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Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man

Updated on March 6, 2011

Pairing a Capricorn woman and Aquarius man together might not be the surest thing you could imagine. I'm not saying it can't work -- it will probably do just fine in the early stages. But over time I think this combination will take its toll on both partners, because there will be an underlying disconnect on the soul level, if you will. They may feel great affection for one another, and they might enjoy each others company immensely, but I think this relationship will taper off into something more platonic than romantic at some point. Unless, of course, there are complementary aspects in their birth charts that would make them more aligned astrologically. For more information about the love match between the Capricorn woman and Aquarius man, do read on!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman is very self-reliant and she can take care of herself. She may long for romance in her heart, but she rarely becomes obsessed with finding true love the way other single women might. Instead, she will focus on prettying up her nest and getting ready for the day when Prince Charming might arrive and help her start a family. This independence and total lack of clinginess will appeal HUGELY to the Aquarius man, because he does not like to be tethered to anyone's apron strings. It will also appeal to him because Capricorn woman will probably be the first woman he's ever known who really doesn't seem at all interested in snagging him for herself. This is because Capricorn woman doesn't run after men, and she takes her time deciding whether or not she really wants him in the first place. She's extremely patient in all things and she will not play the mind games that so many women play at the start of a relationship. For this reason, Aquarius man will find it almost impossible to resist her.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius man will find himself wanting to be near Capricorn woman all the time, if for no other reason than she doesn't seem needy. Aquarius man hates it when women try to possess him, and Capricorn woman is more than capable of entertaining herself. But Aquarius man will also be intrigued by that inner softness she tries to keep hidden. She's got lots of emotion and plenty of soul, but she keeps most of it hidden out of fear that others might mock or criticize her. Aquarius man will do neither and he will be very good at helping her open up and share those feelings. For this reason, Capricorn woman will warm to him faster than she might with other men -- but as I said earlier, I'm not so sure true love will spring from this. Why? Because both of these individuals are not keen on expressing deep emotions and there may be a tendency to over-protect their hearts and souls. If they can get passed this issue, a deeper love may be possible, but it will take some effort.


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