happiness of others. In order to eradicate miseries, Buddha renounced the world and realised the state beyond all miseries, that is Nirvana. Out of compassion for the suffering people, he preached simple techniques to overcome miseries. His teachings are simple and direct. Lord Buddha did not pay much attention to the theoretical part of religion.

Sage Buddha preached to king Bimbisara and others not to kill of innocent birds and animals for performing yajnas. Bhagavan Buddha's compassion for the sacrificial goat transformed the hereat of the king and be became a follower of the Buddha.

Once King Bimbisara was performing yajna (sacrifice) to acquire merits to attain heaven after death. Thousands of goats were to be offered in the sacrifice. Shepherds directing their herds towards the place of the sacrifice were see in scores. Buddha saw a kid – goat limping due to an injury in the leg. Seeing the miserable condition of that creature, his compassionate heart melted.

He thought for himself,' what a cruelty! For the sake of merit they are kill thousands of innocent animals. No, it is not the way to attain heaven. When we cannot give life to others, we have right to take the life of others'.

He lifted the kid in his arms and went straight to the place of the sacrifice. The king was pleased to see the great Buddha and welcome him with great respect and humility, and asked the reason of his visit. The Buddha said, `O king, you want to attain heaven by killing these thousands of innocent animals. Instead of killing them, take my life. You will get better place in heaven! Seeing Buddha's infinite compassion and spirit of self- sacrifice, the king was completely transformed and became a follower of the Buddha giving up sacrifice and killing animals, once for all.

Place where king Bimbisara made his yajna



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