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Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman

Updated on March 6, 2011

Capricorn man and Pisces woman could really have something here. These two will complement each other in ways that each longs for in the depths of their soul, but never imagined they'd experience in this lifetime. Capricorn man is one the most old fashioned in the zodiac, and Pisces woman fits very naturally and happily into a traditional romantic relationship -- in fact, she's been hoping to find one for ages. And she's one of the few women who will strike Capricorn man as pure femininity and softness, and he will fall for her far more quickly than he would with another woman. To learn more about the love compatibility between the Capricorn man and Pisces woman, please continue reading!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Capricorn Man

Capricorn man is a guy who keeps his head down and ignores most of the world as he plods ahead on his path to success. He knows he will need a woman to complete his life, but he's careful not to get too distracted before he's really ready for a relationship. Of course, this all flies right out the window when he meets Pisces woman, because he will know, immediately, how rare this flower is. He knows she's the woman for him and he knows she will fit perfectly into all of his plans. She will allow him to provide for her if he chooses, and she will nurture him every time he needs it. And even when he doesn't. She will touch his soul in ways he never thought possible, and likely do so from the very start. For this reason, you may see Capricorn man act out of character and profess his feelings far, far sooner than he would with most other women. It's not because he's lost the plot, it's because he knows what he needs and wants when he sees it, and he's not going to let her get away. Once Capricorn makes up his mind to have something or someone, he gets it. And Pisces woman will be thrilled to bits!

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman has a perfect picture of Prince Charming in her mind, and she's had that same image since she read her first fairy tale. She's given lots of men the chance to prove their worth over the years, but they've always failed in one way or another. But when she meets Capricorn man she will know, instantly, that Prince Charming has arrived. What's more, he's not the flashy sort who will just want to conquer her and parade her about like a trophy princess -- he's the hard working sort, with a good, solid character, who will spend every day from here to eternity proving how much he loves her by doing everything in his power to see that she is well taken care of. He will even be far more romantic with Pisces woman than he'd be with other women, because her natural gentleness will give him the courage to poke his head out of his shell and allow himself to be a little more vulnerable than he'd be otherwise. This is a huge, huge thing for him and Pisces woman should take it as a massive compliment, because she's one of very few who could ever bring this side of him out.


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