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Can we ascertain or imagine the Cosmic Time Scale?

Updated on March 31, 2016

One day of Brahma...

The time is beyond our grasp!

Can you write on water? Even while you write, the water surface become even, erasing those impressions. It is said that water finds its level everywhere and this has been proved by many experiments. Hence in leveling instruments, water bubble is used to ascertain the correct level. Those who are in building constructions use this technique to mark the levels concreting, beams, lintels and even the form work used to receive the concrete. Unless the formwork is level, the surface of concrete won’t be even. Hence water levels are used in all countries to fix the correct levels of even big constructions. No delicate instrument is needed to fix the levels. Only based on this principle, all leveling instruments were invented.

Look at the earth’s surface. It is not even. We know that the earth is more or like a ball with slight deviations at top and bottom. The air always flows in all directions and in fact, there is no place where air is absent. Even within deep crevices of rock and in caves, there is circulation of air, which can be perceived with our bodies. When we examine the fire, it always raise upwards and fire need fuels to sustain it. Hence during fire extinguishing, fire fighters prevent oxygen by dousing the fire with water or foam. Now we are left with only one element, the subtlest of all, the sky or ether. Earth is solid and occupies fixed space; water occupies the shape of the container whether it is a small teaspoon or big vessel like the huge water tanks. Fire raises its tongues upwards. Sky is everywhere. We consider that sky is above us but it is wrong. Sky envelopes the earth as well as all the planets in heaven. Hence the sky is above, below the earth and on all the sides and directions. In fact, all the planets are suspended in space and they retain their positions due to mutual gravitational attractions. The movement of all planets happens due to gravitational forces.

The earth’s surface is measurable. The content of water in a vessel can be calculated. Even the contents of oceans could be ascertained if we could obtain the levels at various sections of oceans. Of course, it is a very tedious process. Fire is not susceptible to any measurement except the temperatures. None can measure the sky since it is infinite. Even the most powerful telescopes in the world could peep only upto certain light years distance.

Hence all these elements, earth, water, fire, air and sky are subtler than the preceding element and the sky is the subtlest of all. Hence, more, the subtlety, more the expansion, or pervasiveness. Now the self is subtler than the sky and hence none can understand the self. Or measure it.

In fact, the Self is the basis for all the above elements. The self sustains them. Without the self, no creation is possible. Hence, even if all the elements are annihilated during the final destruction which is called “Pralaya”, the self remains incognito. When the cycle of creation commences once again, the cosmic ego and mind principle emanates from the unseen self and creation starts once more. This cycle of creation and destruction goes on forever and none can say when the creation commenced. In Hindu philosophy, only the present age of Brahma is mentioned and it is seen that the present Brahma has lived for 50 years and now it is the rule of 51st year of Brahma. It may seem that Brahma’s age is little. But look at the calculations below: One Mahayuga consists of four yugas comprising 4320000 human years but in divine scale this is 12000 Divine years. One day of Brahma is equivalent to 1000 x 4320000 years in human years and equivalent years are one night. Brahma rules for 100 years which is roughly equal to 100x360x2x1000x4320000 human years. Now we can imagine the vastness of Cosmos!

Hence, the big bang theory is applicable only to a part of present Mahayuga and it is not the beginning of creation itself! Our life is like a wink of the eye compared to the cosmic scale!

Many Manus rule the cosmos during one day of Brahma!


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