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Bypassing the Mind and realizing our True Self.

Updated on November 9, 2016

Fundamental craving

Cravings of the mind.

The mind always craves for something in the hope that the desired objects or persons will give it happiness. The cravings of the mind are never satisfied. Even if we get the desired object, after some gap, mind will crave for some other or some more things. For instance, a man is jobless and desires for a job, even if it is a small one. He gets the job but there never ends the matter. Once he settles in his job, he starts calculating his income and naturally he is unsatisfied. After some time, he desires for a better job which will bring him better emoluments. Luckily, he gets a big job with sizable emoluments. Then his next concern is to marry a suitable girl. God grants his wish and he is wedded to a girl. Everything works in his favor and he spends some days in bliss of marriage. But life is not always smooth. His wife one day chides him, ‘your income is not sufficient to run the family. How can we manage if one or two children are born? This makes him more worried. He remembers his bachelor days which were carefree! He himself craved for marriage and now he is entangled more without a way out. This is the story of each one of us. Those who are married want to get out of it and those who are single desires to get married!

These frustrations are the results of desires! Hence Buddha told his disciples, “Desires are the cause for sorrows and grief! Well, everyone is aware of this philosophy but none wants to subdue their desires. Desires once suppressed will make you to crave for more things. Hence we should not try suppressing the desires but we should subdue the desires. The world population is around 8 billion. But those who are desire free could be counted with the fingers of hand. Since man alone possesses free will to choose his path, he opts for easy ways which lands him in many troubles later. Spiritual path is fraught with many pitfalls. Unless one exercise vigil, he can end up in turmoil. Hence the guidance of a preceptor is must. We have many guide posts in important junctions of Highways. They just show the directions but man has to travel in that direction and the post won’t accompany him. Scriptures are like the guide posts to the weary traveler. He has to follow the directions if he wants to reach his destination safely.

The mind mysteries.

The constant battle within everyone!

But, the sages have travelled in the path and hence they are quiet aware of the dangers and pitfalls on the way! Hence we should always select such preceptors who themselves have travelled in the path! Even if one finds no suitable preceptor, if he sincerely prays, god will guide his path from the conscious level. This is the reason whenever we embark in some wrong actions; there is a subtle warning from inside. But many a time, we conveniently brush aside such conscious pricks. Hence we can never blame god for our failures and misfortunes! Had we listened to the subtle warnings from conscious, we would not find ourselves in a miserable state! But man is full of ego and self-seeking; he never cares to listen to the inner voice. God cares for everyone and hence he always tests us, whether we are fixed in the belief of him. When we drive a nail on the wall, we try to pull it to see whether the nail come out! In a similar way, god too subjects us to trials and tribulations to see whether we face them with fortitude?

Life is a great battle ground in which good and bad forces always cross swords. We have to see that in the end, the good triumph over the bad! We should not leave the battle in the middle. In a similar way, there is always a battle that goes on the inner firmament. In the Kurukshethra battle of Mahabarath, the Lord was with holy and noble souls. Though they lacked military strength compared to the opposing Kaurava army, they had moral and divine strength to win the eighteen days war. In the end, the entire Kaurava clan vanished in the battle and the five brothers, with whom Krishna joined, came out victorious. These are clear evidences that Dharma or Righteousness will ultimately win the battle of life. In the present day world, we witness many evil actions and atrocities of wicked people on good people. Good people always rely upon god and not on their strength if any!

Nisargadutta says

The inner enquirer, "Who am I?

Someone has complained to his preceptor that ‘maya has caught me tight’. The preceptor replied, you are wrong, maya has not caught hold of you but you are holding it tight. When you remove the false idea that you are a body, maya will leave you at once. Almost, everyone here on earth is willingly embracing the illusory maya and then starts complaining that maya has caught him. Remove your hold once for all on the body/mind complex. You as a body, mind and soul are a dream, said Sathya Sai Baba! He added, ‘you are the god of the universe! What else you can desire? It is the false ‘I’ (ego) which is entangled in the body mind conundrum. Hence the individual feels that he is bound and unable to escape from this suffering world. This is the false notion, said Bagawan Ramana Maharishi, who considered himself as the Self and lived his entire life with this staunch belief. Hence, he was not a all bothered when a big boil erupted on his upper arm which turned to be carcinoma. Once he asked the surgeon treating him to perform surgery without administering anesthesia! Really he was intoxicated with Divine ambrosia and hence he was unaware of the pain or the cutting of the boil etc.

Some devotee later asked him, Bagawan! Is there pain in the hand? Ramana told him after a gap, yes, pain is there but I AM NOT IN THE PAIN. This is the sum of his teachings on the Self. When someone felt that Ramana will pass away soon, due to his deteriorating health and asked him, “Please do not leave us! Smilingly, Ramana replied, I am always here! Where I can go? He guided everyone who comes to his presence to shed the body consciousness and enquire “who am I’ always! In this way, the mind can be transcended with one point enquiry and one can realize his identity with the Self in the long run.

Ramana's wisdom

Our real identity!

Are you the body, mind or the Self within?

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