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Can money ever fetch you Peace or Joy?

Updated on October 4, 2015

Money vs happiness!

Money ensures luxury but not real happiness!

How this fascination of money has developed in the mind of human beings? Why money is so attractive that even a soiled note is preserved? Why people risk their lives in treasure hunts such as buried wealth, abandoned ships at the bottom of deep oceans and in remote places inaccessible? This clearly proves the deep bond, man has for wealth and gold!

Even in the ancient scriptures of the East, the pitfalls in the attachment for wealth and women are narrated in depth. A recent sage, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa has always warned the visitors about the traps in seeking wealth and women. When some devotee wanted to test the sage about this, Sri Ramakrishna reacted vehemently. The incident goes like this. Once some coins of money was kept under the bed of Sri Ramakrishna hidden below the bed. As usual Ramakrishna sat on the bed. Instantaneously he jumped out of the bed as though he has received some electric shock. Such was his sensitive nature which abhors wealth in any form.

Every man on earth is aware about the purchasing power of money. Be it goods or services, every thing could be achieved by money. Hence we notice today very rich people in society are honored by all and sundry. Even the government authorities go behind such wealthy people in order to get some sort of benefits from them. Today we are very much conversant with the term, ‘corruption’. It is prevalent throughout the globe in one form or other. Corruption need not be in the form of money alone. Consumable goods, entertaining gadgets and other form of services fall under the category. For instance, for obtaining a favor from a government officer, he may be offered free ticket for him and his family through a luxury container to some sight seeing adventures.

In olden days, I remember that some influential officer and family are offered free cinema shows. They were taken in cars and offered box office seats in the theatres. During festival days, sweet packets are freely distributed to the higher ups in the echelons of administration. Initially, those officers defended this, stating that they are presentations and gifts during festival days and not usury. When crime branch people encountered many such excuses, the government has tightened the laws and spelt out tough laws stating, ‘any type of reciprocation, be it goods or services for the favors rendered to business people and other citizens will be construed as acts of ‘corruption’ and such services are liable for prosecution!

Some shrewd people stacked their wealth in some unknown destinations in some foreign banks where they do not question about the source of money. There were secret codes to transact such ill gotten money. Every where, we are hearing about governments attaching the properties of such corrupt people. Corruption has become so invasive in all departments of the administration. From the village authorities to the Minister level, corruption has become so rampant in spite of strict laws. This shows the love for wealth and properties among people.

One thing they forget is that ‘money can never bring you peace or real happiness. One may posses’ palatial buildings, number of luxurious cars, bank deposits, investments in shares and gold bars. They can not yield an iota of joy. You may just giggle that you are rich. Your requirements are meager. Food for appeasing hunger three times a day and other beverages in between plus cloths to hide your body and a place to dwell and a job to earn money. Even the millionaire can not eat umpteen number of times, wear different cloths one over the other and ride on many cars at a time. He can rest on a bed at a time; sit on a sofa at a time and relax. Why this extra spaces, furniture and furnishings. It is to satiate his ego, he builds a nest or cocoon that one day he can never come out of his imprisonment.

All these are subject to one condition. A baby can not understand luxury or comfort. An old man can not enjoy this luxury due to ill health and weakness. It is only the middle aged man in prime health can enjoy this to some extent. Even if one is put up in air-conditioned chamber all the time, his body may become cool but not his mind. His mind will be brooding over business problems, relationships, taxman, thieves and close relatives who await with bated breath, the death of the rich man. Even sons and daughters go to the court claiming legal share once a old man dies. Hence money always brings conflicts along with it. It won’t allow you to rest or sleep peacefully.

No doubt, money is the most essential one for leading a decent care free life in this world but money alone is not the summum bonum of life.

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