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But it's Only God

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 09/29/10


 The title sounds "tough" to swallow and it is, no particular person came to mind and this isn't directed at anyone in particular, more of a "general observation", quite honestly an observation that caused me to look at my own self pretty closely as well. So, if it strikes a chord with you, don't kill the messenger. God bless!

  Where is the passion of Christians towards Christdom? Sure some have it, some say they do and some "act" the part. But where is the true passion? You know the passion I'm speaking of, the kind that comes out when our favorite sports team or athlete is playing, when they are scoring, or even better winning! You see those people that jump up and down, rant & rave, do the victory dance, they are "On Fire" for their team. Even moreso if they have money on the game / event.

  Speaking of money, how elated and ecstatic are we when a financial windfall or blessing comes our way? Especially in these economic times! Oh, many will praise God for a moment or two, but it's usually the money they are really worshipping. Do we get as excited if a bag of food shows up? What do we Pray for when we seek Gods help, His will? Or what we think we need? Wheres the passion in trial & tribulation as God disciplines His children to His will?

  Not only sports but musicians, music groups, actors & actresses, I see people go all to pieces over meeting some "celebrity", do we bring that enamored passion with us when we are in the presence of God in Christ? In a tough political time I see people on both sides of the political aisle lifting this or that politican to near "idol" status, these are mere men (& women). Where is our Faith in God as compared to our faith in some random politician as "the answer" to all our woes.

  Then theres the love relationship, remember those doting feelings when you meet "the one" (no matter how many "ones" there are). Some people chase that feeling of "newness" all their life, never knowing or seeing that they are seeking the love and relationship of Christ. But I see many people of both genders that seem to feel that they have to have "a partner", they wonder why God hasn't "sent" someone yet. Likely it's because they haven't fallen in love with God yet, and He is a jealous God, He doesn't want competition for your heart. His love for you transcends all you can imagine, He knows what a distraction a relationship can be to your relationship with Him. Also, He's far more concerned with your eternity than your momentary happiness. So often a "new" relationship can get our emotions in an uproar and send our lives in a direction that isn't good for us, God has our best interests at heart. Do you now or have you ever felt the loving passion for God in Christ that you experience for a new found "mate"? If not you haven't opened your heart fully to God, Jesus died for you, the odds that your new "lover" is willing to is highly unlikely.

  None of us are perfect, we all struggle and need constant growth, but if we claim to be for and of God then why in so many of our actions do we display our love, passion & faith so much more profoundly for "man(kind)" and things of this world then for God. If He is TRULY #1 in our life can people tell it by our talk, words, actions & postings? Better yet, can God tell it, or are we saying to Him... It's Only God


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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