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Can we predict the pattern of our life?

Updated on July 8, 2014

Planets and our life on earth!

Some astonishing facts about human life.

Can we forecast our life prior hand? No. It is impossible. I don’t say that astrology, palmistry or numerology is false. They are valid, but those who are able to predict exactly what is going to happen in a given time are rare! In fact, accurate predictions need to take into account movement of stars also. Many people believe that only the planets are moving and the stars are fixed. No, there are imperceptible movements in the position of stars also. The entire Cosmos is in motion. That is why it is expanding always. We learn from geography that all the continents were one huge mass millions of years ago. Due to nature’s actions, movements in tectonic plates, earthquakes, volcano action and warming of earth etc., there are lot of unknown reactions. Hence the one mass has become five continents. Now there are innumerable islands in many countries of the world. But they were all one land mass and due to raise in water levels and the actions of volcano even under the ocean, tsunamis etc, there was raise in water levels which submerged many land mass. Only those portions which are above the sea level are now known islands.

As changes are continuous in the geographical positions of the universe, changes are inevitable in the behavior pattern of human beings also. We observe that the extreme heat during summer and the severe cold in the winter affects almost all people in the world. These are all visible, perceptible weather changes. Do you know that there are many imperceptible rays in the cosmos, each one pertaining to the orbiting planets? We talk about microwave in communication technology. There are radio waves, gamma rays, x rays etc which can not be seen by the naked eye. There are many astronomical instruments which record those unseen rays. Scientists were able take photos of those rays by using special technique like the x ray films. The Sun is a source of terrible energy of heat and light. Some of the rays of the sun are harmful for human skins. If there is no rotation of earth, our planet would have been reduced to ashes long ago. Because of the rotation of earth around its own axis and its orbit around the sun prevent the earth from burning. Also the ozone layer in the atmosphere prevents many mishaps. We talk about the antenna in TVs, Radios and mobile phones and wireless communications. But we refuse to believe that there is an invisible antenna in each individual which receives signals from far off planets and stars which affects our emotions and thinking process.

This particular aspect is related to astrological studies. Planets moving around in various degrees in the space exert many unknown influences in the human psyche. But all the people do not behave in an identical manner. When each baby is born in the world, the set of planets and their position on heaven is related to the brain pattern of the particular baby. Future influence of the moving planets exerts appropriate reactions in the brain. For instance, in computer hardware, we talk about the mother board and chips. Each set of mother board is configured in a particular way and it will respond only to particular hardware and software. Hence we have the ‘incompatible hardware or software additions in a particular system. Hence each child responds to a particular way of communication from the planets. Hence we have intelligent as well as dull child, active or lazy one, healthy or weak child. These are the effects of the position of planets in heaven at the time of birth of a child. There are many scientific reasons put forth by the Doctors. They talk about heredity and jean. The birth of the child will take place only when there are corresponding planetary positions. Even a change of few minutes will cause differences in life.

Here, the Hindu theory of Karma (cause and effects) comes into play. In Hindu scriptures, rebirth is accepted theory. Without that an individual can not evolve into higher souls necessary for escape from this birth. We pass through many lives, not necessarily human. In fact, we have evolved from minerals, plants, fishes, birds, animals and finally as a human. Even in the human birth, there are several stages of evolution from primitive stages to the highest stages. Our past actions decide our future birth. One who has performed virtuous actions throughout his life can always expect a noble birth next. But those who were cruel and demonic in nature could never aspire to be born in saintly families that help one to evolve to a Divine nature! They are born to parents who are of questionable reputation and lead a stormy life. After undergoing many troubles and travails, they too realize their folly and adopt virtuous and moral ways through the guidance of noble hearted preceptors. Hence, nothing is really in our hand. Our life coarse through a fixed path!


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