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Cancer and its astrological message for this year

Updated on June 20, 2010

21 June 2010 - Summer Solstice

The birth sign of Cancer is traditionally represented by the crab. An animal with a very strong outer shell covering a fragile and sensitive body. Cancerians are characterised by similar qualities as their emotional attachment is carefully hidden under a strong and sometimes even detached personality. In spite of their best efforts, Cancerians become concerned and maternal. They want to be protected and protect those around them.

The summer solstice marks the beginning of the summer but also refers to the movement of the sun from the constellation of Gemini into Cancer. This is from a geocentric view that most ancient civilisations celebrated as a phase where nature was bound to change and bring about new messages.   

Astrologically speaking, this summer solstice is of great importance and involves every human being as the planets configuration is particularly meaningful. The summer season seems to have been historically violent and full of incidents affecting the human race. With this in mind, June 21 to July 22 becomes a month during which we will need to concentrate our efforts in understanding that our individual actions can contribute to create peace or conflict. Cancer highlights maternal instincts that can be translated into the talent that we recognise in a gifted teacher or the sense of protection we experienced at a stage of our childhood when everything gave us the certainty of being protected and nurtured.

Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn will be transiting cardinal signs that like Cancer, symbolise action, drive, impulse and beginnings. With the energy of these planets connecting in the sky we have an opportunity to create an important change in the way we approach conflict.  The sun bringing light this connection between planets is bound to produce tension that if it's not addressed consciously can potentially turn into even deeper conflicts than those we are already witnessing.

The sun in Cancer this year will highlight the current need for awareness about the state of our planet.  Planet Earth being the home of every human being regardless of geographical location or personal structures attached to communities, sustains and nurtures every inhabitant.  Our responsibility in the current state of the planet is connected with social values that favour privileged minorities instead of the majority.  Our values need to change but this also needs to be translated into positive and intentional action to reverse the effects of what we have been doing for generations.

Cancer is also known for its longing and memory of the past.  With some luck, the sun will help bring back the memories of what it feels like to be nurtured and protected and feel secure in our own home. 


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