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Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man

Updated on January 30, 2011

If Cancer woman and Aquarius man want to have a successful romance, they will need to demonstrate a good deal of patience with one another. And it wouldn't hurt for them to have some positively influencing astrological aspects in their birth charts, because this isn't the most common pairing in the zodiac. They can be successful, but they will need to put some effort in. So, if they're willing to give it the old college try, happiness might just be waiting at the end of that rainbow. To read more about the astrological love match between a Cancer female and Aquarius male, please see below!

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Cancer Woman

Cancer woman is warm and fuzzy and she loves to love. Aquarius man is more cerebral than emotional and this could make Cancer woman worry. She's a bit clingy at time and a bit possessive, and these traits can really put an Aquarius (male and female both!) off because they don't like to feel owned, whereas some signs rather enjoy that. Cancer woman will need to stifle her urge to tether him to her belt and keep him by her side all day, because Aquarius man will likely never be able to adapt to so strong a display of neediness. That said, Aquarius man will find her fascinating on many levels and if Cancer woman can keep her mysterious ways up indefinitely, her Aquarius man just might tether himself to her himself! Of course, that could prove exhausting to Cancer woman is she's not naturally changeable... but if she is, her Aquarius man will be eating right out of her hand because he'll never grow tired of being around her.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius man is a bit flaky but that shouldn't be held against him too much because he doesn't mean any harm by it. It must be noted that he doesn't really possess the ability to express the depth of warmth and love that Cancer woman seeks, but that's not to say he doesn't possess the emotions themselves. If Cancer woman can accept that he does feel deeply for her, but simply doesn't show emotion in the same manner she does, this may help her cope with times when she's feeling as though he doesn't love her. And Aquarius man could probably stand to make a bit more of an effort to keep Cancer woman feeling secure in their relationship -- Aquarius man knows he can be very aloof at times and he should make an effort to let his Cancer woman know that this has nothing to do with how strongly he does or doesn't care for her.


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