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Can people steal your energy?

Updated on December 16, 2014

When I suddenly feel tired is my energy depleted?

I've chosen to look at this subject after many years of being in relationships, which I now understand, were not equal. I discovered that when someone criticises me, I become defensive and will argue back. However, when I do that, all that happens is, I become exhausted. I discovered also that as soon as I engage with someone in a debate or argument, the same thing happens - I lose my energy. (I let them steal it).

Often I have done this to others. I argue and although I don't know I'm doing it, I can feel energised because (I've won)......This has led to berating myself because when it was highlighted, I could then see this exchange of energy taking place. (I also had a need to be right then). Having the need to be right, means, we argue or debate. We only do this in the first place because we don't have any energy at that point.

If someone was chasing me for information, I could also be Aloof. This meant they had to keep chasing me, and then I would feel energised.

Before I was aware that I was doing anything, I could question and interrogate the kids and then use it against them at another time.

The intimidator does the same thing except they threaten or use words that sound threatening.

Once you understand about this exchange of energy that everyone does, it allows you to see what you personally do yourself (scary).

So really we all are one of the following or all four (ouch) at some point in our lives

A Poor me

Someone who tells you big stories about terrible things that are happening to them. Sometimes they make you feel that somehow you could be responsible for making them feel better even just by agreeing with them that it's terrible.

They make you feel guilty, even although it's nothing to do with you. You may even have to defend yourself because you can't help them or their situation, leaving you feeling confused and worried often.

The Interrogator

They ask questions one after the other until they find something wrong. Once they have something against you, they use this evidence to criticise you, thus a drama is created. Usually you will be walking on egg shells trying to figure out what the interrogators going to say or do next. You will be judging yourself by what you think is THEIR thoughts about you.

Being Aloof

Standing on your own in a crowd and when someone talks to you, you then act mysterious. The idea is that you try to get people to work out what's going on for you, and then the more you make them work the more energy comes your way. The longer you keep them doing this yes you've guessed it - the more energy flows your way.

The Intimidator

They will use physical or threatening behaviour towards you. The fear here is genuine and so we pay attention to them in order that we are not hurt - thus we gve them our energy when we let them have their own way.

Sometimes people can also be threatening without saying a word. Often people become accustomed to a "look" which can speak volumes and feel very intimidating particularly if people have learned to "do" this as part of growing up or surviving in a household which may have had an addicted person living there. Often this is a subject people like to avoid - having an alcoholic, depressed, sex addict (the most ignored) overweight, or compulsive gambler in the household while growning up. People can react differently to different situations however, people don't always copy the addiction they see, and this is why it can all be so confusing.

Exchanging Energy

The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide
The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide

This is a good starting point where the teaches you about energy through a simple story and teaches how it works between people. A must read about how we live today.



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    • profile image

      FlatBelliedChump 5 years ago

      Indeed people can steal the BLESSINGS and ANOINTING of others, they did so to our Meshiach but not without him knowing. In fact in one instance this very example even scoffers, arrogants, liars, busibodies, and all gossips use as a score. Trying to even omit ever mentioning that the energy is given from a Holy source, but to state that others could tap on it is the very method thieves use to leach on others like a vampire. To USE without any commitment or boundary at the expense of another. In some cases too much of this could hurt or even expire people that is, those who are HUGE on Pillaging and raping the time, space and property of others!

    • eternalsandwyrm profile image

      eternalsandwyrm 5 years ago from Maine

      i don't mean to be the odd man out but maybe dealing with these ppl is just tiring? i m always tired after dealing with my mother in law

    • profile image

      newday98033 6 years ago

      One can look at this place as a spatial universe. One is in space, looking, at part of it. Anything in immediate focus is there because one chooses to see it. That choice of looking is not likely fully conscious. One is not fully aware why one is where one is, seeing what one is seeing.

      Understanding comes about when one elects to understand, not object, to what is there. One becomes more conscious allowing what happens to happen, while observing.

      Of course that understanding may become one does not want to be in that space! But ultimately, any part of this place fully understood becomes just another part of the game, with no emotion attached. My experience.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 6 years ago from New Jersey

      This is actually a very important issue. Certain people can steal your energy. They can do it if they are depressing you, or if they complain all the time. In The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield took a whole prophecy to talk about people who steal our energy. They can do it by critcizing you or yelling at you when you have a valid point to make. People who constantly put you down are offenders too. Try to avoid anyone who makes you feel weaker or as if you are powerless.