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Calling all Atheists - Stop Wasting Your Time

Updated on November 30, 2012
This is what your clock looks like when you're in the forums.
This is what your clock looks like when you're in the forums.


Atheists assemble! I'll get straight to the point so as not to waste anymore of your time.

Every year, many atheists become victims of lost time, headaches, and despair for humanity; trying to convince devout religious that their beliefs are wrong.

They are caught in comments sections, question areas, and most of all in the Forums.

Not being exempt from this myself, it has occurred to me that nothing ever comes out of this exercise. Trying to convince people that what they've thought for a large or perhaps entire portion of their lives in a one-on-one situation is probably impossible. More importantly, it's just not even worth trying to do.

Atheists (including all non believers) are the only people in the world that have the home advantage. We do not need to convince people of what we know (or in our case, what we don't), we're born that way - born not believing in a god.

We shouldn't have to spend our time battling one on one, trying to convert people back into the realms of uncertainty. We should be free to do other things!

Note: Better expenditures of time include:

  • Fishing
  • Skiing
  • Watching paint dry

All that comes out of aggressive confrontations is negativity. Negative associations that will be forever labelled, having the terms 'religious zealot' and 'satan's worker' further ingrained into our opinions of others.

In all seriousness

I have seen many incredibly intelligent atheists in the forums trying to argue simple scientific principles like cellular life, evolution, and gravity.

It must have occurred to these great minds that people who have not been already educated in these things aren't likely to start at that point, with random strangers on the internet!

I myself have been caught into numerous amounts of such debates, and feel guilty and ashamed because of it. I feel that even this very hub has done more good than the hours I spent arguing in forums. Even just to make yourself feel better about yourself and your intelligence: it's not on.

It would be so much better for everyone if we were to just leave people alone, out of confrontational experiences, and channel that energy and more importantly: time, into something more useful. Writing hubs (education for the masses!), books, or spending time with our families and friends!

And for those religious people out there, it takes two to tango! What is there gained from engaging into conversations with strangers on the internet. There is just no quality assurance!

Please stop this madness and help an atheist today.

Thank you.


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    • TommyGun007 profile image

      TommyGun007 5 years ago from New Zealand

      I'm a Christian. Haven't always been. I'm 31 now and became a Christian at age 27. The one thing that bothers me about SOME atheists is the presumption that just because some one believes in a power higher than themselves that automatically makes that person less intelligent, as if intelligence is a prerequisite for being an atheist. I am certainly more intelligent than a lot of atheists I know. This kind of sweeping generalization annoys me as much as it does when I hear fundamentalist Christians say that atheists are immoral. That clearly isn't true. There are many moral atheists just as there are many intelligent Christians. Don't let a small, yet unfortunately rather vocal minority, convince you otherwise. Having such a prejudice towards an entire group of people is pure bigotry.

      The reason I believe in God is because the research that I've done in areas such as human consciousness, astronomy, cosmology and biology (to name a few), as well as many personal experiences in my life have brought me to that conclusion. If others come to a different conclusion then I really don't care. Believe in God; don't believe in God, it really makes no difference to me. Just stop criticizing others for their beliefs just because they differ. My family don't believe in God and they're fine with my religion and I'm fine with their non belief. Atheists need to stop writing books and articles saying that there is no God because, the truth is, no one on this planet really knows for sure.

      All the best and God bless (sorry, couldn't resist :-))

      Tom :-)

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      That's very relieving to hear Heather! Thank you for your post :) I'll keep it in mind next time I'm in the forum hah.

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      I know that it's frustrating talking with believers and you feel like you never get anywhere as an atheist, but I have to say, I am only now an atheist (I was a Christian before) because atheist's took the time to make their arguments against my religion. Granted, it took a long time but I'm here now, free from superstition, because of it. So I'd say, keep on! Be nice about it, don't get riled up and just present your view of things. Eventually, we might get through to more people :)

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      Thank you for sharing your experience Gabgirl and I agree with you. Fortunately, however, organised religion is declining in the USA as well as practically every other developed country (not Vatican City haha).

      That fact gives me great hope for the future :)

    • gabgirl12 profile image

      gabgirl12 5 years ago

      I'm a skeptic. I was kicked out of church and called Jezabel. I'm not returning. When you suffer at the hands of religious leaders, there is no healing. God and I are one good terms. In other words the relationship is nonexistent. I can't feel God if I'm not a part of something that I thought He was doing.

      I understand I made God to be a personal being. It became more than that because I became afraid. Spiritual leaders are elevated to a status that sometimes had led many to giving everything they own. Spiritual leaders never accept responsibility for their actions. I've never seen one truly be humble and show themselves as failures. The leaders who were in my ex-church wanted me to accept them as God's established authority. It was at that point I became skeptical.

      I hope anyone who has been hurt steps forward. I hope they reason within themselves that if they are abused, they don't have to put up with it. And its ok to move forward even if you don't have definitive proof that God does exist, without a church. Just as they fight against an unseen opponent called 'satan', I'm fighting against them, all of them. They cannot continue to no be accountable before the world any longer.

      Christianity should establish themselves as a country and follow suit with Judaism and Islam. This country is not big enough for religious people to be citizen of the US and 'heaven', its just BS. Especially in light of the fact that they continuously attempt to influence its laws.

    • Rhonda D Johnson profile image

      Rhonda D Johnson 5 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      Philanthropy2012, know that it's mutual. Thank you too.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      You sound like a very intelligent person Rhonda D :)

      Thank you for your comment, I agree wholeheartedly.

    • Rhonda D Johnson profile image

      Rhonda D Johnson 5 years ago from Somewhere over the rainbow

      We forget that we are not evangelists. It’s not up to us to prove that someone’s religion is not true, but up to them to prove that it is.

      I saw the section for Christians but decided they had a right to believe whatever they pleased and I’d do better sharing knowledge with people who had expressed a desire for it. When I saw the Christians proselytizing in the section for atheists, I wondered well why not go in the Christian section and show them what’s wrong with their thinking. I don’t appreciate people who demand more respect than they are willing to give. But like you said, it would be a big waste of time

      Remember, for every person you engage in a conversation online there are hundreds—maybe thousands—of others reading and being influenced by what you say. So don’t just write for the person you are talking to. Write as if you fully expect your words to go down in history. Given the nature of the internet, they just might. There are people out there like me whose faith was based on what I didn’t know I was a Christian for 25 years and I understood what Christians say, but now I overstand what they don’t say. That’s where the truth is, in what they don’t say. My deconversion was not based on the brilliance of anyone’s argument but on the Bible itself once I began reading outside the carefully selected memory verses they gave us in Sunday school. Yet, though I did not accept those brilliant arguments at the time they were presented, they became a part of the reservoir of information that led to my decision when I was emotionally ready to make it..

      Addendum: in a world of aggressive, evangelical religionists, telling nonbelievers to just let everyone believe as they will is like preaching nonviolence to the sheep while the wolves lick their chops.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      @LeanChris, agreed! Thank you for reading :)

      Though I'm confused as to why you stated that secularism is not possible? Most successful countries today are secular (as in politically), so why do you say that it is not possible?

    • LeanChris profile image

      LeanChris 5 years ago

      I would have no problem with theism, with the exception that it usually leads to a society modelled after such beliefs. Frankly, if possible, I would let everyone have their belief in whatever they wished, if secularism were possible. But its not.

      Clearly not, as seen by the recent debates concerning marriage and homosexuality.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      Thank you very much! Of course you were right - looking at that mistake made me feel sick! Haha, I'm glad that you also enjoyed the hub and that you too see the problems we have with trying to convince certain religious people with logical arguments! I personally feel that education (schools AND HubPage articles!) will help resolve the problem and let everyone choose more informedly C:

      Have a great day and thank you for your kind words, corrections and time!

      Philanthropy :)

    • Daughter Of Maat profile image

      Melissa Flagg OSC 5 years ago from Rural Central Florida

      Oh, I found an error.... lol Your last paragraph, you put their intead of there, I think. I'm not sure if you meant that or not... lol.

      I enjoyed this hub, as brief as it was (you kinda left me wanting more...), and you make an excellent point. Although, I'm not an athiest I have more in common with athiests than just about anyone else, and I find myself on their side of the argument more times than I can count. Unfortunately, logic and reason is lost on the religious, and it is futile to attempt a legitimate discussion that would have any type of positive outcome.

      Good stuff!! :D

    • f_hruz profile image

      f_hruz 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      It's NOT only an individual's choice ... when you have a large number of religionoids in society, you know what they try to do to the political, social and cultural system ...

      You can't compare a lecture on healthy living with religious mind abuse ... if this is one and the same to you, you should examine your outlook on society and the world!

      Franto in Toronto

    • TheLifeExperiment profile image

      TheLifeExperiment 5 years ago from Seattle, WA

      I don't really agree...I know a lot of atheists do that, but its no worse than Jehovas Witnesses coming to your door every weekend or Christians protesting at parades or whatever. I'm an atheist, and I think the whole point of it is to avoid religion because you don't want to be a part of it. Sure, I'll read religious stuff on hubpages and talk about it, but its more of a learning experience. Its really the individual's choice what to do with their faith or lack thereof.

    • f_hruz profile image

      f_hruz 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      It's about time for some clinical therapy hubs to address the issue of how best to resolve god delusion.

      One good starting point maybe this video here:

    • secularist10 profile image

      secularist10 5 years ago from New York City

      Personally, I don't waste my time with religious believers who show no real ability to think straight or who are too extreme or rigid to have a reasonable conversation with. (I might engage them just for entertainment purposes, or for argumentative exercise.)

      However, there are many religious believers who are intelligent and articulate. I don't mind a respectful debate with them at all.

      In addition, I make my points largely for the benefit of observers who may be reading or watching the discussion. Most people are not greatly partial to one side or the other, but are somewhere in the middle and are more independent, and open to hearing both sides. So I think it's important for atheists and agnostics to put their beliefs and ideas out there for the benefit of an unbiased individual who may be able to be swayed.

      I agree, though, that there is no reason to get too intense about it, since we on the secular side are actually winning the historical battle, and have been winning for the last 500 years, and will continue to win.

    • giocatore profile image

      giocatore 5 years ago

      I generally keep my opinions to myself when it comes to politics and religion. I don't want people trying to change my views, and I give them the same respect.

    • Paladin_ profile image

      Paladin_ 5 years ago from Michigan, USA

      I agree that it's pointless to continue debating once it becomes clear that one or both sides are beyond reason, but I think it's definitely worth the time and effort to discuss issues like this.

      As I've stated in other hubs, ideally I'd like to make an argument persuasive enough to change someone else's mind, or find one that does the same for me. But more realistically, I employ what I call the "Johnny Appleseed" approach -- that is, planting little "seeds" of reason (or doubt) that, if the ground is fertile enough, will hopefully take root and blossom, even if it takes years.

    • LewSethics profile image

      LewSethics 5 years ago

      Can't we just all get along?

      I think if we all just admitted to the fact that we all have a little bit of 'bad boy' inside of us (some more than others) it would go far in explaining the confrontational tone taken by both sides.

      We argue because it feels good. Sometimes I need a good argument, don't you? Getting into it with someone you know won't back down is big fun.

      Negative emotions are as valid as positive ones.

    • LeanChris profile image

      LeanChris 5 years ago

      I find believers are as convinced as the homeless preacher on the street when pressed.