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Building The Dream

Updated on August 12, 2010

Making The Human Dream A Reality Part 1

My birthday is approaching and every year I conduct a review to determine if I am living in a delusion or will I make this dream that I have in mind a reality. I am sure most of you could relate to what I am saying. I like to keep and honor my word to the best of my ability but, to be honest sometimes I find myself just running my mouth and not following through enough.

I was going for a walk the other day and it hit me I need to build a system. Why not! Everyone else is building some kind of system and marketing it to make money. The primary mission of the system is not to make money it is to, help me to be the best Darrell imaginable. Please bare with me for a moment as i go off on a tangent.

I have this fascination with stars. I love my astronomy class in college. I was taught how stars are born by the interstellar gases coming together to nebula. Then through the gravitational force and the angular momentum of the particles that form the nebula get dense and spins and heats up until there is nuclear fusion. That is a lot of moving parts and pieces to make something great. I want to be a star this is my dream. Our sun is a star and when I went to school there were nine planets in this solar system. Interesting I thought, if I were the sun I would need nine significant reasons to shine, this is my motivation.

This is my dream and system so now I am the Sun. I had a conversation wish one of my very close friends who helped me to develop my ideas and this is what we came out with as one possible system. The influences should be as follows:

The primary influence should be a genuine spirit master, guru, priest, rabbi, imam etc. This person should be established in a faith or tradition that you strongly connect with, even if you are an atheist find the best atheist to model yourself after. I have chosen a guru that is the path that attracts me the most. The spirit master should have the following characteristics to qualify, they have to walk the walk they talk!!! They are the ones that are supposed to lead you to the promise land in this life and the next. The spirit master has to have superior self control, intelligence, patience, tolerance, honor, compassion, and they must inspire you to want to ultimately be like them, because of their words actions and deeds. The spirit master is the person that in an ideal world of your choosing you would like to be trained by them as well as their friend. The spirit master is associated with the planet Jupiter, and his element is the eternal soul.

The next major influence should be a powerful personality in the material world. This person should know how to make people move and invoke both love and fear in others. The prototype for this person should be a successful martial arts instructor, or military personnel. This world is physical and since most people identify with the false ego that they are this body then they should find the best person to train them how to be physically strong mentally and physically. The martial arts instructor is not the guru, their main purpose is to assist you with moving through the world physically. This person will make you a champion in life and push you to your physical and mental limits, at some point you may want to call them some not so nice names in your mind, but keep in mind they will always have your best interest at heart. They are the general in your system a person you must be able to trust. Again with this person it is not about the money it is about your safety. I identify this person with the planet Saturn and they are associated with the false ego.

The third person in the system is the Business Manager. I am not referring to some boss who wants to use you for their goals and disregard you. I mean they are you legitimate business manager, they show you how to make money and manage your resources properly. The business manager is very detailed oriented when it comes to the cost of doing business and how to get resources by paying the least amount possible. They also must be honorable and focus on the end result that is your financial success. This person should have more money than you do to qualify ha ha. They should be a good politician in any organization and well connected to others in the community. A good business manager will sit you down and make sure you understand the plan of how both of you will increase your resources and gain wealth on the path to "financial liberation", meaning not having to punch a time clock anymore. Let the money make money with out you having to go to work. Oh if any one knows any one who meets the above qualification please send them my way. The business manager is associated with Uranus and his element is the intelligence.

The fourth influential person is the best friend, The one person who would you could trust with you secretes should you choose to reveal any. The best friend could relate to you in ways others cannot. They know you truth and they know when you are kidding yourself. They will tell you to your face and they will not spare any words in letting you know what they think. The best friend is the physical mirror hey show you a picture of yourself out of their love and loyalty to you and they would support your good ideas and they would chastise you foolishness. The best friend is always available, there in your dark times and in the glory days. Their is no motive other than the special friend shared by the tow of you that keeps this bond together. The best friend also is their to help with the minor details when it is inappropriate to turn to the guru, the martial arts instructor, or the business man and you do not have an answer, the best friend is there to help you reason thing out and form your own conclusions. The best friend is Neptune and his element is the mind.

The fifth element, no not the movie, Darrel's fifth element is the significant other in life. I am romantic at heart so please forgive me. The fifth element is the person you would want to spend the rest of your life with in this world The first person that you would both die for and possibly kill to defend. This would be the husband or the wife in most cases. One of the most sacred bonds in this world if you are for real. This person is a system maker or a system breaker in some cases so choose wisely. This person should add to your life joy. When you see this person your world should instantly get brighter. You may have your small disagreements, but the love and respect should win out all the time. The relationship of intimacy that cannot be held with any other in the system. This significant other is planet Pluto and their element is ether.

The sixth influence is the community that you choose to live in once you are an adult. The community is the collective face and they have influence. Once a person chooses to deal with good people in the community they are more able to build good association that will open better doors for them to go through. This community has strong influence on how the person sees the world. If a person is strong minded they may have the ability to influence the community but that is very difficult. The teaching I have been given stress finding good association and moving forward s I am passing on the information. The community is Mercury and their element is air.

The seventh influential person in life is the skills developer. This person helps you to recognize you true skills. Do not confuse them with any of the others. This person sees what you are good at doing and helps you to build on that ability. This person does not need to have the same talent that you have and they are not interested in giving you a new talent. They are interested in seeing all your talents and helping you take the strongest one and making it a like skill. The planet for this person is Mars their element is fire.

The eight influential person is the mother/ mother figure. Their contribution to the system is to make sure you are loved and nourished properly. Now I understand that in life not everyone has a good mother so I have included the mother figure. If you are not satisfied with you biological mother then get a new one. May seem a bit hash but the show must go on an you are the star. The mother is always concern about your well being. They can only see your good and they think the world of you as a person. They have your picture and cherish every thing good about you. The mother or mother figure has to be some one who has seen you grow up in to the adult and have stayed by your side always. There has to be a very high level of respect for this motherly person because she is the original goddess. She has a lovely voice that can sooth or send daggers to the heart. The mother is Venus and her element is water.

The ninth and last influence is the man the father/father figure. The one who protected you when you were young and has the love for you only a father could. Strong he must be in a world like this at the same time gentle to the child. You never out grow the father is sets the example on how to treat the ladies and the other members of the community when you are young. Stable and always by your side when needed. He lets you try to be your own person as he watches with a careful eye. He does not need to speak you know his eyes are able to support your world or turn it upside down. The father is planet Earth is element is earth.

If you are still with me. I have just given a small introduction to the nine element that will build the system and help with the dream. This nine people are the keys to a persons earthly success and planetary happiness. I think every person should try to find their best nine influential forces and work with them to build their dreams.

Thank you for your time. I am planning on continuning this writing at a later date. I just wanted to put some thoughts out there and hopefully help some people who may come across this reading.

Life will have many challenges and time waits for no person. You will have to fight for your dream in this world, my advice is do not fight alone.

As always best wishes!!

Oh yeah, my goal is to be a successful poet/martial artist in this life. Ultimately I want to go back home to Godhead!! We will see.



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    • Darrell Roberts profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrell Roberts 

      8 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks Maha,

      This is only a fragment of a much larger writing. I plan on expanding on the points that you mentioned. Thank you for your comments.


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Very good! I think it needs to be fleshed out more. Perhaps more explanation on how the planets and elements are connected to the different personalities. But yes, we don't need to fight alone!


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