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Canonical Numbers: Base 27

Updated on May 11, 2017

Canonical Numbers: Base 27

Canonical numbers are sacred numbers used in the building of the universe. They are found in measurements of Earth, moon, sun and planets. They are also found in geometry, music, and arithmetic. They are numbers of the quadrivium.

Base 27 Canonical Numbers are some of the most important. Three cubed, 3^3, is 27. 27 is the base number. Keep multiplying by 2 and you get a series of important sacred numbers.









In astronomy, you find that the sun is 864,000 miles in diameter. The moon is 2160 miles in diameter. The Earth's polar radius is 3456 royal miles. An Earth day is 86,400 seconds. Earth has 21,600 nautical mile meridian circumference. The list goes on. There are dozens of examples in the solar system where these numbers of base 27 are used.

Base 27 sacred numbers are also used in measuring systems both ancient and modern, and in buildings and monuments both ancient and modern. For instance, Stonehenge is 108 ft. in diameter. These numbers are found all over the world.

Some alternative researchers think this is evidence for a prehistoric advanced civilization. I don't think so. There is no physical evidence for it. What I think is that these numbers have been communicated to architects and shamans by the living Universe for thousands of years. Maybe since the beginning of humanity. But at least since the time of Stonehenge, which has the earliest representation of these numbers that I know of.

Why do I believe this? Because I have been given these numbers through dreams, urges to look at the clock at 1:08, 2:16 etc., and synchronicities (through books, websites, videos on youtube). I have been seeing these numbers fro six years. It started me on the quest to learn just what is going on in this world. It has lead me to study alchemy, the Precession of the Equinoxes, yoga, religion, weights and measures, astronomy.

There is something going on, and we as humans are a part of it.

As above, so below.


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