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Burning Fire in My Soul, Churches Listen To My Words

Updated on October 12, 2017

My God's Garden Year 3

When the heat of our soul is fired up, then just as the heat of the 109 temp in Oklahoma and a beautiful sunflower still standing gives us hope for a better day. Help teach and grow our children to be spiritually filled with God.
When the heat of our soul is fired up, then just as the heat of the 109 temp in Oklahoma and a beautiful sunflower still standing gives us hope for a better day. Help teach and grow our children to be spiritually filled with God.

Where were you when I needed you the most?

I sat for many hours both in my home, and as I travelled to take someone to work in my car. I was thinking to myself...what has happened? As I started to think about it, then I realized I needed to say what had to be said for today in our world to be shut mouth is not cutting it. In some cultures, a lady cannot say the things she feels inside for fear of offending her culture, but in America I can say what I need to say as long as it is in a respectful manner. Please note that the words I will say are going to reap of the shame I feel and the disgust for what is taking place. That is the fire that burns inside of me. Forgiveness is always on the horizon for you see I deem myself saved for my faith. I am not saved for attending church nor dumping money into a church or preachers who seek to acquire it for their own gain. I am not speaking to the ones here that actually get out and do something for people because you make a difference. I am talking to all of those of you that have made religion a commercial gain and flaunt your faith before those who do not understand it. Tithes are one thing and are spoken of in faith, but to take the money and build bigger barbecue grills, build huge churches, and then never do one thing for helping society other than act like you do is a fallacy. Hold on people I am fired up. I once supported groups who supported the word of faith to show the world we care, but now I am ashamed I did. The reason like as posted on Facebook and other social media is coming out if you are a Christian then post or share that you are. What good is that doing if you spam everyone with the pious statement of I am a Christian see there. Folks I have started to block these posts because I do not care, if you think I am a Christian or not. That does not matter. It matters what you think about your own faith. Are you saved I would ask, and if not then how can I teach you or show you why I am strong in faith? We are losing our society because of those in organized religion who forgot to show the way or have anything to do with the everyday common people that inhabit our earth. Many of you have taught how not to be in the eyes of people who deem themselves people without faith. For those that worship evil, then all I can say is lord help you for what is coming one day. As I always say it will come, and when you least expect it.

I remember back years ago to the small rural church in Decatur County, Ga. that is now faded into my memories for it no longer is there. The songs we sang like "Jesus loves the little children" no matter if they are red, yellow, black, or white. It stuck with me for life. To all those ancestors and family and friends, then you know in heaven you influenced my Christian teachings. I am thankful for those days. I am glad you are not around now to hear me full of the fire in my spirit for those of you who turn your nose up at those in need. What is need you ask? Need is when someone's life is in danger, families who are homeless or starving, teens who see suicide as the only way out, and bullying that took place cause families did not teach their children to treat others with respect. I went through being bullied, but it was my values that made me keep on going through it all. It was not easy, but it was the strength that I had gained to stand against the negatives in life.

I look back on influences of people who made life different for me, and I realized my blessings. I will never forget on Easter Day that my pastor walked up to the pulpit holding a lamb and everyone looked at him. He was wearing an apron, and everyone looked at him, because he had caught our attention all right. Then the shock came, when he reached down under the pulpit and pulled out a knife. He said this is how it was in the days before Christ came to save us and became the sheep that was slaughtered to give us forgiveness. I was sorry to know he had cancer himself and everyone tried to help but none of the bone marrow transplants worked. The pastor of that church died. I will not forget the faith and all he showed us that day. It is embedded into my memory. My children missed him greatly for in him was much love to all the children within the congregation. He was truly a blessed man. The church was more blessed to have known his teachings.

Then, I remember a church that I once belonged to that had no building but lots of faith. We met in a National Guard Armory and had to clean up before we could even have service there and set up our chairs for the church to begin. I remember how we had to raise the money to build our church and it took a few years, but when the day finally came, then we had a fellowship hall and a baptismal built in our garden of orchids. I never got to see that church get built completely, but I will never forget the pastor and his wife. The pastor took a box of bread for communion and went to the upper room in Jerusalem and prayed over the bread with the holy priests that were present at the time. He brought it back and shared it in communion with his flock. How special it made me feel to partake of bread that was actually in the room where Jesus shared the Last Supper meal with his disciples. As I went to college, then at my dorm room came a man about 900 miles from the other pastor. He greeted me as a new college student and invited me to his church. He came to my dorm room folks and cared. How many churches reach out to do that. Funny thing was in asking about my baptism, then he found out I was in the church of his roommate in Pastoral school. How odd and unusual can that be? Yes, this pastor had the same fire in him for the love of Jesus. He had tears running down his cheeks, when he talked about Jesus life.

I am reflecting back on all the times I emailed churches in my own community to reach out and help my family who had a family member fighting for their very life, and no one bothered to contact me back. I feel like what in the world has church become that cannot see a girl in need of medical help to save her life. Then there were the three churches almost 1100 miles from me that I asked to help and each one chipped in to get her surgery done. Those were churches I have attended or my oldest son had attended with his children. This family member is alive today because of those three small churches that cared. Something is wrong here, when big churches have taken to ignoring a call for help. That makes the fire inside me to burn hotter, because you have become a building without feelings. You have destroyed the hope of faith, because you act to good to be touched by those in need of your blessings. I am sorry but I see people standing on the street begging for food and who among you walked out to say I can do you one better and train you for a job, show you what you can do. I am not saying give them money to buy drugs, alcohol or other things. I am saying do something to change those lives before they do something far worse. I say stop ignoring the ones that you feel are not worthy of saving. Every human has a right to make a decision for their soul. If you were on a street corner and you said hey if you are a Christian stand with me here. All those that have not made that commitment folks are on the outside looking at you. Do they want to cross over that line and be one of you? Think again!!!! You have alienated them. Every time you post something on a social network, then you have alienated those that have not found faith yet. It is like being holier than everyone else. Share if you are a Christian. Well, I am sorry I blocked those words, because you no longer make me feel like you are doing what you should.

I am not against religion, and far from it. I am against those who commercialize and paint bad pictures of what it truly is. Thank you to the three churches that saved a life, because it was more than commercial gain to you. For those of you who ignored my emails and contacts and never got back to me about the time my family was fighting for a life, then I pray for you, because you most certainly need it as a church. I do not see others seeking you out to follow. I would not. I could stand on a mountain today and by faith join my lord and say come all you who are in need and learn. I would not take my faith-based funds and stand up against people who are gay nor picket military funerals to shout obscenities at the family in mourning. How can we call this being anything other than taking the power of God's thrown into your own hands? I am sorry but I do not feel he gave you that right to rule.

I remember these words in my head, when someone made me angry. God is the only one with a right to judge lest we are judged for going against others. It is his determination of what is right and wrong and certainly not ours. It is written that the church as an organized religion will fall down and be no more. Some think it is because they will be raptured, but I say it is the lack of caring and the putting others down. Folks wake up it is coming unless you change the way you handle and teach your religion. I have heard things said like you cannot come in the church, because you are wearing an earring in your ear. This was said to a 14-year-old boy. A teenager who wanted to be in a church to begin with. Religion taught him how to not like it. Now that same boy feels like there is no God, and why do you think that is? The fire burns in my soul to think churches are using God's name and lift themselves up higher than my Lord. Again who are we to judge but only God can judge the worth of a man. I hope you think about why I am upset when suicides happen, and soldiers are killing themselves, and young adults think there is no real God. Then to top it off there is the conspiracy of saying Jesus did not die on a cross to give me salvation. I am sorry for all of those of you who have crafted that one to tear society down. I am thankful some of us out here have the flame of the spirit of our Jesus who died to save man from his sins. Society will not change unless you do something to help others.


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    • ladybluewriter profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United States

      Today I heard of the pain of another who does not know what to believe in. Too many of our young adults between the ages of 19- 35 do not know what to believe in anymore. They hear things like God is doing this to your life. Oh well if your mom is in a nursing home or acutely ill. Then this adult is thinking God allowed this or caused this to happen. God does not do things to people to hurt them. Life and circumstances do these things. Believing in God to give you strength in these times is vital. It is his strength that lends itself to your life to make others stronger. Illness sees no favors and deals out low blows. Never falsely tell someone God did this to them and the people they love. He is not that kind of God. It is easy to be a Christian and let our faith turn the wrong way until we kill the very thing God gave to us. I was sick , when I heard this and am praying harder that this person will find the same God that I know inside of me. I would never have gotten through things without his help. Sometimes miracles happen when we least expect them. I can say this God did not take the life of my son that was a train that was not looking and with no signals with another train stopped to blind his vision to see it coming until it was too late. God did not do that. God loved him enough to save his soul and give him eternal life. I believe that with all my heart. So please stop telling others that God caused this or that, and there life is doomed by God. People wake up!


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