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Can We Stop All The Religious Bickering?

Updated on September 16, 2014

Seriously, can we stop all the religious bickering already! Can we stop the whole fuss about God and how our idiosyncratic belief or non belief in Him is finer or more reasonable than that of others? Why can’t we realize that irrespective of what we belief and the way we choose worship Him or not, we are all actually mounted on Him. But, are merely facing different directions in our variant convictions?


Let me use the workings of a ceiling fan to explain the point I am trying to make with these questions. “A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan, usually electrically powered, suspended from the ceiling of a room, that uses hub-mounted rotating paddles to circulate air”. While the ceiling fan has many components, the major ones are the electric motor, the paddles (also known as the blades or wings) and “Metal arms, called blade irons…,which hold the blades and connect them to the motor”.

In this analogy, God is the electric motor, religions are the blades and the metal arms are the individual teachings and rituals that connect them to God. But, while the standard ceiling fan has four or five blades, the blades of religion is in hundreds yet they are all mounted on God.

So, anytime we argue against, condemn, despise, maim or kill others for their divergent view about God, we make Him less complete. In effect, we are attempting to remove the metal arms mounting the others unto Him. Still, with the belief that God is remains God without them in the mix. Yet, we all know that a ceiling fan can only be considered so when the whole four or five blades are attached to the motor. If not, it ceases to be one altogether. So, in thinking less of others in their thinkings about God is denying God His completeness.


Do anyone actually think God is unaware of the numerous religious groups claiming to be rooted in Him? Remember it was His choice at the onset of life to confuse human language and scatter them all over the face of the earth Genesis 11:9. Isn't that enough reason for scattered convictions about Him as well? Why isn't this easy for us to comprehend? He knew that causing us to have different languages and live dispersedly, will also entail divergent views about Him, and even approach to the worship of Him. In addition, does anyone actually think He did not know there will be those who wouldn't belief He exists? More so, do any think He never know some will end up appreciating the devil, to the point of worshiping him?

I strongly belief He is comfortable with all the diverse beliefs and non beliefs that thrive here on earth. They all make Him complete like the ceiling fan. If not, why would He cause the sun to shine upon and the rain to fall on Jews, Christians, Hindus, Traditionalists, Buddhists, Atheist, Agnostics, Devil worshipers, Pagans, etc., alike? They are all a reflection of Him from different cultural and interpretation angles. If that is not the case, He will allow such essential elements just for those who’s religion is close to His heart. And pour down fire and brim stone on those who have ignorantly and stupidly failed to gain the spiritual understanding of the ONLY truth and the ONLY way to Him.

In fact, we ought to all chill out and stop bickering over who is right and who is wrong about God! Arguing, which style of worship is better than the other! Working to convert others by force, fear or favor into the light and out of darkness where they are wallowing in ignorance. We should all reconsider the idea of thinking that the next variant believer is missing the mark or is heading to eternal damnation. While those who share the same belief with us are the ones who have their place already booked in the “God Kingdom’s Good Book”.

We need to understand that in our excessive bickering, God is simply amused. Those of us who have kids, can relate to this His suggested attitude. When we hear our kids argue or defend a position we are sure they don't have full grasp of, we most times don't tend to call them to order in an attempt to explain reality. Especially since we know that in their itty-bitty thinking ability, they won’t understand, even if we explained in details. Rather, we let them knock themselves out, knowing that by and by, they will understand the folly in what they once strongly held to be the absolute truth.

On the day the fate of the passengers on Flight MH370 was made known, I was driving my kids to school and my daughter was telling her brother how she enjoys flying, but is always afraid of the aircraft crashing. She however, told him that what makes her relax is the conviction that in the event of a crash, she will jump off the plane with a parachute before it all unfolds.

Knowing what she believes isn’t realistic possible, particularly as I just heard 239 passengers died in a single crash and none was able to parachute them self out before it went down. I thought to myself, should I try explaining to her that her conviction is unrealistic? May be go in details, on how parachutes are used to escape from some flying wings, but not in the particular one she loves to fly in. But, I choose to consider it one of those things her level of reasoning allows her to belief and wasn't worth the fuss or effort to convince her otherwise at this point in time. So, I kept off her aircraft crash escape comfort. Now, although her belief isn’t absolutely true, yet it isn’t an outright lie either. In one way, it is true and in the other, it isn’t.


This is exactly what God must be feeling when we bicker over what He knows we may all be getting altogether right or wrong. Yes, His involvement in human affairs is presently remote, coupled with the foolishness of our wisdom in His eyes 1 Corinthians 3:19, thus He allows us to knock ourselves out in our separate religious and non religious comfort. As we individually assume we have the right and only befitting ideas of Him. May be, like Psalm 2:4 points out, He sits back on His throne, laughing and deriding us in our follies. Especially, since in our itty-bitty belief enclaves we think we have Him all figured out. Yet, He knows we know little or nothing about Him.

Come to think about it, religious traditions from time immemorial have all been trying to figure God out and in the process use what they conclude about Him to provide their followers some sense of belonging with that which is larger than life, yet dare to cling unto part of it. Does this mean any of them then or even now, had or has Him completely figured out? And is the only blade worth hocking up to the ceiling fan’s electric motor, which is God? Absolutely not! All religious and non religious traditions are individually needed to remain mounted on Him for Him to remain God in every respect.

Remember, that for the electric motor to effectively rotate and be the environmental cooling agent it is designed to be, it needs all of its blades attached unto it. Including the other non major components, which can be attributed as those that may not belief in His existence or the sole being worth believing in or deserving a worship. So, if you consider your idea as the ONLY blade hocked to God, enough to utterly reject and consider others as arrant nonsense, I suggest you find another name for what you are reverencing because that isn't God!


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    • Donald Ogba profile imageAUTHOR

      Obinna Donald Ogba 

      4 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks WiccanSage! Wish half of human population thinks along that line. The world would have been a much better place to live in. But, I guess not!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      Great hub, interesting thoughts here. I am polytheistic, but I think along the same lines-- I don't think any Gods care quite so much about religions, which in my opinion are all man-made anyway. It's the connection that counts. Nice work.


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