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CHAOS MAGICK: Sigils now on easy steps!

Updated on June 12, 2017


Generally, Sigilization, or Magic of Sigils, is attributed to Austin Osman Spare. I think he started off drawing monograms as a child.



The general idea is that the Magick works on the level of the subconscious/deep mind, and that the discursive/logical mind is only a hindrance to the manifestation of results. Magick does this through:

  1. "Desire for results"
  2. Constantly denying the possibility of manifestation. I mean, "I can't get laid because I'm an idiot!" or, "I do not have any social skills, I could not be a salesman even if I wanted to". There are other reasons, but I will not go into it now.

The Sigil Magician's intention is to implant and root directions and/or desires in the deeper mind, so that they remain unnoticed by the rational/discursive mind.

Take an affirmation of desire that doesn't contain any negative words, and write it down.

I WANT TO FUCK THAT PERSON. No, it's not like that... It's very vague.

I WILL FUCK THAT PERSON. So here it goes! Powerful and good.

Delete vowels and also the repeated letters:


Then take these letters and form a figure. Get them together and do whatever comes into your mind. It can be in the form of a circle type like those ritual pentagrams that we see on the internet or something else. This is your "seed." Now completely forget that person for a while, take your figure and energize it.

There are many ways to do this, so let's examine a few options:

  • Start spinning and when you get dizzy to the point where your mind goes blank visualize the sigil.
  • Stare at the sigil or visualize it in your mind while you masturbate or have sex. It will energize it at the grand finale.
  • Visualize yourself making someone you love happy and then visualize the sigil.
  • Meditate until your mind is empty and when you get there, visualize the sigil.

Obviously there are many ways to do this Magick Trick just as there are as many rabbits as there are hats from where to pull them. The most important things to remember are:

Try to forget what it was for, and also recommend that you destroy it as soon as you energize it.

And I must say that you should not write down experiments with sigil's magic, and if you do, keep your notes shallow. A good way to do this is by keeping the sigil in a sealed envelope, only with the date that it was made. Do not open the envelope for at least six months.

Still, I think that creating > energizing > destroying works best.

Any doubt? Leave your comment below. Cya!


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