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Cannot have war without religion

Updated on December 28, 2012

Religion has been used to woo individuals in societies. Religion is considered to be
associated with romance and morality. Its purpose is to induce an assurance of structure,
in order to belong to a sect within a community. Religion has played major roles in
settling the first colonies of the America and morality has a footprint in the muck of
American wars. The popularity of the control factors of religion became so enormous,
that religious tolerance came into play [War].

Bearing Gifts
The gifts of religion are beneficial to communities. Some of these benefits include a
powerful source of inspiration, comfort, and healing. Those attributes are great at
pacifying the individuals suffering from disease and mourning sickness. Liberation forces
are also boosted by the motivating factors of obtaining a religion successfully. The
Underground Railroad, with Harriet Tubman; Martin Luther King Jr. and his advocacy
concerning segregation; Al Sharpton…

Politics has the similar function. Politics is man-made and assumed to be developed by
a supernatural power. Politics also is developed and produced by human beings. Humans
insist on evolving and in order to achieve a team must be formed and rules of guidance
must be followed. Hence, politics, economics, and business ventures have become the
human “religion” of the secular world. When the religious realm and the secular world
get pressed into the same ideal; politics and influence, combined with self-indulgence;
and the consciousness of theological concepts will be the occupiers of the world’s souls--

Barriers of Conflict
Both religious and non-religious entities of communities involve contests of conflict-battles. Moreover, wars are defined as conflict carried by force of arms, between nations or between parties within a nation. When referring to the military and government, war is obvious because missiles and tanks are present within a specified theater. Consequently, religious wars/movements are also fought with the persuasion of healing.


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