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Cancer Woman and Libra Man

Updated on January 30, 2011

Cancer woman and Libra man aren't the most famous of couples, and it must be said that these two will have some significant differences that may or may not be overcome, but there is a possibility of genuine romance here. If they've got complementary astrological aspects in their natal charts, those differences will be lessened greatly and the odds of success are much better, but even if they haven't got these aspects, they still have a chance if they're willing to work together at developing a strong relationship. For more information on the astrological love compatibility between the Cancer female and Libra male, see below!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Cancer Woman

Cancer woman is sensitive and tender, emotional and giving. Libra man will find these qualities highly endearing and he will enjoy providing her with a shoulder to lean or cry on when the need arises. But Libra men are less traditional than most, because they believe in a balanced relationship, rather than a typically old-fashioned one. He can be romantic and take the lead, of course -- and he'll need to in the beginning, because Cancer woman is too shy to do it herself and would likely never approach him on her own. But Cancer woman will need to demonstrate some ability to take care of herself in the same way she enjoys taking care of him, because if she expects Libra man to cater to her every emotional outburst or moody episode, she will find him less than receptive to this idea, as it will start to get on his nerves after awhile. She must show him that theirs is an equal relationship in this sense, or something close to it.

Libra Man

Libra man is Mr. Fair and Balanced. He's charming and affectionate and he enjoys female attention. He adores his Cancer woman but he can't understand her insecurities or sudden changes in mood. He may accommodate her moodswings in the beginning but over time he may start to resent her for it. And while Cancer woman is very affection and nurturing and demonstrates these emotions on a regular basis, Libra man isn't wired quite the same way and Cancer woman may feel as though she's giving more emotional support than he is. Libra man, however, appreciates the demonstration but doesn't feel as though he *needs* as much as she gives, and thus doesn't feel as though he must give the same amount back. For him, balance is key, and he gives her as much as he himself needs -- but if she insists on giving him more than he requires, she may find herself feeling as though she gives, gives, gives and gets little back for her efforts.


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