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CONVICTED--Honor Killer

Updated on August 7, 2011
Noor Almaleki
Noor Almaleki
Faleh Hassan Almaleki
Faleh Hassan Almaleki
Amina and Sarah
Amina and Sarah
Amina and her dog
Amina and her dog
The girls being silly.
The girls being silly.
Hirsi Ali Said , dad
Hirsi Ali Said , dad
the parents
the parents

When she was only four this little girl immigrated to America in l993 with her family. She grew up like any American girl, wearing blue jeans, going to school, sharing photos on her Face book page and hanging out with her friends.

In October 2009 as she walked across an Arizona parking lot a man waited in his car across the lot. When he had her in his sites he gunned the motor, aimed his car and ploughed into her. Her body landed on a raised median, so the driver swerved and ran over her fracturing her spine and face. He also hit her friend that was walking with her.

The pretty 20-year old girl, Noor Amaleki lay in a coma for two weeks and later died never regaining consciousness.

The driver sped away leaving the girl and her friend injured and bleeding. Assisted by his wife and son he was able to flee to Mexico and attempted to fly to London but was refused entry and returned to US.

The driver of this crime was girl’s father, Faleh Hassan Almaleki, 50. He was upset and concerned because Noor had become so Americanized, so he killed her.

On Tuesday February 22, Faleh Almaleki was convicted of second degree murder, two counts of leaving the scene of an accident and aggravated assault for the injuries sustained by Noor’s friend.

It is likely Faleh Almaleki will spend the rest of his life in prison.

This was an Islamic honor killing. Please click here and go to middle of the page for examples of Sharia Law.


Then there is the story of Amina and Sarah Said. Their story begins a long time ago when they were only 8 and 9 years old. The father abused and raped them. The girls reported this abuse to a Sheriff in Texas, testifying that they had been touched inappropriately, sodomized and Amina had at least once been penetrated by their father. ( Their mother signed an affidavit to attest to this abuse)

Amina and Sarah were shot in January 2008 by their father as they sat in the back of his taxi. He left them to die and as she died Sarah called 911 to ask for help but her father returned to finish her off. He shot Sarah nine times. She lived long enough to identify her father as the murderer. The girls were l8 and l9 years old.

Their father killed the girls because they were dating non- Muslim boys, but for months he followed them and secretly taped their activities. He was obsessed and twisted in his behavior toward his daughters.

Despite knowing that her girls were abused and that their father threatened to kill them, their mother failed to protect them.

Shortly after the shooting their father Hirsi Ali Said disappeared, possibly returning to his native country Somalia. There is a $l0,000.00 reward for him posted by the FBI.

These are Honor Killings by Muslim men taking place in the United States of America and only a few of them are being prosecuted.



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