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Can we keep quiet at least for few minutes?

Updated on September 14, 2014

universal energy and the mind!

How to divert the mind from the worldly pursuits?

Can we sit quiet for few minutes? For most of us, it is a very difficult question. We are accustomed to rely upon external things and relationships for passing our time. If we find ourselves without any thing to engage in, we nibble at our smartphones, browse the social platforms for events and news. After sometime, we become disappointed since it will be boring to continue. Internet, mobile and TV are to an extent engage everyone hooked. But after sometime, every entertainment pale to satisfy our instincts. Children today are always engaged in doing something. They cannot remain idle for even a fraction of a second. Toy manufacturers are earning a lot since the children are interested in variety. Likewise, picture books attract children for a while. The same mentality continues when we grow. We always want something to engage in. We can never sit idle even for a moment. At least we would like to chat with somebody.

But our ancients have devised many ways to engage one fruitfully. It is sitting for meditation. Our mind is always active in the external world. Even during sleep, it is engaged in creating varieties of dreams. If you notice the activities of mind, it will be clear that when the mind is at rest, one enjoys a sublime peace. Even if one sits quiet, the mind will be constantly chitchatting on some topics. The thinking process continues from the cradle to the tomb. Hence keeping the mind quiet really ensured some joy. Hence one saint has said; watch the gap between one thought and other. Hold on to that interval. If you practice to remain there for longer times, your mind will slow down; thoughts will slow down. Hence, the thoughtless state was found to be yielding considerable peace. In the process of meditation, one tries to disengage himself from the thinking process and thus the mind. Mind can never aid you in real meditation.

Mind can at best assist us in concentration but meditation is one step higher than the concentration. In meditation, mind is really dispensed with. One is guided by intuition which is emanating from the inner Self. When we follow such intuitions, we are automatically guided up. Hence instead of breaking our head in engaging with the world, time would be spent in the best way in contemplation of the Self. When meditations advance sufficiently, one comes face to face with Truth. He realizes that he is one with the Supreme Self and there is no difference between his self and the supreme self. The creation is really wonderful and cannot be understood by ordinary mind. A permanent entity is engrossed in an illusory cover called the ‘body’. The body is perishable and subject to decay and death whereas the SELF within is the “ever existing (Sath) principle. There is no birth or death to the Self since it self-exists and not created by anybody. The bodies are born, grow and die after a prescribed time whereas the Self which is the indweller of the bodies is mere witness! The SELF was there prior to creation, it exists during the creation and it will be there when the creation is absorbed or annihilated. The mind cannot imagine about the Self and hence it is said that the mind cannot assist any in meditation. Likewise, words cannot explain the self. The intellect cannot grasp the Self. Self is the creator of all this and hence it is far superior to all the inferior instruments. The self is equal to the self alone since there was no two before creation. There was the One SELF from which the mind element emanated which gave rise to the supreme Ego which is the cause of the five basic elements. These elements are contained in the creation as well as in the living creatures and inert materials.

Today scientists are aware of the movement and rotation of electrons in any materials. What we consider as solid is really ‘energy vibrating at different cycles ‘The entire universe is hence made up of only energy which can be broadly classified as ‘materialization, vibration and radiation’. Light, electricity, heat and magnetism are some of the energy sources.

We are able to see through the light of the Sun which illumines the universe during day time. In the night time, we have either the moon light or artificial light with the advantage of electricity or current. Now our life is so dependent on electrical energy, without which we cannot function since we have become slaves to the gadgets and power instruments. If there is no current, we won’t get running water supply, hot water and we cannot wash our clothes. Without refrigeration, all the food items, fruits and dairy products will get spoiled. To ward of heat, we sit in air-conditoned rooms. To ward of freezing cold, we use heaters. We need computers for home and office works. Without electricity it cannot function. We have mobile phones which need charging frequently. Whether it is a static source like batteries or spark plugs, electricity is vital for our lives. Hence our life is heavily dependent on electricity! Hence, in this current electronic age, none can remain quiet for few seconds since we have become addicts to the gadgets. But our ancestors have spent their time peacefully and happily without the cluster of the gadgets. They lighted their homes with oil lamps. The energy consumption was less. There was no pollution. After working hard in the day, they spent their evenings in spiritual pursuits and thus they spent their time usefully. Today, time is hanging and we are not able to fill up those free times productively.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank You Wiccan Sage for the encouraging comments.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Beautiful hub, so true. Silence is golden. I look forward to those mindful moments daily.