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Cancer Man and Virgo Woman

Updated on January 29, 2011

Cancer man and Virgo woman can make a surprisingly well-suited couple. There is a gentle sweetness shared between the two which will help this relationship flourish into something beautiful and tender. Cancer man will bring out the best in Virgo woman and she will do precisely the same thing with him. There will be few disagreements of a significant nature because of the genuine shared mutual respect these two have for each other. For more information on the astrological love compatibility between the Cancer male and the Virgo female, please continue reading!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Cancer Man

Cancer man is a giving soul who is gentle to his core. He enjoys playing white knight for his woman, and Virgo woman enjoys this dynamic more than most women in the zodiac, because she's got a flair for old-fashioned romance in her heart. This is not to say she's a pushover, or that she's not a liberated woman -- it simply means she appreciates a man who treats her like a lady, because that's exactly what she is. And Cancer man will swoon over her for it. He'll adore her refined nature, her politeness, the way she carries and presents herself. He'll be so proud to be seen with her that he'll bend over backwards trying to show her off to the world. This will do wonders for Virgo woman's self-esteem and she will wonder how she ever tolerated anything less from the previous men in her life.

Virgo Woman

Virgo woman can be critical to the point others become easily offended when she points out everything wrong with them, but she won't have much interest in picking her Cancer man apart because his adoring nature will overshadow the bulk of his flaws. How can she pick on a man she finds very nearly perfect? Of course, she'll point things out when she must, but for the most part, very little Cancer man does will annoy her, and this is really something in itself! The affection he gives Virgo woman will make her feel complete, which is something she has rarely, if ever, felt with other men. She'll enjoy spending time with her Cancer man and she'll enjoy feeling safe and secure in his arms, which is exactly where he wants her to stay. His obvious love for her will help draw her out of her shell and she'll begin to learn how easy it is to give and receive love, because Cancer man will take it upon himself to teach her.


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