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Updated on November 20, 2014

(Past Post brought back for reference) Time to go...

Yes. My time at Hub Pages has come to an end. I'm ready to leave. Some of the 'writers' here will also be happy to see me go.

There are some who will benefit from posting here. I have benefited from meeting some very interesting individuals... some of whom I will remember fondly from time to time... others whom I will keep in my prayers whenever the thought of them arises.

Hmmm. I'm sitting here wondering right now, as the thought just came to me... if this parting Hub has the capacity to be the one that generates the most comments... my 54 posts have been unable to inspire many... only a very few, special comments over the entire span of one year.

I leave because lately my posts have been marked "PENDING" for 24 hours or longer, before they are released for public viewing. I do not accept having my work "checked" without basis, because I consider it censorship, even if nothing is changed. Not that I'm against censorship, when it is required, since vulgarities or menacing work should be kept from being shared. However, when website protocol requires work that has never shared anything but a healthy view, strong though it may be, to be withheld from public view, without instigation, then departure is the next step.

Maybe I am overreacting. That is always a possibility. Maybe I'm not. That's more likely.

To all of you who gave me your encouragement by "following" me: THANK you kindly!!! I truly appreciate the confidence you extended to me and my work; I hope you identified or felt affirmed by some of what I shared. Thank you.

To those of you who debated me on the Forum: there is one particular person... I won't say who... that I found of extreme opinion. This individual gave me the idea that the view being given was a plant, it was so... filled with utter rhetoric, but persistent and attentive... to this individual I write: GOD BLESS you in the most amazing manifestation of that phrase. I hope to meet you one day... in a place you will consider highly unlikely... heaven... wait... are you reading this, assuming I am thinking of you... think again... don't assume... GOD ALONE KNOWS who I am referring to... and if you are the person, then by HIS BLESSING you shall know as well... ;)


If anyone would like to contact me, please feel free to email me... :)

GOD BLESS you and your writing in the meantime...

...until HE RETURNS! Amen.

P. S.

I've left these Hubs because I believe they may be of value...

MAY GOD BLESS you abundantly, with HIS TRUTH, giving you eyes that see and a heart that seeks HIM... through YESHUA, JESUS... THE RISEN SON of GOD, THE RETURNING LION of JUDAH! Amen.


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    • EmVeeT profile image

      EmVeeT 5 years ago

      To Anyone who wants to read the article I wrote called, "For Real. Think About It", please email me, I will direct you to a link where you will find the article posted. ...

      Again, thank you to all, and any who have graciously followed me in the past. :)

      I pray you will prosper as 2012 turns into another year... and another year... and on and on, for as long as time as we know it, is... :)

    • EmVeeT profile image

      EmVeeT 5 years ago

      Wow. How incredible.

      Tonight I came in to Hub Pages to notice my article called, "For Real. Think About It" has been hidden. For a reason that I cannot understand, two of the three Hubs/articles remain, but one of the three, that one that speaks about End Time Biblical prophecies, has been hidden.

      To those of you who think your writing is not being monitored, you're right ... if you write what they want you to write. For those of you who have a high rating... as I used to have... well... I dare not say what I think, otherwise this "Changes" Hub may be missing the next time I come to check on things...

      GOD BLESS you all, until HE RETURNS!


    • Enelle Lamb profile image

      Enelle Lamb 5 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Personally, I don't believe a personal opinion, however strong, should be checked, regardless of whether or not readers agree with that opinion. I don't blame you for leaving, and I somehow think HP will be emptier without your voice.

      God Bless and the best of luck

    • EmVeeT profile image

      EmVeeT 5 years ago

      Thank you for all your encouragement, MSDora...

      I'm leaving Hub Pages ... and I would like you to be the first to know. It's been great knowing you and all the people at this Web Site. But my time here is growing more and more senseless, as my Hubs are beginning to be "checked" before they are posted. I cannot stand this... so.. time to go.

      Again, THANKS for your faithfulness in reading my work and commenting! I've met a lot of great writers here... I'm glad to have met you.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Good job! You make good use of suspense and your story line is interesting. All the best!