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Bump in the Night

Updated on March 1, 2012

Bump in the Night

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

I lay motionless in my warm bed, gazing up at the stars through my bedroom window. I was ten years old and each night, if the sky was clear, I would find myself lost in the endlessness of sky. My questioning often resulted in me hiding under the sheets, scared from the confusion and not understanding infinity. At ten there was simply no way to be at ease with it. There’s the sky, and in it many stars, so far away. But how far is far away? And what is beyond that, and that, and then that?

What went bump in the night rarely frightened me as a kid. Those things just happened in movies, silly movies. But this conundrum of an infinite universe scared the hell out of me. There was no answer, not from me, my parents or anyone. At Sunday school they taught us about Jesus and his life and God, who is the creator of everything. But that didn’t help. If God created our world the universe and everything, who could have possibly created him? Something just can’t be, without creation.

So this quandary has followed my life and now as an adult I am no closer to the truth. No philosophy, religion or anything else has appeased my questioning. I have come to understand that humanity is not capable of understanding everything; we are simply not smart enough. There are many mysteries in life including the idea of life after death, spirits and strange phenomenon. Many things go bump in the night, some of which cannot be explained away by logic or science. I have personally investigated much of this and have found irrefutable proof that what we call spirits, do exist; but what they are remains unclear, if we disregard the ideas of religion and occult philosophy. Perhaps we will never get to the bottom of it.

Evil is a concept of religion and negative forces are found freely in occult investigation. But after half a century of living, I believe that most evil exist in people. These people are the real beasts. They may wear pinstriped suits and carry briefcases but they can be the real beasts of mythology and occultism.

I believe the only thing that can vanquish evil from your life is love, and that concept I have embraced. I think it best to let people be who they are; but we always have the choice to allow certain people in our lives or not. It is my way to simply forgive them if they have done me wrong and let them go to find their way. I therefore don’t have beasts in my life- but they exist.

The following poem is pertinent.

The Beast

By Tony DeLorger ©2011

The night is filled with unearthly hues,

Of purple mists and ghostly blues.

Where shadows dance to untimely beats,

And feeding beasts the dark elite.

Do pray upon the sleeping weak,

In nests so warm and indiscreet.

Undone by fowl and evil deed,

Upon this night are slain to feed.

Beasts crawl and grope and plunge the flesh,

Of plump pink life exposed and fresh.

Devoured fast in frenzied tearing,

Consumed with lustful pleasured caring.

The slaughter chilling- it escalates,

With flesh and blood and offal ate.

Without remorse or considered fate,

The beasts fulfil not contemplate.

When blood stops flowing and bellies blessed,

The beasts return to their lairs to rest.

Engorged with life snuffed out so cruelly,

They groan with satisfaction clearly.

Until sanguine rays of day explode,

And bed the evil darkness sown.

That is until the night returns,

And the beasts awaken in blood to earn.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 7 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thank yiou for your appreciation.

    • munirahmadmughal profile image

      munirahmadmughal 7 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

      "Bump in the Night"

      The hub is informative, educative and based on personal experience of a person who is a human blessed with poetical sense, scientific investigation of the realities and speaking the truth what he observed.

      The poem and all its verses also depict the true picture of his vision.

      There are many things of which we have no consciousness and we pronounce our verdict without admitting that our understanding is that of a mortal and finite and we cannot cross every limit unless the authority or power is given by the Creator.

      The Religion provides the link between man and God.

      Of course love is the symbol of deep attraction with kindness and mercy. Thus God is All kind and All Merciful. His love and kindness and other attributes are infinite while love and kindness found in human beings are finite. The difference of Creator and creation is always there. A human being how-so-close to God he may be he is human. A line of distinction remains always and he can never become God.

      The various habits pointed out by the poet Huber in human beings which are like the beasts are certainly evil but those are curable by repentance. Repentance is turning of man towards God asking his forgiveness over the faults of man; and turning of God towards man over such a supplication is to forgive man and be kind towards him and shower his favours on him. It is the insistence and persistence from the side of man and his arrogance and disobedience despite knowledge and grant of opportunity to mend that he does not, which deprives him of the guidance towards the right course of action. A little effort from amn with sincerity attracts the mercy of God minimum by tenflod and there is no end or limit to the maximum side of Allah's grant of favours to mankind.

      Every stanza of the hub is full of thought and picturizes the realities of life.

      The hub merits appreciation.

      May God bless all.