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Graduation Butterflies Dandelions and Taking Flight

Updated on November 11, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Taking flight

Have you ever watched the dandelion fluff transform as it gently flows into the air with a breath of beautiful release? It dances into the sky in slow, fanciful motion. If given a chance, slow down and watch the process of nature developing and taking flight.

Take a moment to witness these miracles so you can see how eloquently God is in control. Graduation is a natural occurrence that comes from development, and each time it occurs, we stand in the wonder of how did it get here so soon.

I remember when our sweet miracle was in my womb; we were in awe as she grew. Then, like a flash, her dance began on her own as she took to flight; I must be dreaming.

Monarch Butterfly Takes Flight


Watching these fantastic examples of God's creation is a blessing. We stand in awe of the beautiful artistry and wonder as the process unfolds. The magical way we experience nature's beauty. God protects His children in the cocoon and allows growth in this safety bubble.

To witness development, growth, and maturity is one of the purest gifts from our creator.

The wings of a butterfly elongate in the process of growth. These magnificent webs reach new lengths as they prepare to take a solo flight. Once this stage completes, they slowly spread with a particular purpose, yet the tiny legs cling to the chrysalis sac until fully grown.

This nurtured beauty is ready to take the first solo flight. The butterfly stands in a line of approach. At last, one little leg releases the other, still clinging. Until at just the right moment, before you are ready, it lets go and soars into flight with such confidence.

Your heart skips at this bittersweet moment as the butterfly you raised sets out to pursue its mission!

Dandelion Magic

The Truth About a Beautiful Weed

The dandelion is another symbol; with each passing season, it has gone through a process. This beautiful bud becomes the brightest yellow flower, bringing pure joy with its lively ambiance.

By nature, it then closes off as it re-seeds from these brilliant petals. They then become white whimsical seedlings flowing in the gentle breeze.

Each seedling can represent a lesson learned and taught over time to be healthy and resilient and to share the journey. At last, with a gentle breath, the seedlings release in slow motion. They take a flight, and each seedling whiffs through the air and lands where ’it’s supposed to go, as it will eventually settle and seed for new growth.

There is the landing spot the seeds scatter, and its beauty grows once more unto another bud-like form, and then the process continues.

A good deal to give this beautiful flower no credit for putting it down, saying, “that dandelion is just a weed.” But if you remember when you were tiny, how often did you reach for the bright yellow flower? You picked it up and quickly placed it under your chin on a sunny day to see if it showed a radiant glow, proving you liked butter.

How often as you become that young child running rampant through a field did you stop in your tracks to pluck it once more with its snowy furry ball of seeds to release them into the air with a heavy exhalation of all the breath you could muster?

And as you watched them sail away into the sky, you wondered where they would end up, especially if a breeze took some seedlings high and swept them away out of view.

You know, even now, when the furry ball comes into view in the grassy field, you reach for it to blow the seedlings far and wondrously. It is a sight that does not get old on a spring to summer-like day.

Is it weeds when it can take you back quickly to your beginnings? The memories of so many things jolt with this vision. What if it could bring you back? As bright flowers, if we had the power to rewind our stories and our times together, could we help nurture the seeds before their flight?

How would we rewrite them to make them brighter and more precious? Oh, but we would never do this, for God has all our stories written and wonderfully orchestrated. We are to sit back and allow His plan to unfold in its wonderment. He is so much more capable of figuring it all out. We need Faith and Trust in Him.

There she goes

And so, dearest child, you were ours for a while, but His first, and we will always be here to love you.

You were in our hearts before we knew you, dreamed of you before you were born; God gave you to us, our dear beautiful girl.

We are so thankful to have been chosen for you, to hold you in a cocoon and protect you with God’s capable hands guiding us. We were so very blessed to watch your formation of those beautiful monarch wings. And like the dandelion, you will make all weeds in your life purposeful for Him.

Because we know He is for you, and we understand your heavenly Father has great plans for your life and your journey ahead.

We have a moment in time to nurture a child and teach them in the ways of God. Then we release them to the life of service and pray they soar on eagle’s wings, that they are high and lifted.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, ”declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

We could not be prouder of our beautiful butterfly, for we know her heart; only second to God, and for that, we have been truly blessed. We will always be here for her to come home to until one day when we all go home together to be with God our Father in heaven. Until that day, the sweet girl continues to be polished in His Word, hungry and passionate to glorify Him. Live for Him, and nothing will keep you from soaring in life with a joyful heart in service to your King.

© 2012 Kathy Henderson


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