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Cattle Mutilations and Other Unexplained Phenomena

Updated on September 9, 2011

The Unexplained

There have been many unexplained cases that have been discovered in recent years that involve cattle mutilizations and sighting of unidentified lights that have often accompanied these on several occasions.U.F.O. research groups and cattle mutilation studies have shown that there is a most unusual phenomenon taking place in the United States and other countries. Farmers have found bodies of their cattle that have been removed of their organs and blood, yet the surgical incisions made gave no indication that human methods or explanations can be made that show traditional methods in use. Radiation samples have been found in some instances and this has been done because when U.F.O.s have been seen to be involved, they have been found to leave behind this evidence, or a by-product of these possible extraterrestrial craft. The incisions that were made in these cattle mutilations have been so precise that many have surmised that laser tools would have to make the cuts because of their being so smooth and clean. The faces have been seen to be cut away, the sides of the animals were removed and there have been no remnants or blood on the hides or ground around the area of where the animals were found. They are usually in remote places and the farmers have been shocked in finding their cattle and only the day before were seen to be fine and undisturbed. Often strange craft or lights have been seen witnessed by people in the area where the cattle have been mutilated. There have been a few explanations( in the form of guesses) that some investigators have made about why the cattle were disturbed in the first place. There have been some who have claimed to be responsible for satanic rituals, which require sacrifices and blood letting practices, but these don't explain the cuts made and missing intestines and organs in most cases. There have been some reports that the cattle look as if they may have been dropped from high heights from craft of some kind. The use of blood that closely resemble human blood and its make up, was an explanation for why beings or some entity would want to remove the blood of these farm animals. The DNA or genetic make up of these animals may be explored and utilized in some experimental ways, is one of the explanations that have been brought forth. Some horse mutilations have also occurred.

In 1978 on a hunting trip in the South, as my son and I were walking across a field, we saw a cow hide that appeared to be in an unusual place there. On a closer examination, we discovered that the hide was fully in tact. There were no bones, meat, internal organs or eyes or teeth within the animal in its body cavity or head. When we asked the farmer who lived there, he told us that several odd discoveries made by his son and him had been in the same fields and there was no blood or remains left near the animals bodies. He said there were no predators on his property and if there were ever any, he would dispatch them with traps or shoot them on sight. We took him for his word and knew that he meant what he said. He said that he too, had seen strange red lights at night over his farm land. I had seen silver disks in broad daylight out there a year before.Several other people in the area had reported to law enforcement and they too saw these strange and unexplained red orbs that hovered over homes and fields in the area. There have been mutilations reported in many states across the U.S.and other countries where cattle, sheep and horses have been kept. The human blood and cattle have similar properties and this may be one of the reasons for there to be an interest in blood that is gathered by whatever sources are doing these mutilations.

Black helicopters that were unmarked, have also been seen in areas where these mutilations have occurred. There sources have been unidentified or the purposes as to why that they were in the area, have been unexplained. There has been some speculation that say extraterrestrial entities may seek cattle in these remote areas because they can operate relatively unobserved and carry on experimentation using blood, tissue, and other genetic forms of research. To date no human abductions have been reported in which human beings were dissected or had body parts removed, except many have been reportedly abducted for a myriad of other causes which involve experimentation of genetic nature and implanting victims with electronic nodules that have, incidentally been removed and closely examined by medical doctors and found to have electronic communicative qualities, as in a homing device. The people from whom the devices were removed in surgery, were aware of the devices and what was really odd about them was the fact that the body tissues accepted the implants and actually meshed human tissue with the implants, rather than the usual rejection of all strange material that is unnatural. There have been many cases involving people with implants recorded in past years and these have been very disturbing. They have been removed in legs, arms, necks, and behind the knees. Their purposes or functions have no conclusions reached as to why they are put there.

Argentina in South America, is another place where these mutilations have been recorded. A lot of cattle farming is done there and many have reported strange craft seem to often be in the vicinity, when these occur. Other opinions range from these mutilations are for harvesting, needed for life sustaining properties for the visitors. They may be for genetic engineering by these entities, the blood is being chemically changed to meet their needs and the study of life forms on this planet may be investigated for purely scientific investigation and not meant for any harm being done to human kind. Whatever the reason for these mutilations, there has to be a reason, and the method of obtaining the cattle parts is very offensive and costly to a lot of farmers all over the world. Perhaps one day soon we will become aware of what is doing this and why. Right now, all that we can do is observe and be vigilant in what other strange and offensive acts may await in the future, for our civilization, as we know it.


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    • profile image

      wisdom press 

      7 years ago

      Very interesting. When I lived in New Mexico, it was fairly common to find severed goat heads lying on the ground, particularly near Christian ministries. The goats are used in Satanic rituals.

    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from United States

      I believe that the unknowns (or people)responsible for cattle mutilations have no respect for us on this planet and do what they have done because they could. I also know that there are forces of good that do oversee what goes on about our race on this planet and if "they" don't already know about that, they are in for a rude awakening!

    • ChristinS profile image

      Christin Sander 

      7 years ago from Midwest

      I found your hub very interesting. I have always believed that it is arrogant of humans to assume we are the only beings in such a vast universe. It is intriguing to say the least. There are many things I've always felt were possibly done by other beings - Easter Island for example. Cattle mutilation is certainly disturbing, but it does make you wonder... why would they be doing that?

    • Joe Macho profile image


      7 years ago from Colorado

      You're story from '78 sounds very interesting. Do you think that cattle mutilations happen in the US because of the way we farm cattle? I mean, we've been using rbst and growth enhancers for years. I would imagine that this is a good reason for mutilations. Do you know when the first mutilations started being recorded. Thanks for the information, it was an extremely interesting read.


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