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Cancer Rising Explained

Updated on September 1, 2011

The ascendant, or rising sign, is our astrological mask. If you were born with Cancer rising, this is the energy you will project when first encountering other people. Because of this, some people may mistake your sun sign for being the same (of course, if it is, you're a "double cancer" and would be perceived as one regardless!) when it may actually be in something totally opposite. Depending on how strong the placement is, you may only have a few traits in common with Cancer, or you could have many. To learn more about this rising sign, take a look below!

Highly Sensitive

This is a very sensitive person who will seem very soft and gentle in both appearance and personality. These people are very aware of the emotions of those around them and they have a natural talent for putting others at ease. He or she is not an outgoing person by any stretch of the imagination, though they certainly are capable of letting loose when they feel comfortable with those around them, particularly when it's family. People with this ascendant will also be very much aware of their own feelings and tend to react to situations based on how they feel, rather than mentally analyzing things. And this tends to work for them, because they are more psychically astute than most, due to this intense connection with their innermost self.


Dealing with the Crabby Side

Being that Cancer rising is so emotional, there will be times when the crabby side shows itself. There are two basic scenarios -- he/she totally withdrawals into that shell and the only reaction you'll get is that of being pinched if you stick your nose too close to where they'd rather not have it. Or, they will not retreat at all, and will instead sidle up to you, pinchers going full speed! The latter isn't the most endearing experience you'll ever have, and the former can be very frustrating if you're trying to resolve something between Cancer rising and yourself. Therefore, it's best to avoid letting the crab out of the cage to begin with, LOL. But if it's simply unavoidable, your best course of action is probably going to be something along the lines of backing off and giving them some time to cool off. When he's ready to chat, he'll let you know.

It's All About Family

They will be closer to their families and friends than most people could imagine. Cancer rising will probably be very close to mom and dad, and as long as siblings don't have an astrological chart that makes them totally incompatible, they will probably be very tight as well. When Cancer rising falls in love, they fall in love! There simply is nothing half-baked about it! If you're involved with one of these folks, you will feel as though your mate only has eyes for you, and you will feel utterly secure whenever you're together. In return, they need the same thing from you, so if you're not quite as emotionally demonstrative as they are, you will need to brush up on these skills posthaste, because Cancer rising simply can't get on well without it.


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