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Updated on October 13, 2011

The Significance of Crop Circles

For many years, crop circles have been the subject of much debate and mystery as to their significance or meaning. The have been found in fields all over the globe and many have been located in this country of the U.S. and in England. They have been from the simple, to the most complex and intricate, in their designs. Most are based on circular shapes, and this seems to be a universal geometric form that is the most widely accepted. After all, the stars, planets, and most heavenly bodies that we are all familiar with in astronomical study, are round in their basic shapes. It only stands to reason, that entities that leave messages, want to communicate to someone about a familiar theme.There are several accepted assumptions about these crop circle's meaning.Most think that they are an attempt to communicate with the earth and human beings about where visitors are from, or that they want to leave warnings, or tell us that we should take notice of a particular thing in our lives. Here are some of the factors about these circles that we may consider, although they may not all be scientific in their descriptions.

(1) Crop circles leave messages (2) Crop circles leave warnings (3) Crop circles tell others that this is their territory(of certain entities) (4) Crop circles tell of where the message writers are from. (5) Crop circles are labels and tell others that this is a particular subject of study. (6) Crop circles show regions that may have already been finalized in their observation and manipulation.(7) Crop circles are lert by spirits that are supernatural in their meanings.(8)Crop circles of great complexity found around the globe, are not man-made. (9) The circles are a product of a big imagination and are simply man made and easily duplicated!

(Clumsy attempts in duplicating the many interesting and intricate forms have been seen. and growing in number in recent years. There have been attempts in discrediting the authentic crop circles observed all over this planet. Some nuts actually go out into fields and try in making circles that usually appear to be poorly constructed).

Messages left. Perhaps the authors that write in the fields are telling their fellows that they have accomplished certain deeds, or the earthly people that they are here, and are signing in.They may wish to impress the humans on this planet with their knowledge of the stars or convey a message of goodwill (or make a threat)!

Warnings. We may be warned about our use of radioactive materials or atomic bombs and the hazards of extermination of all life on this planet. We may be warned of retribution if we don't comply or heed to the warnings posted. We may be warned about natural earth changes, or of those in space that may soon occur.

Markers. All animals in nature mark their territory by urinating or scraping, scratching or clawing, to tell that this is their place, and others should be aware, or stay away from that spot.They could also be marking special landing areas or places that have special meaning such as high frequency or magnetic vortexes. Several places on earth have been recently subjects of study about vortexes and their significance in attracting UFO's, and that they seem to have strange magnetic qualities.

Origin of Message writers. They may be telling the earth that they are from the Orion region or that they are from a star system millions of miles away in another galaxy. They may try to show in the shapes that they leave, which place in the universe that they are from.

Labeling. They may wish to signify that this place is under study or that they may have reached an analysis of this region on the map. This area is not suitable for a special purpose, or that this is the spot that they want to search.

Finalized. This area is finalized and no longer is under observation. They are beyond being helped. They are in need of more assistance because they are not able to handle the problem that they all face. They are through in mapping a region.

Supernatural. Some believe that these circles are creations of past peoples, who have died, or leave their spirits, and that they leave messages to us about our problems, or to warn us.

Man-made circles. Several attempts to duplicated simple crop circles have been made and most of these are very crude and easily detected as being made by spoofers. Some will simply deny that anything has an unexplained quality, in their lives.

There have been many strange and unexplained anomalies that seem to occur when these crop circles are being formed. Dogs bark out of control, strange colored lights are often seen in the general areas where the circles are made ,and also, many unexplained UFOs have been seen in areas that have the crop circles. When they got out of hand in size and creativity, military sources began to take notice and investigate. Crops are leveled and laid down without harming them. Often radiation is found in areas that have the circles. Huge complexes of formations requiring many hours of work, if duplicated by human trials, require only as little as a few minutes in formation of some of the biggest crop circles, as testified to by many witnesses around the world. There has to be an unusual explanation for these odd circles.

Does this list of crop circle's possible meanings, sound a little too far out in believing? Perhaps to some, but there are many other possibilities about the crop circles that we, as human beings , will not ever be able to conceive, even in our wildest dreams. Some people think that these crop circles have a supernatural meaning and from the spiritual realm and have nothing to do with extraterrestrial beings, whatsoever $6. There are many theories and possible reasons for the multitude of the crop circles that are ever increasing in their complexity, and ranges, some covering huge acreage in open flat fields . Some are done over crops and others are simply done in the grasses that cover wide regions in many place all over the globe. Some have been observed in snow and ice, while others are seen in waters of the oceans, or large lakes. Many crop circles have been reportedly accompanied with sightings of UFO activity, and a few have been supposedly filmed in creating these circles in open fields. There are simply too many credible people that have witnessed these events and the strange, and often beautiful renderings in the fields, to excuse or pass off as being done by human beings. There have been a few weak attempts to emulate making circles by attention seekers, but most intelligent folks would wave off these as poppy cock. There are always "naysayers" in our society, or others who would try to discredit what has been accomplished by other more dedicated individuals. Some associate the drawings on the plains in Peru with a form of crop circles, and other places on the globe have huge drawings carved into earth and rock of animal shapes that may have significant meanings.

Some crop circles have been accompanied by cattle mutilations and reported by many farmers in western regions of the US and in Brazil in South America. There had been a big increase in recent years of much unexplained activity concerning cattle mutilations, UFO activity seen by hundreds all around the world, and crop circles, that often leave puzzling messages, by who knows for what purpose, or to whom their recipients may well be. One factor about the circles is that in order for one to view them practically, it is imperative that you be at extreme heights in order to properly view or see what is encompassed by the circles. This would lead us to believe that they were intended for each other, or others who travel in craft, such as the UFOs.They appear to be increasing in number all around the world and may also possibly be sounding an alarm about global problems that we are all experiencing at this present time. There have been crop circles seen near Stonehenge, in England. This has led some to think that they are supernatural and have to do with the spiritual world. The area at Stonehenge was thought to be a place where there were sacred worship and even possible rituals.

Whatever the reason for crop circles, they are a fact, and we will have to accept them and try to unravel their purposes. After all, we expect space people to read and to understand what we have placed upon our voyagers and other space probes, in a way to communicate with beings from other possible worlds similar to our own. Perhaps one day soon we will understand what we are being told, or for what is the purpose of these mysterious shapes, found in the wide fields around the world. Remember that we are all human beings, and that we may truly believe what we all want to about this life in which we are all a part. We should at least look at the facts and weigh them against what we may know is practical and believable, and possibly conceivable, to our human brains.


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