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Ceiling on desires, a must for every individual in this world!

Updated on June 7, 2017

Properties are not Real..

Our physical needs for life!

Man develops much kind of attachments during his sojourn on earth. Besides attached to his wife and children, he loves to accumulate riches. Hence, the focus of most of the people in this world seems to be comfortable and luxurious life. No doubt, man needs certain basic things to live in this world. It is food to satisfy his hunger, drinks to cater for his thirst, clothes to protect from vagaries of weather and a comfortable home to accommodate his family and things. He needs his own vehicle for taking out his family on week ends and also for shopping purposes. When the list is limited to minimum essentials, nothing is wrong. It is only when he enlarges the list like a palatial building with garden and swimming pool, a garage with two or three cars for each member and a retinue of servants and cook to take care of home running; it is categorized as sheer greed!

The house wife is for name’s sake. She spends her time attending the clubs and shopping most of the time. The children in such house holds are brought up by governess. It is no wonder that the children imbibe the habits of governess. In such a house hold, mutual love is absent. Only when the children are brought up under the care of the mother, they will learn essential human values and become responsible citizen in later life, otherwise there is every chance that the children may become vagabonds in later dates. The husband is too much involved in his business or profession and he has no time for children. The mother is busy with clubs and gossips, she finds little time to chit chat with her own children. Hence most of the children of affluent families become perverted in later life.

Bliss is My Food!

Selfishness and greed have ruined our humanness!

Today we lament about the overall situation of the world. There is selfishness everywhere. None cares for the poor and downtrodden in society. Man feels that it is enough if he keeps his immediate family in good humor, make them comfortable and provide for them. Well, there is nothing wrong to keep one’s family in comforts and in fact, it is a duty of every individual to look after their families. But along with that do we care for others? Sadly, the answer is big No! In most of the families, even the elders and parents are not properly cared. The reason is selfishness and greed. Even our own children won’t take care of us in need, if we focus only on material accumulation. If one deeply consider, nothing is going to accompany once we depart from this earth. None can carry even a grain of sand from here. Hence many saints have warned mankind that not even a broken needle will accompany us in the end. Many of us are aware of these stark truths, yet we exert our every muscle to accumulate and hoard more and more! Long ago, Sri Sathya Saibaba had started one valuable program, “Ceiling on desires”. We can have desires but we should set a limit to those desires and this is aptly termed as ‘Ceiling on desires”

What is ceiling on desires? To live in this world, we need certain fundamental things like food, clothing, shelter and medicines. To procure the things, we need money! The question is ‘how much money one needs”? There is a ceiling within which we can lead a fairly comfortable life. One small example! We go to the leather shop to purchase a slipper or shoe. The salesman asks our size, otherwise, there is a footrest on which we place our foot. The reading will be noted down by the salesman and he will ask us to select the design and material. Once we are through with the process, he will bring three or four varieties of the size to match the measurement. After choosing a particular design, we wear it and walk a few steps to check its fitness. If the shoe bites, we can always select the next higher size. If it is loose, we can go for a lower size. This is how we select a proper size. The same formula could be applied for money. We need money to provide for our barest needs. Just like we need a slipper or shoe to suit our size, we need just enough money to cater for our essential needs!

We seek happiness from the world?

Do not earn for generations which will make them lazy and idle!

But today many rich and affluent people hoard money to cater to the needs of their great grand children even. This is bad. Every one is blessed with two hands and feet with which they have to exert and work to earn the wherewithal for life. Otherwise, we will be breeding a lazy generation who sit and eat the labour of their grand fathers! Each one must work and earn his bread. Then only the self respect of each individual will grow! Many people don’t want to exert and they want easy money. This is the reason for corrupt and fraudulent practices that thrive in society!

When each affluent person helps at least one poor man in society, there will be reduction of poverty. Of course, there are many multi millionaires who apportion a part of their profits to philanthropic activities. Thus Ford foundation and other activities founded by Bill and Melinda Gate, cater to the needs of poorest in many African countries which deal with grave diseases like Aids and other incurable diseases. Still we need lot of such activities in every part of the world. God has entrusted wealth and riches to the affluent not for their own enjoyments but for providing the needs of the poorest. Then only society will be sustained safely. Selfish greed and war has resulted in many sufferings to the billions of poor citizens all over the world. No government can tackle such monumental tragedies without the help of responsible rich people in the same society.

Ceiling on Desires!

People were more compassionate in olden days!

In olden days, many rich people have constructed resting places for the pilgrims along the pilgrim routes. Also many people have fed the pilgrims freely in the boarding houses. They have dug many water wells along the roads and planted shade giving trees which protected not only the pilgrims but also the cattle! Many persons have constructed steps in the bathing places in the running rivers. Poor feeding was practised in many countries and in many societies earlier. But due to the exigencies of time and due to war and terrorism, many refugees are drifting on the waves of the sea seeking asylum in nearby territories. This has created lot of pressure on the local governments and the people of their countries. However it is imperative that those seeking refuge should not be driven back. UN has a separate wing to look after the problems of refugees everywhere. All rich nations must contribute liberally with food, clothing and medicines since it has become a grave humanitarian crisis. We need compassion and tolerance during such situations. Hence all countries have to bear the burden of accommodating the refugees who seek asylum!

Many people feel that these problems need to be addressed by the competent authorities and it is not the responsibility of any single individual. But we can contribute with the surplus unused clothes, medicines, beddings which lie unused in many cupboards. When there is a will, there is a way. Grief when shared will lose its intensity! Let us become more human in tendencies and help others to the extent possible by us! When our neighbour is suffering, how can we remain a mute witness? Hence extend the possible help to the needy and spare the surplus food with the have nots!

Hoarding and accumulation will lead us nowhere!

Do birds and beasts save for their olden days?

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