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Calling All Empaths- Now is Your Time

Updated on September 19, 2017
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As one with Empathic abilities and skills, I can't help but to see our kind falling back. No, my friends, we must engage.

That is the point of the ability
That is the point of the ability

Why Empaths are So Important

It is rather difficult to explain why the Empath of today is so important, but some exploring into the subject matter of Empaths as well as the state of the world just might help illustrate this importance. After all, what with the madness our world is experiencing (not that it’s much different from the past, but the details are different) it’s no wonder that so many Empaths are struggling with it all. But it’s supportable to claim everyone in this world must be on the team when it comes to making the world a better place; it’s just that everyone is not just everyone, but on different teams or performing different roles. The Empath does and can perform an important role, and this role can be significant if one desires.

If there’s one thing we do know, it’s that certain people are more engaged in their world than others. We know there are those who simply don’t care what’s happening or concern themselves with what might occur, but there are so many people who devote their lives to seeking a better world for others. Many of these people are obvious, such as first responders, soldiers, the police, teachers, you get the idea. These people are the most visible when it comes to seeking active change and improvement. Emergency Medics do not desire to see the horrid tragedies of a car crash, but they rush in there to save lives and reverse what horrors have occurred if they can. A police officer doesn’t rush to a call hoping to see mayhem and madness but instead wants to stop that and rescue what sanity is left. Teachers do not seek the chaos inherent in a group of kids confined in tight spaces where most of them don’t want to be, but they know their actions and efforts shape the lives of young minds soon to take the reigns of this world. One can easily imagine a slew of examples along this line.

Not so high on the list is the Empath. Now, there are surely Empaths occupying these and other important roles, of course, but is it time to call out those abilities specifically regardless of the mundane role of the Empathic individual? It just might be time, indeed. After all, we see in the news reports, social media and all around us in our daily lives the whole world increasingly separating into pockets, cubby holes, categories and demographics, party lines and racial divides, literally dozens of genders (if that doesn’t clue one in to the lunacy, I cannot imagine what might) and a myriad of other separations building walls everywhere. Political issues have yet again led to calls for blood in the streets. Communication breakdowns are all too common and replaced with ill-intended propaganda.

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a good grip on what and who is an Empath (you are likely one), but let’s explore the subject for the sake of clarification. The Empath is extraordinarily sensitive to the emotional state of life and those within it. The Empath can sense to the core the demeanor and emotional level of most they come into contact with and many in proximity. There is a psychic bonding where life occurs and they pick up on much of this. Some Empaths connect well with animals and nature, some with those they love, and many possess different levels of other psychic talents along the way. While the average Empath doesn’t possess great telepathic skills (who does?), they can sense demeanor, intent, mood and elevated emotional states, such a anxiety, fear, or the other way, predatory desires. Those who can predict the future Nostradamus-style are rare indeed, but the Empath may clue into things momentarily impending, particularly where emotions are running high.

Empaths, most importantly, can often convey and influence these states with their strengths and some conscious effort. They may very well be the ones who can diffuse a potentially dramatic situation before it gets out of hand. It’s supportable to say the Life Force has an unseen energy emanating around it that isn’t perceivable to the naked eye, much like our universe is mostly comprised of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Those two things are not seen and cannot be detected but their influences give away their presence and existence. Life Force in itself might merely be an extension or branch of these. That in itself doesn’t matter here, but what does matter is this force is easily detected at various levels. Along the most mundane and empirical levels, we know when someone or something is alive, but there are numerous subtleties not detected by everyone. The Empath clues in to this more spiritual and ethereal plane made dynamic by emotional states all consciousness possesses, and the more attuned Empath can influence these dynamics. Unfortunately, they can too often be influenced by them, even if they don’t want to be.

Part of the purpose of this article is to illustrate the potential most Empaths possess to overcome their sensitive nature and control it for the better good. Yes, it may prove discomforting and even harmful at times, but that cop could be shot at any time of any day, and he’s in the game until that happens. If more Empaths unite for a common goal, and they can more than ever before thanks to such a connected world (social media, for example, which is what led you to this article), then it may be possible to stem the tide of disconnection affecting the world and reconnect at the human levels that are paramount. The Empaths who are a part of all these various groups and demographics, sub-categories and factions could more than likely affect the disconnect and communicate the ties that bind us as people rather than separate us by values and beliefs, many of which have been manipulated by external forces with less than stellar intent.

Most Empaths recognize the human bonds, but it can prove difficult to see how the divisions have become so gaping, particularly along racial lines. Sure, people have different ethnic backgrounds, whatever they are, but misinformation has forced even wider gaps here, and often intentionally. It has yet again become in vogue to label Caucasians as the monsters in the racial tensions, and a few of them might be. But the Empath can recognize the true heart of an individual regardless of race whilst it seems so many other are accepting rhetoric and propaganda as gospel. People who are politically conservative (people who support Constitutional law and government) are targeted as extremists who seek….insert today’s accusations here. While the sexual desires and pursuits of people only become a problem when they become unhealthy or predatory, it seems today they’re somehow of immense magnitude. In fact, too many people define themselves with it.

Why should I even mention some of these rather uncomfortable political issues? Because these are often seen as where so much actual empathy and understanding is lost. It ought to be fine to debate and disagree on various issues, but the culture of zero tolerance for beliefs outside one’s own has truly proven bloody for far too long. This is 2017. We should be better than this.

What I Believe Brought Us Here

We should try to examine what brought us to this point in the first place. This is often something missed or looked over simply because we recognize our reality for what it is, but there are numerous dynamics that brought us to this point. For example, we should recognize that humanity maintained a relatively constant global population for who-knows-how many years (likely tens of thousands or more) up until the middle of the nineteenth century. By then, our ability to travel more, grasp the benefits of technology and medicine, sewage and sanitation, and reach out to other cultures and peoples, we multiplied at an incredible rate. The world population then was believed to be approximately less than two billion globally, but this number just about doubled within about a century. And that’s with the insanity of war and genocide running rampant.

The middle of the twentieth century saw a population of about 3.5 billion, but that has more than doubled in little over a half century, to a human population today of over seven billion around the globe. Yes, this matters. In just about two centuries we have completely changed the way humanity lives, interacts, travels, eats, functions on a daily basis, and views the future of mankind. It’s safe to say we somehow achieved an evolutionary growth spurt and now we’re feeling the growing pains. Further, this changing, dynamic world has become ever-increasingly secular in its views. We’ve become more comfortable in cherishing more of the world we can experience on an empirical level. Of course there are so many spiritual people, religions and desires to know more about the universe around us, but abilities such as that of the Empath and so many other psychic abilities are often categorized as fantasy and imagination. So much so that there are likely innumerable people who have consciously squashed their abilities due to thinking they’re that fantasy and imagination. Too often we’re seen as what we have and can do on a productive level in the mundane, empirical world. We are all so much more.

In a world that is in such rapid flux and with that flux having such velocity, it’s no wonder everyone’s a bit dizzy from it. Today, we cannot imagine a world without Smart Phones, but it wasn’t but a decade or so ago and they weren’t really known. So, think of what our technology has done to us. One century ago, life was so completely different on many, many levels. But for the purpose of this article, how does all of this affect and relate to the Empath?

Science tells us (mainly geology) that approximately 66 million years ago, a comet struck this planet near what is now known as the Yucatan Peninsula and caused yet another significant Extinction Event. I say yet another because science tells us there were at least a few serious global extinction events prior to that one. Through those millions of years, the mammals replaced the dinosaurs as the planet’s dominant species and humanity eventually became the apex species over the past few hundred thousand years, and particularly over the last ten or so thousand. Now, does anyone ever ask just why this might have occurred in such a way?

I have a theory. We know we are conscious. We know we are self-aware. We know other species throughout the animal kingdom also demonstrate a level of consciousness and at least some awareness, but do we consider how far-reaching this consciousness just might be? While many and frankly most people believe in a higher power, God or a Universal Consciousness, it’s possible this may not be an invisible man in the sky, but the very universe itself.

We know consciousness is very different dynamically. We know women may think somewhat differently than men and vice versa. We also know there is a collective consciousness in the insect world and within some herding animals. But do we often think this very planet has some sort of self-awareness or a level of consciousness? Do we believe it in itself is alive? After all, the planet has many aspects of a living thing, such as a self-regulating temperature, respiratory system (plants breathe the carbon dioxide we expel and in doing so expel the oxygen we breathe), a sort of circulatory system, and even a self-defense mechanism from the space it inhabits (the magnetic field). Further, we know this planet would not sustain life the way it does without our moon doing what it does, which is act as a celestial spoon stirring the pot and keeping it from going sedentary.

The planet is in a Goldilocks zone, being just so far but not too far from the sun. And, science tells us life also thrives here on this planet thanks to the functions of the other planets in the solar system, particularly the outer planets such as Jupiter, which act as vacuum cleaners by sucking up random debris via their strong gravitational forces. They help minimize the chances of other big asteroids and comets from hitting us again. To go on, our location in the galaxy is within an arm of an outer band, keeping us from the strong forces deeper into the galaxy but not too exposed to the ravages of space.

It’s as though it’s far from just random.

Might it be possible that the Universal Consciousness, whatever that is, recognizes life on this planet is valuable and worth protecting? Further, could this Consciousness recognize that since life on the planet does better when protecting itself through various means such as sticking within favorable environments (fish in water) but also must adapt to those environments or move to where more favorable conditions exist (such as birds flying south for the winter, several species migrating or some hibernating), and could this Consciousness recognize another major calamity could render the planet unsuitable for life, such as another asteroid or comet strike? Considering the possibility, it’s reasonable to assume that at least one species must develop the means to not just migrate to another location on the planet, but from it entirely.

That would require technology. Thus, our human technology and our advanced civilized state is purely natural. Let me emphasize by repeating that our technology and advanced civilized state is purely natural and necessary for life from this planet to live beyond the planet itself. The light from a flashlight is no less natural than the light of the sun or from the tail end of a firefly. A glassy skyscraper is no less natural than the beehive or beaver dam. In fact, there is NOTHING that is not natural or supernatural or unnatural. Nothing at all. If it exists, it is purely natural even if we don’t completely understand it, or even believe in it.

The point I am getting at is Consciousness pervades the universe and we, as a part of this universe, are connected to this Consciousness. The Empath naturally connects to this consciousness in a way those who are not Empaths do not. It’s really a little weird that all people aren’t Empathic considering they’re all connected so completely. But, and this is a significant but, evolution has a way of playing trial and error.

More than 99% of all life on this planet has long since gone extinct. What’s left is but the latest in a long string of what’s come and gone. Could it be we are still in a probationary period? If we’re going to pass the test of survival, don’t we have to demonstrate our worthiness? Our technology, after all, has the capacity to move us well into the future and the universe, but it also has the capacity to render us annihilated completely. So, my theory is that, as far as we know, we are the first species from this planet chosen to achieve Planetary Migration. But just because we’re the first, it doesn’t determine we are the only one, or the last.

Humanity is the apex predator and highest functioning species on the planet, but that comes with a price. Since there isn’t anything else out there keeping our numbers in check by eating us or some such thing, it seems we have to do it ourselves. Imagine what the human population would be if we weren’t so violent towards one another? How many of us would there be if we didn’t engage in war and the other horrible things we do? What resources would be left for us and the remainder of life on this planet? I believe it’s possible that if we’re to achieve the ability to reach into the universe from this planet, we have to demonstrate we’re not an imminent threat to everything beyond this planet. If we cannot do this, the Universal Consciousness may simply do away with us and try again with someone or something else. So, we have to control our kind in a higher, more evolved way we have yet to achieve.

It’s possible that the Empath may be one of the key factors in seeing this to success. If we cannot connect to the universe and our own kind as well as all other forms of life at the deepest levels and therefore cannot escape our predatory ways for genuine Sentience and Civilization, then the universe just might see us go the way of the Tyrannosaur.

The world is ours? Well, we also belong to it, and the entire Universe
The world is ours? Well, we also belong to it, and the entire Universe

Where We are Now

Because we are in a moment in history virtually unprecedented, it seems ominous to contemplate the future, even with an optimistic viewpoint of that future. I claim this point in human history as unprecedented because it’s all new to all of us. Life has never been like this before, at any time we know of. Humanity has never witnessed such a population density on a world so small (small due to our technology, which allows global access both virtually and actually) nor have we had such abilities. It’s amusing to see people claimed to be the expert at the various subjects where experts are deemed worthy of attention when almost literally everything about human civilization today was vastly different just a couple generations ago. How can anyone be an expert at something so utterly new to all of us? Well, there is an aspect of all of this that is not new at all, but has been the norm for untold eons. The Humanity in and of itself.

The Empaths of today face inundations from so many aspects of humanity when the Empaths of yesterday hardly could imagine such things. Today, we witness cultures from around the globe quickly becoming aspects and consequences of a global culture, as well as a cacophony of minds, emotions, and various values and mindsets. This has brought on fascinating blends of cultures and minds as well as considerable clashes, but the people are basically the same. In fact, the inner core of humanity has no more changed in the last 100,000 years than the beaks of eagles, as they say. Therefore, it’s fair to conclude the abilities and challenges of the Empath have likely changed but to a limited degree; only the scope of energies and emotional ranges have changed. And there, the changes are likely due to intensity, which is due to many more minds originating from a myriad of directions.

It’s fair to assume that should the Empath of today recognize these dynamics and adjust to cope with the abundance of influx (learn to filter and moderate) then it’s likely one wouldn’t be so overwhelmed. Yeah, it sounds easy to say and easier said than done. However, isn’t it fair to say a lot of Empaths, once they’re conscious of who and what they are, tend to acquiesce to the sensitivities rather than seek control? We know a habit of meditation and acknowledgment of affirmations can be helpful with coping, but we should seek for more than just getting by. A conscious desire to grasp and master these abilities could prove so helpful, particularly with pineal gland development (the brain’s third eye, so to speak). There is a plethora of published information out there designed to help the Empath cope and gain strength, but it is possible these abilities could be fine-tuned and given extraordinary scope.

But there’s a challenge, and that’s for the Empath to stop avoiding what pings on the Empathic senses, and many do just that. Sure, it’s easier to shy away from the noise and glare, but seeking a better attuning to the barrage of energy can help one channel it. Consider the martial artist and their methods of becoming better at their art. While the black belt is accustomed to the fight, that black belt once wore a white belt and could do little more than crumple to the floor and curl up into a ball when faced with a bombardment of kicks and punches. The skilled Empath could learn to deflect and counter the incoming energies and respond effectively, but this would require effort and practice. And with most Empaths, they seek the abilities to deflect and shield, but not to transfer the energy into something useful.

The finest place to develop in these manners is within one’s particular sphere of influence. Hey, nobody can take on the world. But if the Empath retains a conscious grasp on what and who they are through the day, feeling the energy and focusing on its proper channeling, then the successful Empath should soon project positive energy and emotional stability into a place once raging with cacophonous and dramatic emanations of confusion and misery. This is a high bar to clear, to be sure, but many learn to do this naturally and a matter of course. Discipline is required, but even more needed is acceptance. The firefighters mentioned above learn to cope with the heat. The soldier learns to enter battle rather than flee. So, the skilled and attuned Empath can focus positive energy rather than just dismiss and escape the negative.

Such gifts are seen as curses because they’re primed for service rather than reward. In the Star Wars universe, the highest ranking Jedi Masters are those who live to serve through their abilities, but those who wield such abilities for personal gain have succumbed to the Dark Side. The example is fantastic but it fits in this regard. It doesn’t matter what anyone is good at; what makes their skill and talent good is its value to the world around them. It’s how good they are and how wide-reaching this good thing is determines the level of reward. It’s the Empath who can project the most peace and understanding who reaps the finest rewards of their Empathic abilities, by gaining more peace.

Your world needs this from all of us. So stop hiding in the cushy incarceration of solitary distance and get in there and mix it up. Until one’s skills are improved, keep the sphere of influence tight, but work that sphere. One just might find it expanding for the better. And consider the benefit of guerrilla tactics when doing this. Don’t press and exert to the point of becoming exhausting and annoying; come in with bits of positive energy and then fall back, allowing those bits to take root and gain in influence rather than being resisted due to incessant pressure.

Where Connections Can Bring Us

The connections made by the Empath within their sphere of influence combined with the connections today’s Empaths can achieve with one another is unique. Once upon a time, when communities were small and separate, the Empath likely didn’t require such a major support group. Today’s Empaths are inundated with a constant flow of energy, but they can also gain strength and moral support from one another better than ever before. We can connect over tremendous distances in ways hitherto impossible. I mean, come on; we don’t really need to be in close proximity, do we? We’re connected through these universal threads of consciousness regardless of how far apart we are on the ground. Today’s technology and social media offer methods of connection that are as valuable as they are undeniable.

I believe the trick is to be an active rather than passive Empath. It seems many have succumbed to the irritant of so much negative energy while others learn to tune it out. It’s also important to not, I repeat, not get caught up in the splendor and mystery of psychic potential. Many truly believe in and accept their abilities yet get snarled up in today’s so-called metaphysical and occult goofiness. Now, I should point out I’m not knocking these things as I was once a licensed minister in the Metaphysical Church and was involved in several organizations, such as the Rosicrucian Order. But I advise to limit the serious attention to unicorns and other fanciful draws to that which turns these issues into parlour tricks. I once knew a lady who had potential but was so caught up in the fantasy that she dismissed too much reality. This Empathic ability might be somewhat unusual but no less real than quantum physics. In fact, these sciences might soon offer scientific substance to Empathic and other psychic subjects.

The challenge of today is to actively reconnect our world by reconnecting at the base of actuality as opposed to the disconnects caused by innumerable and often misleading realities. We all generally accept that perception is reality, but so often our realities are shifted by both substantial information and horrid misinformation. For the love of Pete, how many people today are hooked into the pseudo-science of Climate Change, or that all whites are racist, or eating meat is evil, or that a college degree makes one smarter. These examples could go on to the point of boring, but our realities are too often marred and influenced through nonstop inundation via various flavors of the month. A lot of what concerns people are various forms of the Y2K Bug. Ask yourself: did you feel any concern for your world on December, 12th, 2012? How did that work out for you? Never mind the noise and static, but instead focus on the true actualities of what is existence. If we actively convey our humanness and limit the influence of short-term false concerns, we should be able to connect to what’s most important, which is a closing in on a greater future for all.

We must grasp that reconnecting humanity at its core is the only thing that will allow us to eventually develop and evolve enough to migrate from this planet to other bodies in the solar system and beyond. The technology is important for this (and we must modernize our economic systems if we’re going to accomplish this) but the high-evolved humanity is paramount. I believe we have burst into the state of humanity we have today compared to what it was, say, a bit more than two centuries ago (and the state of humanity climbed a slight hill and often plateaued from the ages of the ancient Egyptians and other stronger cultures to just a few centuries ago at best) because we’ve accomplished an evolutionary spurt. That cannot be without just reason. Could the Universal Consciousness have a plan? Is it time to eat or get away from the table? Could this be the test of our worth for survival? Might it have a time-line and a ticking clock? I’m sympathetic with societies drifting from the religious doctrine and dogma of the ages, but not from what brought them to be, which is our connection with the universe. We are not merely ambulatory meat. We are truly connected at fundamental levels present-day societies are misconstruing as either fantasy or atomic and too many don’t see the basic truth that it is really all connected. The existence of Empaths verifies this, so let’s prove the point.

Who I Am

I gained some recognition of my abilities when I was quite young. As a boy, I often referred to it as my spider senses, since I had a point of reference I’m sure most of you understand. It wasn’t easy to articulate what I experienced and that moniker helped me give it definition at the time. Then, through my childhood I embraced my ability to connect where I could while veering from the negatives in my life. I grew up in a dysfunctional and often violent home that was eventually shattered by abuse and resentment. Many would attribute an alcoholic step-father as the catalyst, but I knew the alcoholism was that guy’s way to drown down the resentment and frantic sense of being trapped. My father left my life early in my years and I still recall the first time I met who would be his fill-in. I saw him from a distance at first (from across a yard) and knew right away he was a sour apple, to put it lightly. I’ll never forget it. So, while the environment was often filled with fear and violence, my Empathic insight allowed me to see below and into the dysfunction rather than just the outcome. He could be truly evil, but he was mainly lost and overwhelmed. My mother was beaten down and eventually succumbed to her misery, which I felt.

I don’t want to ramble on about my dysfunctional childhood too much, but I can say I was a rather consistent runaway as a kid and eventually learned this wasn’t the way, but to tune it out was, which most Empaths often do. However, I learned to attune my abilities in ways that afforded me methods of distancing myself from the situation, and this helped me away from home, such as in school. I could tune into bullies and foes well but also gain strength from those who became friends. I didn’t see the Empathic ability any more unique than my ability to hear or see, but I soon recognized not everyone possessed such abilities. Thus, I created bonds with those who were both friendly but suffering from issues and those bonds worked well both ways.

When young, I found solace from much of this through my connection with animals. Pets but also within the nature around me. As a boy, I had a pet dog I could communicate with so well that many found it either bizarre or spooky. Losing him still affects me decades later. I also communicated and bonded very well with dogs later on. Even today, I live in a veritable zoo, filled with a number of animals so numerous I’d have to tally the number up with effort. So, while people in general tend to suck, animals and nature offer more in terms of blunt honesty. I believe much of this is due to humanity’s drastic evolutionary jump over recent millennia. While humanity does tend to be an awful thing, we must recognize we’re not where we’re going yet. We have a long way to go before we are even close to getting there. However, it seems the remainder of the world has remained plateaued in this regard.

To escape home I joined the Army right out of school. That environment tested and helped me shape my Empathic abilities in ways I would likely have never achieved otherwise. The early days, such as Basic Training, were hard and often spooky, but I picked up quickly the demeanors and intent of the Drill Sergeants. Yes, there were a couple who got off on making trainees miserable, but most of them were professional and retained in mind their function of bringing raw material from the populace and creating soldiers. Now, I was surrounded by numerous people who were there with me, young and new at this, and one would assume most would be anxious but eager. I suppose most were, but it was surprising how many sought to resist and be a nuisance. But, I was able to be someone people could come to to talk. I knew the Army intended to make this time of our lives hard, but for good reasons. I was able to calm people and allay notions they were ever really in danger. Uncomfortable as all get out? Yeah, but there is such benefit to adversity.

My abilities caught some attention at one point when my platoon and another in our unit went into a training area (really, just the woods) and the opposing platoon just couldn’t hide from me. I could beeline right to their location with no trouble. Hey, I know you guys and it’s only us out here. I can so see you…

These traits helped when I worked at Disney World. I could quickly tell what needs people required or how many were doing. Honestly, it amazed and disgusted me how people treat their children there. A lot of that was discomforting, but I was good at reuniting people separated. I often could see someone was separated and looking for someone, and often when people described someone they lost, I could often tell them if I had seen them and when. A lot of this was likely simple observation, but many of my coworkers often noted how uncanny it was how I could identify people out of those crowds. On an empathic level, the place was clearly noisy with that many people, but certain things ping separately, such as being lost, hurt, troubled or what have you. My abilities made that job good for me, but the pay was horrid so I eventually left for the road.

I became a truck driver, and I’m doing that presently. I can often identify foolhardy or confused people in traffic and sometimes can tell if they’re going to do something erratic, such as suddenly stop off on the shoulder or swoop over for an exit. Being able to pick up on certain people on the road is quite helpful.

I could go on and on with a number of things, but what I truly wanted to communicate was my relative understanding of what and who I am. I studied metaphysical subjects over time (no, not the typical goofiness at Barnes & Noble and such, although I have learned certain stones are beneficial, as are some oracles) and was once licensed as an Ordained Minister of the Metaphysical Church (mainly for my own purposes) and I briefly studied with the Rosicrucian Order. I found them intriguing in many ways, but eventually felt more comfortable being independent. I tinker with the idea of getting involved again, but my job keeps me away from participating with much of anything.

One thing I desire to communicate is I try to prevent myself from being distant at an Empathic level despite the isolation of my job. I feel much of the sadness, confusion and dismay of our world and rather than shut it out, I try to reach out in ways I can. There is so much evil in the world, and rather than shy away, I try to see it where it is and influence if I can. I believe the worst evil today is Human Trafficking, so if I see elements of this, I try to identify it and contact authorities when possible. That’s not common, but I do try to spread awareness of the subject to the point many find me annoying eventually. That’s fine, but I’ve helped many wake up to the issue.

I believe we as Empaths should confront the discomfort of the madness and seek to alleviate it when we can rather than hide from it. Yeah, it does hurt quite often, but one would be so surprised what a little intervention can accomplish for those in need.

Do not Disconnect! Connect with all your heart no matter how much it hurts!
Do not Disconnect! Connect with all your heart no matter how much it hurts!

Hope For the Future

I firmly believe in strength in numbers (likely due to military influence but not just that), so I believe that today’s Empaths, should they stand together and unite for a common cause, could help improve the world, even if with one or a few people at a time. These abilities simply cannot be some random thing dropped on some, but are there for a reason, should we pursue that reason.

Of course I recognize many Empaths have become increasingly uncomfortable with the world we live in, but I cannot help but to believe we should combat this inner struggle for the greater good, at least within one’s sphere of influence. Through gently reaching out to those in need comes with extraordinary benefits for all involved. As stated earlier, there are too many people out there who are so disconnected from their world and are compensating for this through numerous media sources that are offering so much in false information, propaganda and misleading data, and there are so many who have tuned out so much of everything in a crazy world that they’re virtually clueless to the dynamics in play around them. Now, I can’t blame anyone for desiring to distance themselves from the dumpster fire that is politics and social unrest today, but through reconnecting with humanity at the human level we could lessen the fire and bring about more peace and ease.

The world has been shrinking and will continue doing so. Therefore, bringing closer the humanity that otherwise will clash is a resoundingly noble thing to do.

In fact, this might be the ultimate challenge. I firmly believe in the Universal Consciousness and I believe we’re being judged for our worthiness and potential. As said before, we have the ability, the very ability, to pursue the future of humanity with drive and vigor, and some are. But we also have the ability and potential to eradicate every trace of ourselves, and it seems more than plenty are happy teetering on that precipice. So, those who want a future for our kind must unite for that cause, but must also draw those who don’t have that vision to see it for what it is and can be. We are worth saving! We didn’t get this far just to go the way of the dinosaur.

So, my fellow Empaths. Let’s get to this. It is why we’re here.


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    • venus Psychic profile image


      13 months ago from wales

      We are all empath .. but now a lot of vibrations and resonance perturbe this abilities .. to get back in touch with , people need to be more in nature, around water and forest, avoid to sleep with Wi-Fi, phones and computers open . If all you your starts this you will see the change . x rom Venus Psychic

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      That was so... much knowledge about being empath. I've been racking my brains how to share my abilities with others in a way to help people and this explained a whole lot.thank you,truly I this was my answer.


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