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By remaining ego less and humble, one can achieve great things in Life!

Updated on May 6, 2017

Expectations lead to...

Expectations causes grief!

Expectations cause grief. But all human actions emanate anticipating positive results. But Sri Krishna emphasize in the Bagawat Gita, “Perform your duties without hankering for the results. No doubt, that every action is sure to produce a result. It may be positive, negative or neutral. But why Krishna insists for ‘desire less actions’? Desires thwart the performance. The Lord has explained the meaning of “Yoga” as ‘performing the actions perfectly’! When one desires for something out of his actions, the same comes under the category of ‘desire prompted actions’? But a mother has no expectations when she takes care of the baby. Hence all scriptures talk high about the selfless love of a mother”. No doubt the love comes under the category of attachment, yet she doesn’t expect any thing from the baby. She is full of joy why suckling her baby and dresses it and does the hair. The child is not aware of anything but the mother exults on seeing the face of her child. Hence next to the supreme love of God towards his creations, the mother’s love occupies the second place!

Teachings of Buddha!

All worldly relationships except mother's love is selfish!

All other relationships are based on ‘give and take attitude’. A true preceptor loves his disciples equivalent to a mother without expecting anything from them. The preceptor wants his disciples to realize their true identity with the Self. The world is around 14.5 billion years old as per the calculations of scientists and geologists. Even considering the life term of human beings as one hundred years, how many trillions of beings lived this life? How many of them attained god or self-realization? It is a tricky or difficult question. One in million pursues the spiritual path. Out of the spiritual pilgrims, a handful persist until the end but finally hardly one or two reaches the abode of god! The others attain different regions in spiritual firmament. Hence only the one who is fully detached from the world and other human beings, who ignore the needs of the flesh, focus only on the Atma within may perhaps reach the abode of god. The highest attainment is possible to the one who surrenders his ego at the feet of God!

Lincoln quotes!

Chanting the name of God is highly efficacious!

Chanting the name of god will ensure victory, if only the devotee persists in chanting continuously day and night. To reach that stage, one has to start chanting from young age. Hence it is incumbent on the parents to show the holy path to their children. In India from ancient days, people used to greet one another as “Ram Ram”! After the ingress of Western culture, people have forgotten the ethos of their country and start copying the Western culture. Hence they start greeting one another as “Hi” What is the meaning of this “Hi’? This form of greeting lack courtesy! God or Self is the indweller in all bodies. Bodies are mere vesture for the soul. When the body becomes worn out due to age and ill health, the soul relinquishes the body and chooses a new one. This is called death and birth in worldly parlor. How long the body will last? Till the body undergoes the effects of past actions pertaining to the particular body, life will remain. Once the body undergoes all the experiences pertaining to the particular birth, it dies but the soul is immortal and chooses a new vehicle (body) to continue the journey of karmic balances. Two persons may take birth in the same family and to the same parents but the effects of the past lives are not similar. Hence one may become an officer; the other one may turn out to be a mendicant!

Lincoln on America!

Buddha has become a mendicant while his father was a King!

Here, I remember the life of Buddha! Though he was born in a palace in luxurious conditions, he ended up as a wandering beggar and mendicant! His father, the king told him, “In my lineage, all were kings and it is unfortunate that you have become a mendicant. To this Buddha replied ‘my lineage was full of recluses and mendicants and hence I too become a mendicant. Hence it is not necessary that the son of a king will become a king. Take the case of Abraham Lincoln! He was born in a very poor family. He had to earn to sustain himself and his mother at a very young age. But his mother was a noble and pious woman. She taught Lincoln from the early age, the dignity of labour, the importance of maintaining integrity in public life. With great difficulty, his mother sent him to school. Lincoln was wearing tottered dresses and other students used to mock at him. Lincoln used to cry bitterly and ran to his mother and narrated his woes. His mother advised him, ‘do not bother about the words of other students, study diligently! Lincoln took his mother’s words and concentrated on his studies. Soon he excelled in his studies and won appreciation from the very friends. It is history that he occupied the highest post as President of USA. He abolished slavery and his views on constitution that the government is by the people, of the people and for the people earned him much praise!

Buddha the great mind!

Character is real wealth!

Hence, more than affluence, character is the real wealth. One should remain humble in spite of occupying high offices. Lincoln treated all his officers with great respect and courtesy. When his General blundered in war, Lincoln called him privately and told him “General, you could have acted in a different way”. He never hurt any with his words and the General realized his mistake and acted right subsequently. It is the humility of Lincoln which earned him laurels as one of the best President of USA. Hence relinquish the Ego which is a great obstacle in human life!

Ego filled people meet their downfall in life!

Do you feel that Ego must be abandoned for good?

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