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Can You Disprove God?

Updated on April 29, 2014

Biology, physics and similar other subjects help us in many ways. We are able to understand the causes and effects of various things but we cannot confidently say that we understand the mystery surrounding life.
Recently, a good number of articles and books have been written by many authors whose sole aim seems to be to disprove God. In fact, a number of young people have already started believing that there is no role for God because these authors have clearly explained how the Universe functions without His help.
We cannot deny that science has enriched our lives because we are able to understand many things. We now precisely know what transpired immediately after the Big Bang, how complex chemical reactions take place and how living cells work. But at the same time, we are not able to categorically deny the power of an outside force. It is this outside force that might have caused the creation of this Universe.

Science has been developing at an amazing pace. During the 19th Century, scientists discovered Neanderthal remains and proved that apart from humans, a number of plants and animals that are now extinct were also occupying our planet. These plants and animals were there for millennia or even longer and they ceded their place to other species that were more adaptive. It was during the same century that a physicist by name Leon Foucault proved the rotation of Earth. Even the hypothesis called “young Earth” was also smashed during the 19th century and we are now fully convinced that the creation of Earth has happened billions of years back.

Though modern science teaches us many things, it fails to reveal to us why at all the Universe came to exist. Science does not talk about the period before the Big Bang, nor does it explain how inanimate matter could create living organisms. Another mystery science is not able to explain is how consciousness arises in living objects and how humans are able to understand the biological, mathematical and other scientific concepts. Science does not also explain how man is able to create great literature, architecture or art.
There will be no scientific answers to questions like how the Universe has been precisely created and how its parameters have been rightly fine-tuned to facilitate emergence and continuance of life. In fact, if a scientist has to elaborate a tiny particle's quantum-mechanical behavior, he has to write hundreds of pages of mathematical calculations. This means that behind even a simple-looking concept of nature, there is the hidden “wisdom” of God.

Science tells us that 13.7 billion years back, there was a huge energy burst and this energy created the Universe. After that, magically came the Higgs boson, the “God particle” that gave mass to the Universe. Science does not tell us why this happened. There were elementary particles called the electrons and the quarks in this mass. The quarks then bunched to facilitate formation of neutrons and protons for attracting and making the electrons revolve around them. Both light atoms and larger ones were formed. Larger atoms are the ones that give us elements like iron, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. that are needed for our living. The process continued and this eventually led to the formation of DNA, the double-helix molecule that is considered highly complicated.
Modern science fails to explain why all these things should happen and how these things can be possible without an external power. The incredible precision and fine-tuning of various parameters of the Universe is what confirms the presence of an outside power called God. There is no scientific evidence to disprove this.
We use science as well as religion to try to understand everything. We should stop with that. We should not allow science to invade religious thinking.


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