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Capricorn Rising Explained

Updated on September 1, 2011

If your rising sign is in Capricorn, you will feel its influence in combination with your sun sign. In fact, many people will see the Capricorn in you first, because the ascendant is your astrological mask. That's not to say your sun sign isn't noticeable or less important -- not at all! But when first meeting people or starting new ventures you will approach things with Capricorn energy. To learn more about how a this rising sign will affect you, please continue reading!

Adults from Birth

This person probably seemed like a grown-up from the time they were a small child. They have always been naturally mature and responsible and they rarely need lecturing when it comes to understanding the value of hard work. There is a distinct lack of childishness with this ascendant and you are unlikely to mistake them for whimsical, carefree people because they take themselves, and life, quite seriously. This is because they know they've got to keep their heads down and work hard to get to where they want to be, and their final destination is sure to be the top of the furthest mountain, far higher than you or I would likely even consider venturing. And this suits him perfectly well, because no one is more surefooted than he is.


Capricorn Lite

While Capricorn sun is famous for their seriousness and seemingly nonexistent sense of humor, the person with an ascendant in Capricorn might give the same first impression but underneath it all they are far more laid back. Once you get to know them they will lighten up and show you the rest of their personality, which will depend on what their sun sign is. This ascendant will smile, laugh and play like anyone else, but they might need some time before they get to that comfort level. They are also more likely to shelve their jobs for an evening or even a weekend and go have some fun, whereas Capricorn sun is less commonly seen cavorting about when there is work that could be done.

Romantically Reserved

These people aren't likely to rush into love, but they aren't quite as reserved as a "true" Capricorn. They are sure to be cautious for the first few dates, however, and they might even give the impression they are not interested in you, even if they are very much so. So if you're dating someone with this sign, be sure to give them some time around you before trying to figure out if they're keen on you or not. Rest assured that if you're already on a second date this is a very good sign, because Capricorn rising is not likely to waste valuable time on frivolous things like dating if they don't see great potential on the horizon. And once they've opened up to you? Forget about it! These folks are yours for life once they fall in love!


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