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Calling spirit emanated orb images to your camera

Updated on August 23, 2013

Orbs return to Eugene,Oregon.

After several months of few to no orb sightings in the Eugene, Oregon region, we were happy to encounter a few old friends while walking the Spencer Creek, Twin Oaks School ground. Several months had passed since the untimely death of “good dog” Otis. And with him went our nightly sightings of what we believe to be spirit emanated orb images. Perhaps Otis had been what many refer to as a conduit to the spirit world.

Perhaps! Not sure… But, I do know that Otis had traveled via our motor home, R HS 2, to Taos, New Mexico. And there began an adventure that would span two years, cross 5 states and produce thousands of digital images.

Orb images captured at dusk

Orbs return to Eugene, Oregon.
Orbs return to Eugene, Oregon. | Source

The adventure of orb photography begins!

In 2010 Oregon Orb House and the concept of “believing in the possibility of all things possible” would take hold; as the world was introduced to the orb images of Eugene and Western Oregon.

Early August 2013 found Nancy and me returning to Twin Oaks Elementary School.

Situated in a farm field west of Eugene, the location had set the stage for countless orb image recordings. My research indicates that the school ground was most likely once part of an old homestead dating back to the land grant days of Oregon’s 1850’s settlement. Surrounded by gentle hillsides; a horse farm and miles of timber land; the school ground faces northwest and hosts breathtaking sky scape and sunsets.

Unfortunately the adjoining intersection of Spencer Creek and the Lorain Highway has been the scene of countless auto accidents and accidental wild animal killings. Less than a half mile to the east, a murdered woman was found buried in her backyard. While I prefer to believe that the energy recorded here is of positive nature, I can’t dismiss the possibility of those souls violently displaced by accident and mayhem; reaching out for a bit of recognition.

Perhaps the orb images captured at this location is a spirit remnant of the pioneer days of long ago. While others believe them to be what is referred to as a nature elemental.

Orbs seen in woods and wild fields have been noted in folklore for millennium. These sightings are not questioned in many cultures and are now gaining wide acceptance in the United States. Energy surrounds us and the digital camera has enabled many users to capture a residual image of purposely and thoughtfully emitted energy.

A Eugene night skyscape filled with orb images

Orbs love to party!
Orbs love to party! | Source

Anyone that believes ' in the possibility of all things possible" can capture orb images.

  • I believe that anyone willing to entertain the possibility of a spirit generated orb image can capture that image digitally. But, belief of the possibility and positive intent as to its capture, is of utmost importance when capturing orb images.

Spirit eminated orb image captured with digital point and shoot camera.

Old friends return to the Twin Oaks School grounds.
Old friends return to the Twin Oaks School grounds. | Source

Tips for photographing orb images.

For optimal results I recommend capturing images at or shortly after dusk. While I've captured orb images with expensive DSL or SLR digital cameras, I’ve also captured these images on inexpensive point and shoot disposables as well as single lens cell phone cameras.

My expert photography resource assures me that flash blow back, dust, dirt and the lens, rain and snow can’t account for the images recorded here. Captured on a clear, warm early August evening while waiting for an anticipated asteroid shower, the images displayed have not been edited or modified. The camera used for this project is a Kodak HD wide angle 26 x fixed lens. It was set on auto focus with a 1 second delay flash. In the series of 50 dusk and dark images captured, 4 were exceptional as to orb display. Do not be discouraged when orb hunting. I’ve gone weeks without capturing an image. Spirits let their presence be known to those that accept the possibility of their presence.

Those that doubt their existence will most likely never capture an orb or ethereal mist image. Acceptance, patience and persistence pay off when seeking orb images.

This image was captured shortly after dusk with a Kodak point and shoot set on auto exposure. 1 second flash delay..
This image was captured shortly after dusk with a Kodak point and shoot set on auto exposure. 1 second flash delay.. | Source

Orbs appeared out of the dark in the hundreds. It was magic without the magician!

As I photographed Nancy crossing the field to the car, I mentally asked the question: “I wonder if our old friends are still here?” The four digital photos displayed here is their answer. Yes, I do recognize certain shapes and colors from past encounters.

The key to success here is the quieting of the mind and acceptance. Think of a passed friend or family member. Ask them, how are you; are you alright; would you like to say hello? Tell the spirit you wish to contact that you miss him or her.

The joy of discovery!

A magic trick without the magician!
A magic trick without the magician! | Source


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