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Candles, Color and Scent

Updated on July 7, 2011

Magic and Intentions

I use candles quite often. I've come to use the term "intentions" instead of magic because its our intent we put into everything that makes the difference. I do believe in magic. We can find magic every day, it's everywhere, we don't have to perform a ritual to find it or use it. We have many rituals everyday as it is, more than some may think, but a good chant, mantra or prayer can help us concentrate, balance and center on our intent, when using everyday magic.

I have a lot of good books that help me to remember the corresponding colors of candles, what they mean and their purpose, because there's so many to remember! Some people may use different colors than others for different reasons, but whatever color feels right to you, is what matters.

Using colored candles is one way of using magic or our intentions, but also colored cloths and other colored objects, like jewelry or clothing, with the correct intent, can do the same thing. Candles have a way of helping us to focus on what's at hand and help us to relax. The lighting of the wick, concentrating and believing, puts our intent into action.

I love having plants around me with their lush greens, to help me feel grounded and centered. Green is also good for abundance, money and healing. My favorite color is purple. it helps me feel peaceful, calm and it's a majestic, Divine color. It's also my birthstone color. Wearing the appropriate color, when we need a bit of help with our energy, can make things feel better or help, whatever the purpose is for the color. Yellow for mental clarity, study and cheering, pink for love and romance, red for courage and passion, and blue for health and dreams. So many to choose from and we all have our own favorite colors and scents.

Did I mention scents? <smiling> As with colors we all have our favorite scents that help us get into the right moods, at the right times. I love lavender, bergamot, vanilla, mandarin spice and cinnamon the most and sometimes patchoili. I always have candles, oils and incense on hand and a few other supplies.

Candles, colors and scents also help us to meditate. Our minds resonate or associate with certain colors, scents and memories. Like the smell of fresh baked bread, or a Mother's perfume, flowers we love or holiday scents we remember so well. As for me, I keep cabinet stocked with as many candles of different colors as I can, but if all else fails, white will stand in for any color. Some people dress their candles, meaning, they rub oil or herbs into them, to help with the intent or write a word into them. It's not necessary, but sometimes nice to do and just the action of dressing them helps strengthen their intentions.

Keeping candles, oils, herbs, and other magical supplies around can help when we have a situation arise for us, a family member, friend or global situation. Go with what feels good and remember to harm none, always pulling good, strong, positive energy to you, and not sending out negative. If someone is negative or sends you negative energy, shield with white light and if they continue, visualize mirrors around them, sending back what they have sent to you, but changing the energy from negative to positive. You can also see a pink love bubble around them, enabling them to hurt you or others with their negative energy. I never send negative energy, thoughts or harm, but do protect myself and reflect back what some may send to me. There's a big difference. Magic is all around us. How we choose to use it, is up to us. I choose to use it for good.

Have a magical day and remember to be safe and have fun!

2000-2011©Mystickblue/Fran Hafey All rights reserved.


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    • Stephjoy profile image

      Steph Harris 2 years ago from England

      Loved this hub, especially the bit about returning negative energy with visualised mirrors. I make most of my candles and use essential oils, I also absolutely adore incense and crystals, and trying to live a magic life so I will be following.

    • Mystiblu profile image

      Fran Hafey 6 years ago from Virginia, USA

      Hi Susie, I believe that too. I love the scent of a good candle, incense or oils too, they do the same for me, help me to feel better and are like magic! Thank you for reading and commenting. Peace~

    • SUSIE DUZY profile image

      SUSIE DUZY 6 years ago from Delray Beach, Florida

      Lighting scented candles instantly changes my mood and outlook. They are like magic.

    • kislany profile image

      kislany 6 years ago from Cyprus

      Hehe so true! Thanks for following me! I'll add you as a friend as well.

    • Mystiblu profile image

      Fran Hafey 6 years ago from Virginia, USA

      Hello kislany, thank you so much for coming by, reading and commenting on my article. I really appreciate it. On several of my articles, I could have elaborated so much more, but I figured I can write more articles and one will be about crystals and another about meditating. :) Thanks again and please do add me as a friend! Peace~

    • kislany profile image

      kislany 7 years ago from Cyprus

      This is so true! I use scented candles for meditation all the time. Plus various colored crystals and it works very nicely. For example one of my favorite crystals is the rose crystal. It helps me meditate and calm down. Also I create my own oils by mixing various natural oils together to get the one that I will use in meditation.