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Can Ghosts Hurt You?

Updated on August 5, 2009

Are they really harmful?

Are you Scared of Ghosts?
Are you Scared of Ghosts?

If they Exist Can Ghosts Hurt You?

There is already plenty of discussion on internet forums as to whether or not ghosts actually exist and given the huge amount of annecdotal evidence there is from people claiming to have seen them it would be hard to be a disbeliever in many respects.

But a new question is starting to make the rounds in ghost hunting forums - can ghosts hurt you? It is possible that much of the conversations about this are loosely based on those annoying television programs like "Most haunted" where a group of people run around a supposedly haunted house and end up screaming at each other in fright - talk about mass hysteria!

It might surprise you to know that interaction with ghosts is a lot more common and a lot less frightening than mass media will have you believe. Read on to learn about my own experiences with ghosts and my take on can ghosts hurt you?

I have been seeing ghosts since I was five years old

 I saw the ghost of my dead grandfather two days after his funeral when I was just five years old. He just appeared, sitting on my bed one night. I remember smelling his unique smell of pipe tobacco and some kind of plant. He didn't say anything just smiled at me and then he was gone. That encounter changed my life.

You see even though I didn't realise it at the time, I had no fear of the paranormal and now more than forty years later i have also come to realize that accepting the existence of ghosts makes me feel real good about my own pending mortality. For ghosts to truly exist there has to be a form of life after death and that sounds really good to me :)

Since my first encounter I have had a lot of ghost experiences. For more than ten years my family and i have lived in various parts of rural New Zealand and there is a lot of spirit activity around. The Maori people have a strong belief in the idea that their ancestors still watch over them and one encounter I had supported that belief. We had just moved into an old little cottage in a place called Kaihu. I was unpacking stuff in the lounge when I felt that someone was watching me and when I looked up I saw this tall Maori man standing in my kitchen. I assumed he was a neighbor or perhaps he was looking for someone so i said "Hello"...and he just disappeared.

I scrambled up and went in the kitchen and checked the back door, but it was locked and when I opened it I couldn't see anyone. I spoke about this encounter to my Mother-in-Law who is part of the local Iwi and when i described the person I had seen she took me to a grave on a local Marae. The "man" I saw was her grandfather who had lived his whole life in the area and died close to the cottage we had just moved into.

Do You Believe?

Do you believe in ghosts and if you do, can they hurt you?

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But Can Ghosts Hurt You?

This is just my opinion but...

I don't think they can. My reasons for this include

1. Ghosts operate on a different energy level to us and have no physical properties

2. Ghosts are just like other people - if they are anti-social they tend to just want to be left alone

3. Ghosts are not a product of evil - they are dead people and that is a totally different thing to poltergeists, or evil energies - they are not the bad guys in the paranormal.

That said I do have to acknowledge that in one respect ghosts could do some harm. You see ghosts arouse in some of us a lot of emotional energy. There are people who are literally terrified of the idea of ghosts and so if they did come across one they would be very upset emotionally. Is this considered an indirect form of harm? That topic is still being debated without any actual resolution to date.

Another point I would like to make is about "intent". While i know it is possible for other people for example to hurt us, I don't believe there is any harm is there is no malicious intent behind it. For example if a ghost appeared to me, because I am used to it, I would not be harmed by it. But if you are scared of ghosts and saw one it could upset you - but I don't think the ghost would have done that to you on purpose - that is just my two cents worth.

You are welcome to check out my own site on the topic Can Ghosts Hurt You. I have included some articles there written by other authors on Ezine Articles as well as details about my books.

Are they really that frightening?

This little scaredy ghost wouldn't hurt anybody
This little scaredy ghost wouldn't hurt anybody

So where does this leave us?

I have always been thankful that my first exposure to ghosts happened when I was so very young and it was a ghost who I had special feelings for. Through the years I have developed relationships with various ghosts who have lived in a few of the houses I have shared with them. To me they are just like the living - can be happy one minute and a pain the next.

Having a respect for the dead has also been an important moral for me as well. I don't believe in disturbing graves; I get annoyed when I watch television programs of people barging into haunted areas and demanding ghosts "show" themselves - face it I wouldn't like that behaviour in my house if I was alive so why should I put up with it when I am dead - and people wonder why they don't see ghosts more often.

Rightly or wrongly I do believe that ghosts exist and that they are not a product of evil - they might be misunderstood but that doesn't make them harmful or a bad thing in our society. That's just my two cents worth - what do you think?

Tell me what you think

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    • profile image

      aishwarya 3 years ago

      i think ghosts exist but they don't hurt us

    • profile image

      Minenhle 4 years ago

      I am 11 years old I haven't seen a ghost but I am terrified that they might be real but I am not sure if they exist.

    • profile image

      Rihanna 5 years ago

      I am skerd but i haven't seen one yet i am 7yers old i am wodring if i will

    • profile image

      molly19914 5 years ago

      i always see ghost's in the corner of my eye and my friend seen them at the park and his friend's saw it aswell the bush russels and a white shadow runs across the grass and he see's them in his house and my mum and his mum's phone was on charge and they automaticly turned off and his bedroom light turns off about 4:00 in the morning and it is not his mum she is fast asleep and 3:00 in the morning and he was playing on his ipod and sunndely the lights turned OFF AND ON. i saw one going across the banester when i come in from KFC and my sister saw one in my house wearing a yellow builder's jacket always to sceared to go in the kitchen to let my dog out and go up stairs to go to the tiolet so i wait till i go bed and i go bed with a tight sock on and in the morning the sock was off and i was allowen in my bedroom and my mum's boyfriends work has a ghost in it has a black cape on and it was standing right next to her and when you close to door another do opens and i always hear the cooker go off and my phone and all werid sounds in my ears.

    • profile image

      facundo amanda 7 years ago

      its for a project

    • profile image

      facundo amanda 7 years ago

      can i interview you in internet in yahoo

    • profile image

      1748*#% 7 years ago

      I think it depends if ghosts are harmful or not, because if someone was mudered, he or she might come back in ghost form to revenge on the criminal.

    • kat0702 profile image

      kat0702 7 years ago from Crewe, Cheshire

      I haven't seen a ghost since i was a kid, but still feel their presence. I don't know how to communicate and not sure if i want to. It does scare me a bit though.

    • profile image

      annangel 7 years ago

      have you ever been on a real ghost hunter before wisecrone333? Can can be extremely dangerous if they want to be. Take it from someone who has actually gone on ghosts hunts and have come in contact with some extremely dangerous happenings, they can be dangerous and can hurt someone.

    • wisecrone333 profile image

      wisecrone333 8 years ago

      I am actually jealous - I have had a lot of ghost experiences (as my hub suggested) but it is my greates wish to see a UFO - I am always looking :)

    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 8 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      I have had several encounters with beings that would be called ghosts and I was not in any way harmed. The same goes for my UFO experiences.