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Buddhism and thought of ideologies in unity

Updated on April 19, 2016

The layers

Many thought sexist about the levels of the Buddhist underworld or their layers of Hell and the meaning that was written once. Interesting that the light they wanted to be their guide was their inner being, then in judgment they damned the inner lights of nature. It was one thing to save children that were orphaned, another to teach them mainly scripture and tame their nature to the homes of meditation. What would be their light then?

The tamed heart or the truth, that in nature feelings were shared by animals in the natural sense that they always expressed energy. Wolves yelled, monkeys lived, birds sang nature's song and the dolphins warned of danger in the Seas. Those seas sometimes are or were the sea of souls. Many were in the thought that the layers of the life were in the meaning of self discovery and in some sense they married many other religious beliefs of the time. One layer may have been humanity, the other animal instincts, then the electrical fields of shared energy in life, the final the same as the rest. In a sense the totality of a life force in wholeness. Much is true of the living Buddha, living Christ concept. I speak of these in Magic because they were the of my Heart in nature. That they had similar messages true too, although the judging part of nature was harsh of nature.

One wonders why spirit and morality was ever married in the same book? Balance, yet their were other cultures who worshiped nature and found the laws of man and women in other forms. Interesting thoughts, and that suffering issue. Had not the whole suffered as one in thought and silence once? I would favor development since it happens anyways, all sorts of magic in life is from watching progress happen in faith and spirit. In time I thought many religions would return home to nature and marry the beauty that nature gave in writings and language to celebrate the entire God, belief. I would see that trees get some attention and the fields that are planted in the minds and homes be of the heart, in the inorganic soil, the minds eye. Many meanings yet that is for a heart to find, one that longs to look and search. We are in this together. Trees rarely got the thanks for being the birth homes of life and yet we read them, build with them, eat off them, play games on and of them, and species find them as much home as humanity used for free. Except when the y sold them for money. I sit sometimes on the matter that was the Earth, and think about them in tears.

Steven Philip LIndquist


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