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How is God Speaking to us?

Updated on May 31, 2013

Listening to God

Understanding God's Language

Do you use your intuition? Are you more right brain than left brain? Do you believe that we are all passengers visiting earth? My answer to those three questions is yes. I also am well aware that we will get lost at times, on our journey call life. There are road signs all around, however, just like driving a car they often get blocked by shrubs and trees. As hard as we might try to find our way around our life path, there are times we find ourselves roaming senselessly in circles. When this happens, we become panic and disorientated. We cannot find our way back. There is one way to get ourselves out of the labyrinth, and that is to let go and be guided by the Divine.

This Divine Energy will always be around, and it speaks so softly. Perhaps, because this voice is not-in-our-face, threatening or belligerent in some form, we choose to pay no heed to it. How often did you ignore the words or feelings that eased through you as a soft wind? I would bet that most of us have. Instead we steadfast pay attention to those voices that shout out a demeaning statement about a person, place or situation. Drama is easier to detect and to follow. This tends to drift towards us, and that is what we understand. Judgment and criticism are what most people will wrap their minds around, while ignoring that gentle nudge. Than we ask why did I do this or that? Can you recognize that in you? If you are question about having had a hunch, do you not often pause, as if trying to remember if you did or didn’t. if you realized that you did, you might have said it wasn’t overly noticeable so I didn’t listen. The Divine Energy does not jump up and down to get your attention, nor does it ridicule others, which is a major factor of drama. . The Divine speaks to us in quiet intuition, some call them hunches. If you wish to ‘let go and let God’, the first lesson you will learn is this being does not judge others or you. However, it will give you a warning if being in the presence of a person, place or thing will benefit you or harm you. My hunches come in the third chakra (Sanskrit Name- Manipura), as if a fist is tugging within my solar plexus. It is a churning that tightens up and let’s go shortly. I am often aware of it, but I have in the past denied it by placing my own definition to it. Oh, Renee it is just your fears. Then I will walk into the swamp, always knowing I am not paying attention to my hunch. Have you caught yourself making excuses for a hunch so you can move forward into the project, to only discover later you purposely ignore the warning?

Our Earth visit will offer us a splendid life. There is so much to discover, as we encounter many experiences on our journey. It truly is a magnificent place to live. A lot of our lessons are on joy. We meet people who we love and enjoy spending time with. We can supply our everyday needs. We have the beauty of nature surrounding us. We also endure lessons of loss. This is because we live in a duo reality. It is during these times that we might find ourselves lost on our path. Some of us will allude to the fantasy of being saved, by someone or something. Often we seek this outside ourselves, and become deaf to the quiet voice within. This is the voice of Great Spirit, God if you wish to call it. Have you never believed that God would speak to you through something outside you in the words of condemnation? It is in this belief that people tend to bring the Divine presences down so it will be equal to the human consciousness. Unfortunately, this is really defeating the Divine’s purpose.

How to listen to the Divine?

Since we are passengers visiting earth, which means we do not inhabit it, it is wise to learn to value the spirit of all inhabitants of earth. If we will remember that Earth is not our permanent home, and is to be a temporary home for many species, we would cherish it. if we can believe that the Divine is not just here for us, but is here for everything, we would be kinder to the earth, and all that live on it. . It is to be left so others can enjoy their visit. How do learn this? We learn to listen to the Divine.

.How does one begin to learn to listen? We need to go beyond our limited left brain thinking. We need to incorporate our right brain. The voice of the Divine is in everything. You can discover it in the wind, the rain, the forest, animals, plants and humans, just to give a few examples. We teach ourselves to be silent for a few minutes and listen to nature, animals, people and our own body, through visual and physical sensations. We become conscious of our stomach when it knots up in the presence of something or someone. What is it speaking to us? We become aware of our skin sensations, such as goose bumps? We learn to listen to the gentle wind, a roaring creek, and the song of a bird. We observe the innocence of a child, so we can tap into our own innocent inner child. We strive to honor all inhabitants here, as they too share our earth walk. In learning to do this, we hear the Divine. We begin to comprehend that it is us damning everything, it never has been God.

The Divine speaks through our hunches, which can be felt in many ways in your body. It is wise to learn how your body is speaking to you. Do keep in mind, it usually is not the obvious, at least in the beginning. It takes time to learn how your body speaks, but when you do learn you will have acquired the compass you been seeking. Our body is our compass to this earth walk. It is through our intuition or hunches that we know where to walk. As you continue your visit on earth, I do hope you will be open more to listening and choosing to adhere to this soft voice. It will help you as you walk through this labyrinth. Life is a duality, and we will always have yin and yang, but we always have the choice in how we choose to respond to life. In time, you will become more aware of your hunches, and maybe a little bit amazed that they are soft and not self-critical or critical of others. This will be something you can teach others, providing they wish to learn. If we taught this to children, they would have an easier time in navigating living on earth as they get older. This can spring forth into creating a nicer place for generations to come. Would this be your choice? Doesn’t it feel wonderful to know we are leaving a loving nurturing place for others?


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Mathew and soulwriter.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Something that a lot of people have trouble with is deciphering their own ego and that of the way to remember is that the Divine will be very repetitive....a real message continually appears and comes to you.

    • mrmathew1963 profile image


      6 years ago from Australia

      This is a great hub Renee...... In the last twelve months I've been getting urges in the stomach to right things down that come into my head that I thought once was nonsense, If I don't right them down imminently I get like an anxiety attack.

      It's really amazing how each & everyone of us is reacting to this conscious awareness & change.




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