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Can I be a Father Like God Himself?

Updated on June 19, 2016

God The Father

When I look at God's word I see how He let love move Him to create a place for His children and supply them with all their needs. Everything they will ever need. I will use Genesis 1 to start this quest of mine to find out if I can be a Father like God Himself. I first see that God created the heavens, the earth and everything in them. He knew before hand what was needed to sustain His children and keep them safe. He new exactly what food was necessary for them including water. He created work for them to keep them busy and alive. Like taking care of the earth and it's inhabitants like animals, plants, trees, water sources, their neighbors and themselves. He created inside of us all what we needed to do. Especially love that would grow and reach out to others and things to express God's love. Who better to know us than He who created us from Himself. Who breathed life in us and sustains us with His breath and life giving source. His word talks about the river that flows from under His throne. There is a lot to Him that is more than I think I could accomplish myself as a Father and live by His example. I do see how He is teaching me to be like Him that I to may live by His example to love, care for and raise His creation through my seed and His breath. I find that it is only through His word and His leading me to be that Father He created me to be. He designed me with strength, knowledge and wisdom to carry out His plan for my life. I work at His plan for my life and do stumble occasionally which puts me short of being that perfect example of Him. Yet He knows that I do and will make mistakes so it is His grace that keeps me going and striving to be more like Him. I have learned in His example what it is to be a loving and caring Father and yet still need to work at it even more because of my imperfections. So in this quest I will use the examples and experiences that have brought me closer to Him and to be more like Him. I develop myself into becoming like Him more each and everyday until that day I reach the goal set before me.


Becoming a Father
Becoming a Father

The first stage of Fatherhood

I know from my own experience of becoming a Father how exciting and yet scary it can be. When I saw the life that was my seed and had the breath of God in them I was so elevated that I felt like I was walking in heaven as God was walking with me when He created me also. I feel I can understand His experience of becoming a Father and how love captured us and transformed our lives into the caring and nurturing aspect of Fatherhood with such great love that drives us to do everything that is necessary to protect and sustain them as they grow and become Fathers themselves. Being a Father is quite a responsibility yet seems effortless at the beginning. We are gently and lovingly bringing up these blessings from God that fills our lives with purpose and responsibility in caring for them and also the place on earth we live on. It gives us such a keen sense of responsibility not only to them but to the earth and all that is around us. Words fall short of the feeling of excitement of this great plan set before us when we are in the first stages of Fatherhood. Yet it does stay with us if we look at it as we did in the beginning of becoming a Father and let it drive us all the way with their becoming Fathers and us Grandfathers and watching the excitement in them transform as it did in us. We never have to lose that excitement. We can hold onto it through eternity just as God does. He never said it would be easy but He did promise the blessing of it and how it would transform our lives into that of His. Knowing, understanding and experiencing the wonders of Fatherhood.

Walking with our children as God does with us.

God walking with us.
God walking with us.

Gaining understanding of imperfection of a child.

I look at my children as God looks at me. i was not perfect and yet God's grace is what held Him to extend that love and watch me make the mistakes along the path of growing up and maturing into that wonderful treasure of Fatherhood. This grace and love that God extends to me is what allows me to extend it to my children and guide them along the path set before them so that they could become as God is and continue the cycle of grace and love to those who will come in the next generations to follow. Working towards perfection by the grace of God. It is the knowledge of what happened to me in the moment of falling into sin that helps me extend that grace as God is doing with me. He knew we did not do this on our own but had a tempter that deceived us and led us astray for a short time but He was their to pick us up and mend our broken hearts and take our hand an lead the way again. He was never far from us because His love would not allow Him to leave or forsake us. He did allow us to make our mistakes that would bring us back and teach us what He was trying to show us. Through these experiences we grow closer to God and His love for us. That He does know best. Just as we teach and show our children the way to that nurturing love and grace. Just like God we are jealous when it comes to our children and who is in their life. For we know that there is corruption and evil lurking to deceive them and destroy them. Our heart reaches out constantly trying to protect them from these things yet we do not let them get to far from us. Because they have to learn from their mistakes as we did. And it is the grace we provide that carries them onward just as it did us.

The joyous life we live in our children.

Happy Young Family
Happy Young Family

Living a Joyous life through our Children.

There is such great joy watching your children grow up and become parents. As a Dad this excites me greatly. Just last month I walked my youngest daughter down the isle to her soon to be husband. The whole time I was there with them at month I got to witness how this young man treated my daughter and lay himself down for her. He had already had a daughter from a previous marriage and she is so adorable. My daughter fell in love with her and she in love with my daughter. It's funny their like two peas in a pod. As I watched my daughter over the course we were there, I got to see a wonderful young woman who knew what she wanted out of life and set out to do it. Head strong like her dad. I watched God work in her life especially in the hard time when she took care of her Mom who had cancer. She took it upon herself to be her care taker and she did that till the day her Mother died. She is still that strong young woman with a great compassionate heart that is full of love, gentleness, kindness, patience and so much more. I see God in her reaching out to others even those who hurt her. I watch her and see myself in her and her actions. She is so much like me it is amazing. Her love for God and to be herself and love others. I call her my proverbs 31 woman. Which she is in every aspect of her being. I know her Mom would be very proud of her. I know I am. I get great joy not only watching my children grow up but them raising their own whether theirs by blood or adopted. Growing up we always learned to be trained in the way of Jesus and train our children in the same. It pays off. In this stage of my Fatherhood or as a Grandfather I really can see how God has worked through me in being a Father and making mistakes along the way. Watching Him work through my children as they are parents now and make mistakes along the way but never give up. I know I will continue to make mistakes and that they will also but it's His grace that keeps my joy full and loving life even through my children.

Through the eyes of my Father. By Brianna Haynes

To my Father. I love you so much.

Dad you have been the greatest inspiration to me and my hero. I see through God's eyes as you did and so i see through your eyes also. Thank you for being my Dad. I hope this touches your heart as you have touched mine and help develop it.

Heavenly Father Happy Fathers day to you.

Happy Fathers day Dad and To all you Fathers out there. May it be joyous and glorious with love. I commend all of you.

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    • txthorn profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Carlisle 

      2 years ago from Manhattan

      That's right He is not except that He is God.

    • TeamSTM profile image


      2 years ago

      Jehovah God is called God the Father, everyone whom He has created are His children! There is nothing God Himself has experience that can't relate to. God knows the pain of death, sadness, sorrow, Love, being hated and so forth. This is why we can go to Him just as we are, Father God is the greatest example of a Father than any man could ever be!

      His Love abounds in ways we could only imagine, which is why He doesn't desire us to not acknowledge Him and His teachings. Like our Earthy counterparts, we still have Free Will. Either listen to the guidance our father provides or choose not to listen, why would Father God be any different?

      This is an interesting article, thanks for sharing! :)

    • txthorn profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Carlisle 

      2 years ago from Manhattan

      Thank you Angele for your feedback. It means a lot to me. I expect nothing but truth from peoples opinions and heart. Not their head. I may not always agree but I do respect others opinions. Because we are all different as far as perspective aspects.

    • Angele Parris profile image

      Angele Parris 

      2 years ago

      Very interesting article.When I read the atheist articles, I tend to agree with them a little. God breathed life into man but chase him out of the garden for disobeying his command. However, I just have to share this Jamaican video.

      I have to ignore the people in the video and focus on the background provision of God.

    • txthorn profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Carlisle 

      2 years ago from Manhattan

      Thank you Eric. That means a lot.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      A great concept to ponder. Well done.


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