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Updated on January 4, 2017

Geo-engineering is Worldwide

A number of years ago some of my chemically sensitive friends would warn our community when chemtrails appeared in the sky. Chemically sensitive individuals can get quite sick from exposure to chemicals and heavy metals. Many opted not to go outside that day the chemtrails were sighted from the sky.

So what is geo-engineering? The Oxford Dictionary has a definition. It is "the deliberate large-scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth's climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming."

So governments are using chemicals and heavy metals to deflect the rays of the sun and cut down on global warming. Unfortunately, they are actually heating up the atmosphere more and contributing to more global warming. In the process this practice is making a whole lot of people sick.

What countries are involved with spraying chemicals from airplanes, or using devices to heat up the planet or have observatories observing them? The known countries who are involved are: The United States, Brazil, Peru, Russian, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Canada, Iceland, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Wales, Germany, Australia, Marshall Islands, India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and the European Union. As you can see it's a worldwide effort.

So what substances and heavy metals are being sprayed from aircraft? The ingredients are: polymers, mold and fungi, aluminum, barium, sulfur, arsenic, boron, iron, manganese, zinc, silver iodide, cadmium, lithium, thorium, lead, gallium, selenium and strontium. As you can see these are not exactly the most healthy group of substances.

These individuals and governments who are involved with the spraying or using heating up devices argue that these particulates reflect solar radiation into space. Unfortunately, when they are deployed the atmosphere on Mother Earth heats up even more. It contributes to even more global warming than what the rest of humanity is creating. Spraying contributes to pollution and ill-health.

They are being sprayed by jet aircraft worldwide. This is why they are often called chemtrails. Contrails, which consist of ice crystals, only last 30 minutes in the sky. Chemtrails last for hours at a time. Many people report illnesses when the chemtrails are being sprayed. Respiratory ailments, headaches, flu-like symptoms and other related symptoms are commonly reported to doctors and chiropractors when these substances and heavy metals are sprayed from airplanes. You can see them in the sky from the Earth. They look like white trails in the sky, but they are seen in the sky for several hours before they disappear. Soil has been tested where the chemtrails have appeared and the soil below is full of toxic heavy metals. So Mother Earth is being polluted by these chemicals. Animals, insects and people are getting sick from the effects of the chemicals and heavy metals. Populations of animals and insects are crashing. Whole flocks of bird drop are dropping dead in mid air. The same with the insects, including bees and butterflies, our great pollinators of the planet. Pesticides are also contributing to the demise of the bees and butterflies. Milkweed plants and flowers which attract bees and butterflies are being planted in gardens and parks to help the situation. Please start doing this in your yard. Refrain from the use of pesticides. Use natural means to control pests.

Besides respiratory aliments, the rate of Alzheimers, autism and other neurological diseases is climbing. Environmental illnesses of all kinds are increasing.

Stop Geo-engineering Legal Defense Fund is being developed to improve our environmental laws to stop this unhealthy practice of spraying heavy metals and toxic substances upon the Earth and to defend the whistle blowers. Chemtrails, HAARP, & The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth by Elana Freeland, published by Feral House, is a book on the topic which is a compilation of information on chemtrails and their effects on planet Earth.

Individuals can make a difference by living ecologically. Recycling, using natural products instead of chemical cleaning supplies, using less polluting forms of transportation, using natural products instead of chemical fragrance products make a big difference. Cutting down on power usage and conservation make a difference. Use more energy efficient appliances and heating systems. If you can use alternative energy like wind, solar and geothermal, all the better. Planting is great for cutting down on greenhouse gases. Cities need to plants more trees, so let your city councils know you want them to do this. Writing letters of support for alternative energy, such as wind, solar and geothermal is important. Funding bus and train systems is also an important action governments need to be accomplishing to help cut down on green house gases. New Delhi needs to bring more public transportation to its citizens. They have a real bad air pollution and green house gas problem there. We have to acknowledge we are contributing to the problem. Some people and politicians are in denial, like Donald Trump. Denial has to stop. Governments need to fund alternative energy projects and infrastructure instead of funding chemtrails and HAARP. Solar is becoming the energy of the future and its price now is better than fossil fuels. All this will help to reduce greenhouse gases. Eating a more plant-based diet is helpful. You can start by having meatless days. At the minimum we need to stop promoting beef because it promotes global warming and tends to encourage land use which is not ecological. Let your representatives know you want alternative energy and mass transit funded instead of HAARP and chemtrails. Some states, like Minnesota, have tax credits for solar or wind installation or for energy efficient appliances. Some will deny the existence of HAARP and chemtrails. That is where you can refer such individuals to the book written by Elana Freeland. Mother Earth must be taken care of. She is our great Mother! We are all are part of the problem, but we are all part of the solution to the problem, also. Put Mother Earth first!




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