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Little Known Facts About Kingdom Consciousness - And Why They Matter

Updated on July 28, 2016

Empowering the Local Church with Christ Consciousness

Prosperity doctrines and politics distract believers from developing kingdom consciousness. The primary purpose of the church is the service of establishing God's glory on earth so that people can see His goodness at work. When the community can see the glory of God demonstrated by the local church, the salvation of the kingdom will most likely be received by many.


Authority of the Church

Is Your Church Taking Dominion In Your Community?

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Shutting Down the Surrounding Darkness

Before the kingdom of God can be established in your community, the forces of darkness must be shut down. How! By the power and dominion God has invested in you and me. Within each believer dwells the entire God-head body: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These three are the creative force that brought into existence heaven and earth in the beginning of time. Now that they dwell in me and you, our lack and limitations are only illusions to be shattered by the presence and power of God. Therefore, we must take down the forces of darkness by exercising the power Christ consciousness against them. We can not fail.

Consciousness of the Kingdom

Building a consciousness of the kingdom of God in your local church will not only transform the atmosphere of your service, but also the atmosphere of your surrounding community. The consciousness of the Christ is a creative divine force which goes out and brings into alignment things that pertain to the peace and righteousness. When the congregation of any local church build such divine state of mind, the beginning of God's kingdom takes root in the area.

Releasing Traditional Thinking

After we have shut down the spirit of darkness in the community, we must release the traditional thinking of Church as Usual as well as all of our natural way of thinking about God. When we think of law enforcement as the key to our peace and safety, we have placed our hopes of security jeopardy. In reality, law enforcement has no power in the spiritual realms of darkness, where fallen angels dwell. Shutting down the forces of darkness can only be accomplished by the saints of God. When we acknowledge the supremacy of the entire God head within us, we are ready for battle.

Knowledge of the Divine

The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom
The Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom

"Unfamiliar Brilliance of the Inner Kingdom" is a resource that arms the believer with vital insights into the true identity and purpose the believer in the church and community. The book unlocks the secrets of God's divine authority and dominion operating the believer.


Congregational Empowerment

To be effective in the community and local church, the congregation must be empowered by a whole new consciousness: the kingdom consciousness. First they must know who they are in Christ: A New Creature. If they don't know this, then there will be little hope in building a kingdom consciousness. Such consciousness requires us to think of ourselves as more than just mere humans. We may look like mere humans and act like mere humans but we must not think like mere human. Church members who have adopted the kingdom consciousness are more excellent in the execution of gospel than those who have not developed such as consciousness.

The Purpose of the Local Church

A kingdom consciousness brings healing to those who are around it. No matter what the ailment may be, a kingdom mindset sees know reason to doubt that victory is present. The purpose of every saint is to heal the broken heated, strengthen the weak, and bring souls to salvation via the love of God. That is the purpose of the church for the local community. Communities across America need this divine intervention from the children of God. Without it, many communities will continue to experience a downward spiral.

Spiritual Model of Progressiveness

Building a kingdom consciousness has a number of trans formative benefits. The church will prosper in congregational growth as well as dynamic praise and fellowship. We, the church members, will experience a freedom and joy that will open many doors of opportunities for loving and helping others. Divine health will also be a result of kingdom consciousness. The community will become a model of progressiveness in which each citizen will be treated with love and respect.

The Spiritual Authority in You


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