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Can We Read Other's Mind?

Updated on January 4, 2018

Reading other's minds

Today I’m going to talk about other minds and their reading. What I’m going to talk about is not the familiar one from philosophy, which is, “How can we know whether other people have minds?” That is, may be you have a mind, and everyone else is just a really convincing robot. So that is a problem in philosophy, but for today I am going to assume that many readers of my article have a mind, and that I don’t have to worry about this.

Reading minds

Reading minds
Reading minds | Source

What every person always think.

Now come toward the topic that is, “Can we read other’s mind?” Why is it so hard to know other’s mind? Why it is so hard to know about likes and dislikes of other people? Why we can’t change other’s mood and hobbies according to ours.

Brain, a blessing of God.

Obviously brain is the thing which some people use to read other’s minds. Our brain is made up of brain cells that we share with other animals, with monkeys and mice and even with our pets. We can put them together in a particular network.

Temporo-parietal junction.

. There is a brain region in human brains, whose job is to think about other people’s thoughts. This region is given a name called as Temporo-parietal junction. This is a region which makes a picture of some event in our minds.

Possible ways to read minds.

People send signals about their thoughts all the time, however it is too much difficult to tune in others minds. Some people have a supernatural ability of doing this, while other needs a practice. Many people think that this kind of reading minds has no scientific approach. So mostly people do this by other ways like reading facial expressions, through communication, by getting knowledge about other’s comfort and emotions.

Reading other's mind by conversation.

Read other's mind by conversation.
Read other's mind by conversation. | Source

Ways to read other's mind.

Some ways to read minds are following.

1. Flattering.

2. Covering every possibility.

3. Follow other’s reactions.

4. By conversation.

5. Natural power.

Ways which require practice:-


By praising someone you can perceive the inner qualities of other people. However it is important to use flattery that is based on truth. For example some traits for example hardworking, friendly, reliable, loyal, honest and smart can be used for any gender. By doing this people will start sharing about their lives their like’s daily routine so you can get idea about their thinking by some practice and hard work.

Covering every possibility

Second way is covering all the possibilities. This follows on from the previous technique, but instead of picking out one trait, you focus on two opposing qualities.

Firstly, the positive (helpful) and then the negative qualities are highlighted. Once again, you need to stick to generalities rather than using quantifiable facts.

Follow other’s reactions

Start with a general statement, watch for a reaction, and then move into specifics. Use their reaction to your general statement as a guide to which direction you should go in. For example

“You’re a positive person-wait for a reaction-when things go wrong you always find the positives in the situation. You see opportunities and make the best of things.”

By conversation

For this your mind and soul should soak up the energy given off by the people and things around. Take few moments to visualize other person in mind. Visualize hairs, eyes, posture, body language and other details. Assume that person as a system and everything else as surrounding. Separate both completely in your mind. Make the eye contact with that person for about 15 seconds and do not stare in laziness. Now starts conservation with that person on any topic. Make sure that energy bond you had created should not be broken. Now more probably he will start sharing his thoughts with you. Despite of his attitude always give a warm welcome to them. So now you are able to link with other’s mind.

Reading minds in a friendly manner.

Reading by friendly talking.
Reading by friendly talking. | Source

Natural power

Some people have a natural ability to read others minds. It is because when we think in our minds about anything we are also sending some kind of waves along them. Such people tune in these thoughts and get idea about other’s thinking. In this phenomenon resonance occurs in reader mind.


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    • jennzie profile image


      12 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Very interesting article!

    • Tomaz Jelenko profile image

      Tomaz Jelenko 

      12 months ago from Slovenia

      Great article!

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      Opps wrong atricle srry

    • profile image


      12 months ago

      I just want to warn everybody this is not something you want to risk I have been having some very disturbing things happening I even have a picture to post for you guys to see that this isn't something you want to try I played with the quija board about six months ago it has taken literally this long for things to start happening but I will say this thing has made my life a living he'll every that could go wrong has and I've been deeply depressed and now I finally realize why this thing is everywhere I go i see it every day and night just staring at me sometimes I even can hear it say something to me in a language I've never heard and I don't understand what it said and don't want to also it has just been getting worse on a daily basis I had to literally go get a priest to annoit me with holy oil and water and it has kept me safe so far and I wear my cross everywhere I go i cannot explain the horror this type of thing will put you through I was sitting in bed at night and felt something brush my leg so I blew it off at first until it kept happening no matter where I moved my leg then it escalated from there I could finally see it but nobody else could my family literally has thought I went crazy until they can now start to hear and see shadows moving through the house this creature is some kinda animal looking thing with horns and it scares the living he'll out of me I'm 23 sleeping in the bed with my dad I'm afraid of 5he dark I sleep with both light and tv on at night I put it the son of God it helps at night to not hear it and it doesn't like anything to do with god I sprinkle holy water around my bed and on myself and dad and dog it has tried to hurt my dog cause she wouldn't stop barking I even heard her wail as if she was hurt by it it hates holy water and I try to read the bible like the priest told me and it literally causes me to have blurry vision like what the he'll I have to really focus and everywhere i go this thing follows it's al3ays staring at me it showed me a z on the wall so I think it could of been zozo who knows it's a demon I can tell you that much and it's no joke I've been scared to go pee in the middle of the night I literally b3gged my dad to sit up with me until I fell asleep it's very disturbing and it wants to do worse to me I can feel it but as long as I pray and sprinkle holy water everywhere it seems to be helping a lot and I have tried to get rid of this by myself and saying a prayer to face it myself and I started shaking in uncontroably and breathing really hard cause I felt like something was right until of my chest just sitting in it and my dad was a witness to this it's not a game please take it from me I'm still to this day going through this trying to find a priest to make it leave me and my house this thing is so evil and hates god and humans guys do not play with a quija board unless your are prepared for the absolute worse stuff to happen I still trying to seek help this takes time the priest said I have to pray yo god yo ask him to make it leave he told me it has some legal right to be in my life cause of something I've done to allow it to come into my life and only thing I did was play the quija board unless you are prepared to see something that looks like a animalistic type thing staring at you everywhere you go and it really messes with you at night when you try to sleep it has made me so mad that it kept touching me and pulling my foot while I was trying to sleep that I shouted stop and go the fuck away and then a sprinkle holy water on me and the covers and it stop for a little while I will say there are footsteps heard in the house and knocks that come in threes bang bang bang just like that and weird smells that are just right out horrible smelling and it will say things you don't understand and it will even shut doors in the house and mess with the lights making the glitch a bit and now when I try reading aloud about God it makes my vision blurry so yeah do not allow this thing in your life it's no fun it's horrible and the worse thing you can do

    • Malik Fasih profile image

      Malik Fasih 

      12 months ago

      Wow nice work

    • profile image

      memoona hafeez 

      12 months ago

      good attempt


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