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Can Sunday Keepers Be Saved?

Updated on October 22, 2016

Yes, Sunday Keepers Can Be Saved!

Yes, Sunday Keepers are on dangerous ground for keeping the wrong Day but it is very possible for many of them to be saved. The number one reason why Sunday Keepers are in danger is because God never sanctified the first Day of the week as His Day of worship. God set aside the 7th Day of the week for this special Day to have fellowship with humans. It is a perpetual covenant between God Almighty and his people forever, Genesis 2:2-3, Exodus 20:8-11. God blessed this day as special for humans to spend time with their Creator if they chose to do so in the beginning. It is quite clear that not many humans kept this day before Noah's flood. There were a few that walked with God then but most did not and were destroyed, Genesis 5:22-24, 6:5-8. People did not seek God's fellowship then but became vain in their worship of other things as they do today, Romans 1:18-22.

So how come some humans in our days do not keep God's Holy Sabbath Day. Why do some keep Sunday and some Fridays. There are other humans that keep no day at all, like the atheist who don't worship God? Some will teach that all Days are Holy time. So how can any of these people be saved if they don't have fellowship with God on His Day of Rest? The Israelites had the Seventh Day Sabbath re-affirmed to them at the Exodus with Moses, Exodus 16:23-30, 20:8-11, Leviticus 23:2-3. However, they did eventually break it and were driven into captvity, 2 Kings 17:5-18.

So why did humans decide to keep other days instead of the 7th Day Sabbath? Could it be that Satan the Devil was in the details and after all it was Satan who deceived our first human parents to disobey God, Genesis 3:4-7, Revelation 12:9. It seems strange that humans would set forth a different day of worship then what God gave us to keep? Jesus Christ reaffirmed the 7th Day in the NewTestament as Lord of the Sabbath that he kept, Luke 4:15-16. He was the Lord of the Sabbath Day at the Exodus( God of Israel - 1 Corinthians 11:1-4) and the New Testament and he wants us to follow him, John 8:51. He has not changed, Hebrews 13:8, John 14:15. This is a future blessing on the New Testament Church, Revelation 3:7-13, 12:6,16-17.

Humans became sun worshippers before and after the Flood but Sunday was never mention as a day of worship of the pagans who followed after other gods. It was not until later after Jesus Christ started His Church in the New Testament. Nimrod who opposed God in Genesis 10:8-10 named the first Day of the week "the day of the serpent" he did not say kept it as a day of worship to any pagan gods or Satan. However, Satan did finally inspire Sunday worship with the pagan Romans in 135 A.D. under Emperor Hadrian. Here is when Sunday Worship began earnestly to be a major day of worship after Emperor Hadrian drove the Jews fron Rome. He than gave the Romans a new day for worship which has continue up until now. Now, it will be called Christian after Emperor Constantine made it the official day for worship for the Romans and replaced God's Holy 7th Day Sabbath in the Roman Empire. This is when Satan's replacement theology began. The Roman Church decided in 413 A.D. that their church would be God's kingdom on earth because the nation of Israel was no more, and that the Jews had killed their Savior. Hence a new paganized Christianity was born to deceive the whole world by Satan the Devil with the Pope as the Vicar of Christ, John 8:44, Revelation 12:9.

This is where Sunday became Christian with Sunday, Easter and Christmas replacing God's 7th Day Sabbath, Passover and Holy Days. It was originally started to worship the pagan god Mithra but changed by Constantine and the New Roman Catholic Church to worship another Jesus Christ, 2 Corithians 11:4. This is why this Church is called the Mystery Religion of Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots, Revelations 17:5. Later her harlot daughter churches would be added during the Reformation several hundred years after the Inquistion against 7th Day Christians, when over 50-100 Million Seventh Day Christians were killed by the Holy Roman government and Church.

Since 325 A.D., Satan's false church grew in Europe as a great religious power with much influence on the European nations. Now the Roman Church had enough power to quench all the Seventh Day Churches that had grown up with them in Europe. A great Martyrdom began against all 7th Day Christians in the twelve century and very few were left alive to compete with the Roman Church. Sabbath Keeper like the Waldensens, Cathars and Albagensians were slaughtered in all of Europe, but a new threat to Rome would come from their own ranks during the sixteenth century.

In 1517 A.D. the Protestant Reformation began when Martin Luther nailded his 95 Theses to the Catholic Church door in Wittenberg, Saxony, Germany. Martin Luther was then a Augustinian monk serving the Catholic Church who saw many things that he thought were wrong in how the Roman Church was being administered in his days. This started the official revolution against the Roman Churches leadership in Europe. Soon John Calvin and Huldcych Zwingli followed in his steps to start the Protestant Reformation all over Europe. They did not seek to return back to God's Holy Sabbath or Holy days, but only to change how things were run by the Roman Catholic Clergy. They still kept Sunday, Easter and Christmas as a repacement paganized religious organization. Here was were the rebellious daughters oftshoots of the Roman hierachy came from, Revelation 17:5. They have lasted up into our Days. But Rome wants them all back under her leadership.

Now even though all these Protestant Churches are paganized they do a great work of spreading some the gospel into all nations about Jesus Christ. They have done more than their fair share inspite of being handicapped with their pagan holidays. Many will never recognize the RCC as God's true church here on earth. Many are typical stiff necked israelites who will not give into Rome even if they are beheaded, Revelation 20:4. So the RCC will once again persecute all those that will stand against their evil inventions of a Paganized One World Government in a Great Tribulation of 3 1/2 years. It is also interesting to note here that many of these peoples along with many Gentiles who are from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel and can be redeemed and grafted back into Israel, if they continue to witness for Christ and refuse the terrible Mark of the Beast until Christ returns, Romans 11:22-26.

It is also possible even at this time for some to repent of the teaching of Rome's evil practices, Revelation 18:4-6. They too could have a chance to become some of the 144,000 Christians from the Spiritual Tribes of Israel or they could become part of the Philadelphia Spirit driven Outcast Church, that escape to a place of safety just before the Great Tribulation, Isaiah 16:3;26:20, Revelation 3:10, 12:14-16. Many of these peoples who are from the Lost Tribes of israel along with Gentiles will have to endure the Great Tribulation but some will be saved out of It alive as a remnant, Jeremiah 30:7-17, Romans 9:27-33. God is faithful and will help many of them to resist Satan's persecution unto death, as a quick fix, in which they will have God's laws written in their inward parts and in their minds and hearts by the Holy Spirit and become God's people forever, Revelation 3:20-22, Jeremiah 31: 31-34.'

Where will you be and what will you be doing on September 25, 2015. This "Day" has been set by Rome and the New World Order, Bildeberger Leaders to have the United Nations members sign this Charter for a New One World Government at the United Nations Building in New York City, New York, USA.. Have you been watching world events as Jesus Christ warned us to do in Matthew 24:2-13,42-51 or have you been busy doing whatever seems right in your own eyes, Proverbs 16:25. Have you been letting Satan rule your deceitful heart to keep you distracted from obeying God's Ways such as keeping His Sabbaths and HolyDays, Jeremiah 17:9-10. The time is drawing near for a rude awakening to what our human end could be if Christ delays His coming, Matthew 24:21-22, Revelation 11:15-19.

Now we are coming into the last Days of God's work, will you be ready? Now is the time to get ready for this great time of suffering. The rise of the False Prophet and the Beast are to come on the world test those that claim to be serving Christ. Once the Charter for this New World Government is signed at the United Nations, this is supposed to begin the start of a 7 year Great Tribulation Time with the last 3 1/2 years to be very violent. A New Temple will be built in Jerusalem and animal sacrifices will begin again for a short time during the first 3 1/2 years, Daniel 9:27, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12. Also God's two witnesses will begin to prophecy during the last 3 1/2 years at Jerusalem, Revelation 11:1-12, Zechariah 4:3,11-14.

These are those terrible times that Jesus told us of in Matthew 24. We have been warned not to take the Mark of the Beast during our trial of temptation. It will be put on our foreheads or on our hands if we let them. If you don't you will not be able to buy food or work but will be executed and have your heads cut off, Revelation 20:4. So don't be gullible to take that Mark. But Jesus said some will and will betray one another but stand fast in Jesus in these last few years before Jesus returns, Matthew 24:7-13, Revelation 7:9-17, Revelation13:4-18;6:9-11.

Here is how many Sunday keepers can be saved if they repent and refuse to take the Mark of the Beast. Many of these Sunday keepers are from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Along with many Gentiles peoples and nations, Romans 11:25-26, they can have God's Laws written in their minds and hearts then, Hebrews 10:15-16, Jeremiah 31:31-34.. Many of these people have been serving God in groups such as the Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors with Brother Andrew, Prayer for the Persecutted Church and the Back To Jerusalem Movement for many years. They with many other Seventh Day Christians can be saved this way, they are not all Laodiceans but are faithful with the knowledge they have as Christ's huge army of martyrs, Revelation 7:9,3;14-22, 12:17.

Jesus Christ said he will be back to save His little groups of Christians like the 144,000 and the Philadelphia Church who are still alive, or no one would survive, Matthew 24:21-22. At that time Jesus Christ will come and redeem his elect and the remainining Israelites still alive in the prison camps. He will also help the Jews still alve in Jerusalem, Zechariah 14:1-9. It will be an awesome time when the saints will receive their rewards, Revelation 5:10, 20:4. We hope to see you there at the Last Trump,and at the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles, Revelation 20:1-3, Zechariah 14:16.


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    • lionswhelp profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thank you einron.

    • einron profile image


      3 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

      Thank God for your article for I agree that Sabbath is the 7th day of the week which God had blessed, sanctified and rested (Genesis 2:1-3). There is no other day that God blessed, and if people do not listen, they are not blessed nor sanctified. How can God be near people who disobeyed His 4th Commandment (Exodus 20: 8-11)?

      God instituted the Sabbath right after He created mankind (Genesis 1:26-31), and many still ignore the commandment.


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