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Updated on June 19, 2016

Millions Effected Worldwide

Fifteen years ago I was so sick I could not work. What made me sick was my exposure to various chemical and electromagnetics in the environment. Modern dentistry, which uses mercury and metals, was taking a toll on my body.

I knew I had to do something about it. A holistic dentist removed the mercury and metals which were making me sick and replaced them with composites. At the Northwestern Chiropractic School I had taken a blood draw to determine which materials were safe for me. They sent the blood sample out of state. With the results the dentist knew what materials to use.

When you remove these kinds of pollutants from the body, you need to detoxify the whole body to get well. Minerals and Vitamin C are generally used. Exercise and eating right is crucial to recovering. I could not work until about 6 months later until I had recovered enough to handle a work environment.

Millions of people worldwide have this condition called Chemical Sensitivity and it is recognized as a disability by the Social Security Administration. Although some men have the condition, the majority of those who have the condition are women. It is not the same as an allergy. Some of us also have allergies. With chemical sensitivity the liver can't detoxify toxins as well as most other people. There are degrees of it. Some have it on a mild scale, like I do today. Herbs are helpful, such as milk thistle, but you also have to avoid the use of the toxins which set you off. It can be very specific or it can be most chemicals. Those who are set off by most chemicals have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. People with this condition have to avoid most places and have others do the shopping for them. I was able to recover because I understood the source of the problem and detoxify. I can handle small exposures, but I have to stay away from the ones which set me off.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity also effects millions of people worldwide. When I was sick I could not handle talking on the phone very long and had to limit computer exposure. Now I can use a land line phone and regular computer. Cell phones do effect me. They use microwave radiation and many people have problems using them. Some studies have been done on their effects and brain cancer. There seems to be a correlation there. It is recommended that a head set or ear buds be used. Placing the ear piece near the head on regular basis is not encouraged.

Some individuals have problems living near cell phone towers and large transmission lines. An alarm clock should run on batteries or be placed 8 feet away from your head when sleeping. Consider the fact that you are being exposed to several hours of electromagnetics while you sleep. The human body is more in line with DC (Direct Current) or battery power than AC (Alternating Current). Cancer and other health effects such as headaches, rashes and nervous system symptoms can be the signs of the effects of exposure to daily electromagnetics.

Smart meters are a big problem for many individuals. Some have developed bad headaches when the meters are placed at their residence by the energy company. These individuals had to have the energy company remove them and replace them with analog meters. Some people have problems with energy companies when they request the company remove them.

We are exposing ourselves to way too many electromagnetic and chemical exposures. We wonder why people get cancer and other illnesses in Western countries. The best thing to do is live a greener life style. Use natural cleaning products: borax, baking soda, vinegar, essential oils, almond and olive oils, bon ami, salt and soap and hot water. They can be purchased in the grocery store and at coops. Eat as much organic food as possible. Some people grow their own food in the garden. Use natural dyes and spices for Holi and other Hindu festivals. Talc is full of chemicals and heavy metals. Do not use it. Do not use chemical fragrance products. Most cause cancer or respiratory ailments. The coops and natural food stores have alternatives.

The Vedas are a group of ecological texts which are ancient. They are the first explanation of the ecosystem in a spiritual set of texts. These ancient people really understood the science behind it all and the spiritual aspects, too. As Hindus we are ecologists and also believe in ahimsa. First do no harm. We must be good examples to the youth. Our mandirs should be green and not look like a toxic waste dump full of modern chemicals. Courage is what is needed to question what others have done to poison the planet. Yet each person can use natural products. Do not encourage polluters. Do not buy their products. You can make a personal difference in the world.



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    • radhapriestess profile image

      radhapriestess 20 months ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Thanks for reading and appreciating the green aspects of life.

    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 20 months ago from Hyderabad, India

      A great message to people through your hub. People should think in terms of ecology and green environment and try to make the world a nice place for living better.