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Does God Really Love Me?

Updated on March 28, 2017

How much does God love you?

If our Creator is loving then how much does he love the indivual, you? Can we actually gauge how great that love is? Sacred Scripture says something about the love of God stretching from the east to the west if I recall correctly. Anyways take this analogy. The universe is expanding. In fact it is expanding at a faster rate at all the time which is phenomenal. Therefore if scientists could manage to pull of the awesome feat of measuring the universe. The split second they did then they would be wrong because it would continue expanding. Is it possible that the universe could stop expanding and contract? Sure it is, but first the expansion would slow. Like most analogies there are holes in this one. But I gave a talk to some teenagers and used it and it was awesome cause even days later that's what they remembered from the talk on discernment. God in fact, loves you infinitely.

There are other signs of God's awesome love for us. He created different creation and said, "It is good". Only when He created us did he say "It is very good." This together with being created last and being given the role of rulers/caretakers we are in fact the crown or pinnacle of creation. How awesome that God created us with free-will, intellect, an immortal soul and thus the ability to give of ourselves fully and selflessly to another human being. It is also wonderful that God gave us a love for the truth, the ability to discover it and also gave us a relationship with Him which was restored with the glorious death and resurrection of Christ.

How much does God love you? Well He sent His one and only son to earth who when He was a baby his family was treated as refugees and even criminals as the authorities sought to kill him. Even more importantly He was whipped, spat on, punched, slapped and he opened his arms on the cross which meant He was embracing the whole world. That's how much God loves you.

God bless

Brendan Roberts


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    • godfactauthor profile image

      Brendan Roberts 10 years ago from Auckland

      Hi Christina!

      Thanks for making my day! Its wonderful to have you as my fan!

      God bless

    • godfactauthor profile image

      Brendan Roberts 10 years ago from Auckland

      Hi Riggy! Thanks for commenting and giving me encouragement!

    • godfactauthor profile image

      Brendan Roberts 10 years ago from Auckland

      Hello In the Doghouse

      Thanks for commenting. Sorry it took so long. I've only just realised I should reply to each comment. Yes God loves all of humanity! Even more, He loves us infinitely! WoW!

    • cristina327 profile image

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 10 years ago from Manila

      Very great Insight. Excellent hub. today I became your fan.

    • profile image

      Riggy 10 years ago

      Really enjoyed this, thank you.

    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 10 years ago from California

      Thank you for reminding us of God's love for us. I know he truly loves all His children. Good insights.