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Can Spirits Warn and Protect Us?

Updated on September 16, 2013

The unexplainable

They say that children are more open and I believe this. I work with children and when I see them just gazing off I sometimes wonder…what are or who are they looking at…

When I was about eight I, too felt that I was able to “see“ things which other people didn‘t or couldn‘t see. One such experience occurred during the nights when I often woke up to see a beautiful woman standing by the door of my bedroom. I remember that she was slender and wore a red robe with a long scarf gently around her hair. Her eyes held an intensity. They were large, dark and almond shaped. I remember feeling that this “lady” could speak with her eyes.

I remember laying in bed while I watched her as she walked into my bedroom to sit at the edge of my bed. I watched and she stroked my hair and my hands without spoken words. I remember that my heart beat very hard though she smiled at me.

This happened nightly for a few years. I told my mother about this experience and she said that I more than had been dreaming. I asked my grandmother about this experience. She too thought that I must have been dreaming… Finally, I asked my brother who shared the room with me if he had seen her and to my surprise he said that he did see her. He watched her as I did but she never approached him.

In my childhood innocence I called her, “my lady…” My parents continued to say that I had been “dreaming”, but I never agreed with this conclusion. I didn’t know who she was but her visitations felt special and I called her, “my lady…”

I have not had such an experience in many years, but I remember her still…”my lady”…

What do they see?

Seeing things
Seeing things | Source

I don’t know if there are such things as “ghosts” though I experienced a visitor at one time who I know wasn’t human in the form that you or I are.

When just out of college and on my own for the first time I sought adventure somewhat foolishly. I found a job as an advertising copywriter and my first apartment. All was great except that my apartment was in a very seedy area. Instead of having a healthy dose of fear I told myself that this was just “part of living in the city…” I shared this small one bedroom apartment with another young woman and we split the rent in half. She took the large living room space and I the small bedroom. For the most part, we got along well although we had opposite schedules. My room-mate was a dancer and worked at night. I left at dawn to catch a bus to get to my job. Our only bone of contention developed when I found that she had left the door to our apartment unlocked several times though we talked about this and she promised to be more “careful”.

Mornings were always rushed for me as I often ran to catch my bus. One such morning while locking the door behind me I was startled because I saw someone standing by the staircase which was adjacent to our apartment. There stood a young man who was about the age that I was at that time with golden hair the color of my own. However, the oddest thing about him was that he was dressed in clothing that looked like he was from a much earlier century. He watched me with intensity. The intensity that was obviously meant to carry a message. I turned around and gazed at him again with a certain recognition. Somehow, I felt a knowingness and had no fear of him. In fact, I felt like this was someone whom I knew well though he was not someone who I knew at all. I also knew immediately that he was warning me to leave that apartment. The problem, however, was that I was too young to be told what to do by anyone.

A week later someone broke into the apartment and attempted to rape my room-mate while I slept in the bedroom unaware. My room-mate, the strong dancer wrestled with him and alerted him that her “room-mate” would hear him. He responded with, “you don’t have a room-mate this is a studio!” He then threatened her with one of our own kitchen butcher knives, yet, she managed to get away from him. She screamed loud enough to wake me and I came running only to see him dart out of the apartment.

I never spent another night there, but looking back I’ve always thought that the young man who I had seen by that staircase that morning had been there to protect me. He was there to warn me of the danger in that came with that apartment. I don’t know who he was or what he was, but I know that he came to help me…

Could this be for real?

Who was he?
Who was he? | Source


Only time can tell?
Only time can tell? | Source

The light comes through regardless

The light blazes on even in the darkest moments
The light blazes on even in the darkest moments | Source

You can see too!

See the invisible with your heart's eyes.
See the invisible with your heart's eyes. | Source

See for yourself

I believe that there are many realms and these can be penetrated though this is not a usual occurrence. Spirits, angels, etc., come to you when you need them, yet are always there for you lighting your way and protecting you. There is no reason to fear them--at least not in my experience because what I have seen has only been there to help me. Life is this way if you are open to the magic that is there for you. As they say, love never dies and spirits are simply forms of love just like you and I are. Believe in love and you will see them.

Fly Freely

You can fly freely just like the spirits when you are open.
You can fly freely just like the spirits when you are open. | Source
When you see with your heart anything is possible.
When you see with your heart anything is possible. | Source

How to see spirits

When there is no duality seeing the invisible is easy.

Paul Hughes-Barlow has seen spirits since he was a child. He is not afraid of them so is able to see them. He also does not judge them from a religious or scientific point of view. Therefore, he is able to see them as they are. You can do this too with an open heart and mind. Spirits are there for you to help you when you need them.

The road is yours to travel.
The road is yours to travel. | Source

Links for articles about seeing spirits~~

Here are some interesting articles for you to read further information about this subject:

Your Experiences

Have you seen spirits?

See results

Share your thoughts and insights!

Can you remember back when you were a child and perhaps you had experiences that adults around you belittled. Maybe they were playful teasing you by jumping and calling out, “Boo!” Or completely left you in a state of denial with statements like, “There’s no such thing as ghosts” and “That is just your imagination!” When this happened you probably also went into denial because children want more than anything else to please their adults. As time went by, you more than likely forgot that you ever had these experiences. However, later in life, as time went by, you may have remembered. You may even have visits now. Can you share your insights with us?


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    • profile image

      Pheej xyooj 

      20 months ago

      I can clearly see thing just like you idk if they are trying to help or not but I hope they are trying to help,but I was talking to my friend and she said that same thing happens to her family and when they say dad there dad help them because he passed away so he help them.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you and your welcome

    • BayAreaMare profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Thanks so much for your beautiful comment and insights, Laurie. I look forward to reading your Hubs about your experiences!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love your hub and believe you 100 percent. I believe in the unknown, most of us fear the "unknown" because we can't see it, however it doesn't mean it isn't in existence.

      Yes children and animals are more aware to this world because of their innocence.

      I believe our Creator has made this possible and wanted it that way.

      When you hear a child with an imaginary friend is it really imaginary or is it the spirit they see. As soon as they tell someone they are told it is just a dream or maybe they need to see someone.

      So they keep it to themselves and never mention it again only to have this experience taken from them as time goes on. Not only taken from them, however it becomes scary to them if they are told to let it go and they have no clue anymore what to do, so they deal with it on their own.

      I believe what they are seeing and what you saw was an Angel. They come in many forms and can be anyone they want. They have soft ways of relaying messages and they are never to fear.

      I believe that The Holy Spirit chooses certain children/people to ascend upon hoping to bring them closer to the spirit world.

      We all have a guardian Angel at conception, whether we choose to or not to believe is totally up to us. They do not come until we are ready.

      I have had experiences that kinda of scared me at the time (long story) but now I know what it was and since I was not ready, it was years before they descended upon me again.

      I believe your story about your roommate and am certain it was a warning. (I wrote a hub on my true life experience with Angels/God in a bad car accident)

      I believe the spirit world has lot to offer if we accept it.

      I also believe that its the "known" we should be more afraid of.

      The unknown can't hurt us, if we can feel/touch or sometimes smell how would it hurt us.

      Thanks for the great story.




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