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Call of Character - Availability

Updated on October 2, 2011



Availability is not only for people who are free and have nothing to do. The busy and the free needs to be available to respond to Jesus call. Jesus did not call only to the people who were free. Do make yourselves available for God to use you, invest in the eternal the souls of men. You’ll be surprised what God can do with the seemingly insignificant time or resource you can give him.

We need to make available to God our resources- our car, our home and our finances. It all comes from God, and he has entrusted them for our care and making it ready for him to use. Are your resources available for God to use when he wants it?

The availability of our resources is only part of what God desires us to make available for His use. As we consider the process of our increasing availability- there is a question that needs to be answered, How long will it take you and I to go from belief, to Master to Lord to and to leave everything and follow and be available to our God?

How ready are we?

How fast will we respond?

What are we to be available for?

Everything is purposeful-everything is done with the goal in mind. Just like a fisherman- from the well maintained nets to the way the nets are release, the reading of the wind and weather, the tide, the seasons, the spots come into play when fishing. Boat position is facing out. We disciples of Jesus Christ- as fishers of men also need to always be ready. Are you and in a position of slumber and snooze mode, or are we ready at a moments’ notice…is your boat facing out, is your heart facing out-ready to fish men?

Has your priorities changed from a self-centred one to a God-centred one?

Who agenda are we on? Yours’ or God’s?

Let’s get our mind, our hearts, our bodies, our resources, our families ready and waiting, preparing the way for Jesus! Stop giving excuses- God can see thru it…

I believe there is a call to move along in the process of availability. For some of us today, we’ve been watching others working…its time to be about our father’s business. Jesus is calling you. Very busy? Very free? Either way, God wants all of us involved in his ministry. Out away all our reasons. For some of us, Jesus is calling us to make our “boats” available for Jesus. For some, Jesus is calling for us to move from Master to Lord.

To surrender because we recognize that Jesus is my God and my Lord. And there is a call today to let go of everything and put God first, all that we know well and do well, Jesus is calling us to let God and become fishers of men!

How will you respond to Jesus call today?

We must make ourselves available to Jesus anytime, anywhere and any place where he want us to be.


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