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Capricorn Sun Gemini Moon Combinations

Updated on September 12, 2012

Capricorn Sun Gemini Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Impish.

Her dark side: Sudden reversals.

Did you just get in from a round of golf with her boss, or is she being reclusive writing a play in the upstairs study? Was she up until all hours again, or did she go to bed early and wake up at 3 am. I bet you'd give just about anything for a bit more predictability from her. Let me tell you, she is predictable. You can count on her sticking close to home (she likes to keep her journeys short and not venture too far from home) and wanting you to be there too. She'll need a lot of space, and you'll need only a little. She has all this worked out, and if you watch her really close, you too can count on a few basic things from her to to be constant: She'll be curious, nervous, and impish. She'd be a wonderful teacher or technical writer. She needs to work in an independent capacity because interaction with her coworkers isn't always pleasurable for her, or them. At home she needs increasing freedom as she ages, and will be relieved to have the children move out and just visit occasionally. She will have had a life of many changes and sudden reversals. But she has the stuff to survive the most troublesome of setbacks. Her nervous system is very fragile. She'd be better off volunteering her time to physical therapy or fund raising, and saving a few precious moments for her body to relax and recharge. She's basically a good person and yet she's very difficult on a day to day basis. Give her lots of independence. At the dating level, she's likely to give you quite a run for your money. Notice, I used the word money. That always gets into the picture with the Capricorn. Of course, another Capricorn could do well, but I'm going to bet on a Virgo, Aquarius or Gemini."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Capricorn Sun Gemini Moon (for guys)

"Her Illumination: Confident.

Her dark side: Nervous.

He is curious, glib, and expressive. This man is inclined to think with his head instead of his heart. About the only things he gets into are his younger women. He doesn't want to be reminded of his aging, primarily because he maintains youthful good looks longer than anyone else does. He is amazing in his boyish appearance well into his sixties. Therefore, he figures a few twenty or thirty year old companions can't hurt his image, but being caught with some old fogies his own age definitely will. This volatile part of his nature, his romantic inclinations, are offset by his levelheaded approach to business. He is shrewd and often times calculating. He has every intention of getting ahead and is aware of opportunities others miss. He is very bright, especially in areas of communications, and excels in writing, interviewing, making presentations, etc. Used to getting attention early on as a child, he grows into a somewhat blatantly confident individual. He can get a little arrogant from time to time. Once he settles down, he will be surprisingly warm and loving husband and father. He is, after all, a rather nervous individual. He worries too much. He needs a bright, open environment, and to be surrounded with lighthearted (and younger) individuals. He needs a companion to drag him outside and into the fresh air, and for a change of scene. He will shower his women with roses and attention, but he gets more miserly in his relationships once he feels he has won her hand. He uses his money carefully. He was, in his own way, buying you on the first few dates with all the romance stuff. If you are the dimpled Libra darling, you'll take the presents and run. An Aquarius, Gemini or Taurus hangs in there.

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


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