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Catholicism's Abject Failure Part 2

Updated on September 25, 2009

Today's generation believes that they can "grow" by changing partners with the ease of changing their underwear, while they have in fact sealed themselves off to the only true societal structure which provides stability and fulfillment: the extended family.

To this generation everything is disposable: Have an argument with your spouse, trade them in for a younger, blonder model! Kids driving you up the wall, ship them off to your ex! Parents getting needy, wall them into an old age home!

Having been raised in an era where immediate gratification is the only true religion and built-in obsolescence has become a law of physics, their nanosecond attention span is now not just limited to hitting the Back browser button when reaching a disappointing web page, but jumping out of any form of human relationship and process with similar ease and speed.

What they fail to understand is that what they are perceiving on an LED screen is not reality, nor is it bound by any of the inviolable rules of reality. There is no precedent in human history for individuals to spend the majority of the waking hours of their entire lives sitting upright tapping at a keyboard. We are not developed or engineered to live in this manner. We are social animals as we require direct contact, stimulus, activity, and participation. It is simply not psychologically possible to replace these human prerequisites with a sedentary existence of two dimensional interaction!

One of the most soul-shattering aspects is that this appalling mode of existence is accepted by the "electronic generation" as not only satisfactory, but normal. They laugh and ridicule anyone who proposes that they are fundamentally disaffected. They have not the slightest clue that any previous generation would look upon their consumerist, trivial, empty lives as hollow, degrading misery.

The Catholic Church has unwaveringly promoted an ethical way of life which does provide personal richness and utter fulfillment, but this message is falling on rocky ground in the United States. The Vatican itself is to blame first and foremost. Instead of fighting for the hearts of the world's most influential nation, they have turned tail and run away to hide amidst the shantytowns of the uneducated poverty-stricken masses of Africa and South America.

Thus this generation has an image of Catholicism as being not only hilariously irrelevant, but existing primarily as a sophistic elixir for the hungry and illiterate.

When was the last time you saw a Catholic priest portrayed in the media as anything but a pedophile? When was the last time you saw a Catholic believer portrayed in the media as anything but a superstitious pauper? When was the last time you saw the Catholic faith portrayed in the media as anything but an icon-laden, inconsequential, austere, stern, grim, ironbound and thoroughly absurd dogma?

For the sake of the future of Catholicism and indeed the future of humanity itself, every individual of good faith has a moral duty to take up the cause of sweeping the crusty, addled curia which has allowed the unprecedented decay and devaluation of this extremely precious theology out of the Vatican immediately... to replace it with men and women of the cloth with vision, appeal, intellect, and the ability to not only prove the relevance of traditional Catholicism to the world's most developed countries, but to demonstrate that only through its ethical standard can humanity rediscover its inherent divinity.

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